My customized spa experience at Toccare Spa

Sometimes, you don't get what you want in life. I know there's always a reason why and that reason is there is always something better in store for you, but do you get me when I say that in some moments, you just wanna scream and say "TO HELL WITH THAT!" Life's like that and that's stressful enough, but not getting what you want gets the best of you sometimes and everything just becomes all the more stressful!

Those kinds of moments and that kind of feeling will get you down and stall your progress, but there's a haven in Makati where you can just be THE boss for a few hours and live like a King or Queen as you're being pampered beyond your expectations. Don't forget the name: TOCCARE SPA.

Toccare Spa is one of the spas owned and managed by Leah Dy, a spa consultant/businesswoman-this is just one of the spas she owns.

Like any other spa, Toccare Spa offers the classic massages, but what sets them apart from the rest is their Wellness Package that pampers you from head to foot and to tummy (I shall muse about that in a while) and fully- personalized spa experience courtesy of YOU, of course.

Toccare Spa is located in Antel Suites in Makati, and it's pretty huge as it occupies the entire 4th floor of the building.

Prior the visit, I was given a selection of Spa Wellness Packages and I chose Moor Mud Treatment+Gemstone Massage+Spa Cuisine. 

Upon entering, I was greeted by cheerful faces and the receptionists happily guided me through the personalization of my spa treatment. First, I was asked to choose my preferred massage oil. I went for Lavender because the time I went there, I was pretty tired and weary due to two weeks' worth of non- stop events and work-thought that Lavender would be perfect as it has superb calming properties.

Next, I was asked to choose my preferred background music, which was also the first time I experienced in a spa. There was Enya, Nature Instrumentals, and Spa Classics. Went for Nature Instrumentals!

I was also asked for my preferred pressure for the massage. Options are light, medium, and hard. I went for medium.

Join me in my treatment! More photos and my thoughts about Toccare's services after the jump!

This is the common area for ladies. It's pretty roomy and clean. All their in- house toiletries were specially made for Toccare Spa.

Moor Mud Treatment is a slimming body treatment. The parts of my body that are prone to fat were coated with this self- heating mud pack. I was asked to stay in the Sauna for 15 minutes to help boost the effects of Moor Mud. This treatment should be taken for a couple of sessions for you to see the effect. I was told that you will be measured before and after the treatment so you'll see how much inches you've lost. However, I wasn't measured so I don't know if I lost some water weight. :P Moor Mud Treatment package is at P3,000.00+.

Amenities include a marbleized hot sauna, a wooden sauna which I totally loved because it reminded me of Lasema's Jim Jil Bang dry saunas, and a mini Jacuzzi pool.

After 15 minutes, I was asked to rinse off the Moor Mud from my body in preparation for the Gemstone Massage. My only issue with this area is, the tiles are pretty slippery, so careful!

Before everything else, you will also be asked to choose your preferred room. You can opt for the common room or upgrade to their VIP rooms. If you choose to go VIP, you can choose from a couple of themed rooms inspired by semi- precious gemstones. The room I got is this and it's called Black Onyx. For VIP rooms, there will only be a difference of around P250.00+ in the prices of the treatments so if you really want a full- blown spa experience, go for it!

And now we're almost through with my personalized spa experience! The Gemstone massage has got to be my most favorite part of the experience. I have been meaning to experience it, but most spas I've been to were just offering it at a ridiculous price. At P1,400.00 (P1,650.00 with upgrade to a VIP room), Toccare's price is currently the cheapest I've seen and it's justified because you get the same experience and products as with the other spas but without robbing you off.

Gemstone massage uses volcanic rocks and semi- precious stones such as Jade, Amethyst, and Citrine. Other spas offer Volcanic Rocks only. The purpose of this massage is to clear off 'lamig' from your muscles-it is an alternative to the traditional way of removing 'lamig' which is hardcore kneading and pressing. It's perfect for someone who's been working her arse off in the boxing gym. Also, it's great that they included semi- precious stones as they have spiritual healing properties.

