Sumptuous Sundays: Racks

Believe it or not, I have only eaten in Racks twice in my existence. I actually thought that recently was my first- time ever, until mom told me that we dined in their previous branch in Pasay Road when I was only 6 years old. Geez, I don't even remember that one. :p

I guess Racks needs no introduction, as it has always been the well- loved baby back ribs restaurant for many Filipinos. :) I'll just share what we ate! :D

PRICE RANGE: Soups and sides start at P150.00+; Salads, appetizers, and main courses start at P300.00+

Behold, the famed Baby Back Ribs sauce by Racks! I really like the regular recipe that I bought one for our house! You can buy Racks' sauces and marinated ribs/pork/chicken-just ask your server about it.

Creamy Mushroom Soup- this one is heavily laden with cream that I had to share it with my mom because it's so filling. The nice thing about it is it's so full of mushroom chunks! I'm in love! :D

Blackened Salmon Steak- My mom's order. It's a kinda' healthy treat though. Salmon's pretty tender underneath despite its burnt, crackly appearance, but I have never been a fan of pepper- rubbed meats. If you want this dish to be truly healthy, opt for 'salad dressing on the side' and replace those fries with veggies.

Racks Classic Pork Ribs- Comes in quarter, half, and full rack portions. This is the quarter rack. True to its claim, it's fall-of-the-bone and dang, it's so full of flavor even without the sauce. That Broccoli and Cheese side dish became my instant favorite.

Mississipi Mud Pie- or commonly known as molten chocolate cake. It's very simple but perfect. This one's pretty big and good for two people. I scalded my tongue with the oozing choco sauce in the middle, so that's a heads up for everyone. :p

Racks is my new go- to restaurant for baby back ribs. I love Baby Back Ribs and the best one for me so far is Tony Roma's, and I'm more than happy to know that Racks is a cheaper choice, but has the same quality!

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i haven't tried eating in Rack's yet but I'm super curious about their "fall-off-the-bone" claim. hehe.. Can you replace the Broccoli and Cheese with other side dish? I'm not fan of Broccoli.. :(

  2. Yummy sa racks the best ang baby back ribs. :) For sale pala ang sauces na yan, sana may budget na to eat at Rack's.

  3. ive been into Racks once with my foodtripbuddy madz hee hee i love their baby back ribs! panalo =)

  4. Anne_22: Yes you can! They have a lot! :)

    Stephanie: Oh same here-I wanna dine here again, preferably this week hehe. :D

    Rhain: Been there thrice. :) Agree! Their Baby Back is really awesomesauce.


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