The volcanic rocks were placed on my back and on top of banana leaves. Despite the leafy barrier, they're still very hot! Well, they're not as piping hot like what you're thinking right now, but for a first- timer like me, it was-I guess that wouldn't be the case for someone who's used to Gemstone treatments. The rocks will stay on your back for 30 minutes as you take your massage and shall be reheated by your therapist when needed. Egg- shaped Jade stones were placed on my palms and again, they were hot so I had to put my hands under a blanket. Jade helps you become more positive towards life and clears your thinking. My therapist also used the volcanic rocks to massage my legs and it was very nice: the heat emanating from the rock lightened up my beaten leg muscles.

For the frontal massage, the heated gemstones Citrine and Amethyst were placed on my tummy and chest. Citrine promotes good energy flow within your body and improves self- esteem, while Amethyst clears your air pathways and heart. By this time, I got so used to the heat from the gemstones already.

The whole session lasted for two hours and dang, it was very good. I was so relaxed. The massage was excellent as my body didn't ache the next day-my therapist really has skilled hands that I had to give her a handsome tip after the treatment. I don't know what power those gemstones have, but my back felt extremely weightless the next day that I performed very well in my boxing session.

Here's another area in the spa. This is the lounge area where you can wait and watch T.V. before taking your treatments. I also think they perform the foot spa, manicure, and pedicure treatments here.

Here's the common room.

The meal for Spa Cuisine is by Azzuro Bistro and Bar, a Mediterranean cuisine located just right on top of Toccare Spa. After my treatment, I was led there by one of the receptionists. If you opt to add Spa Cuisine to any of their Wellness package, you can choose your preferred dish from their menu of the day. Ms. Leah explained that Spa Cuisine is her whole new take on the holistic spa experience, wherein you're pampered from the outside in.

I got a three- course meal. Starting off with this yummy, creamy mushroom soup.

I chose Chicken Teriyaki as my main course.

Lastly, I got mini cakes for dessert. The food is not that exquisite, but decent enough to keep you satisfied. This meal is just part of the package so don't expect it to be of super high quality. There are no drinks included though, so I had to order one separately.

Overall, I was one ultra happy gal with my entire experience: Massage was excellent, place was neat, staff members were amiable, the Spa Wellness Package+Spa Cuisine was very refreshing, and pricing is relatively affordable. My minor issues are: 1.) You have to cross the lobby area to get to the rooms so I hope they'd put panels or something for privacy's sake. 2.) Temperature of the place is pretty warm.

I'm actually thinking of going back with my BF on his birthday-I'm sure he'll appreciate the Gemstone massage. By this time, I hope all my concerns were addressed already. :)

For the Spa Wellness package, please allot three hours. They have a set of packages already that you can choose from and you can add more treatments if you wish for an extra cost. Spa Wellness package starts at P3,150.00. Toccare Spa is located at 4/F Best Western Antel Suites, Antel Lifestyle City, 7829, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Please visit TOCCARE SPA'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information about their services. Please visit TOCCARE SPA on Facebook as well for inquiries.

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  1. I can just imagine that gemstone massage. You described your experience really well na feeling ko nasa spa din ako! haha

  2. wow ms m thanks for the post-tour hihi =) i havent been in this kind of spa =)

  3. ooooh, I would love to try that Gemstone massage! looks really relaxing! :)

  4. Hello Ms Martha, would you mind if I ask what's the cam you're using? The one in the mirror picture? :)

  5. The way you described the gemstone massage makes me want to try it ASAP. :D

  6. waaaaa good gift to for my mother sana makaipon! hahaha. gift na rin sa sarili. hihihihi

  7. Thanks girls! I really recommend Toccare because their massage is amazing. :D

  8. Nice post! I love their lounge area! picture pa lang nakakarelax na hehe. I also like their jacuzzi.Worth the money na rin ano?

  9. haziest: yes! it's worth the money. I loved my experience. :)


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