Sumptuous Sundays: Wrong Ramen

I won't give up on my Ramen fantasies easily so I embarked on another Ramen- hopping journey despite my not-so-stellar experience with Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. This time, I tried Wrong Ramen in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City. I fervently hoped that they'd get my preferred Ramen taste correctly! :D

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P980.00

Wrong Ramen, if I'm not mistaken, currently has one branch. It's pretty tight, but I like how it feels spacious because of the minimalistic interior design and furniture. The removable table dividers are awesome too because it gives you that much- needed privacy when dining, and shields you from humiliation as your face starts to twitch when you eat your bowl of ramen haha!

Click READ MORE and see some of their best- sellers!

Chicken Akuma- Deep fried boneless chicken meat with a spicy ketchup- like sauce. This dish isn't supposed to be served this way, but I've gotten so used to asking for "Sauce on the side" for saucy dishes to minimize caloric intake. The sauce, originally, is mixed with the Chicken cutlets. Chicken is very crunchy, batter is not too thick and is actually tasty, and the sauce has a bite. Goes well with beer!

Lemongrass Pandan Iced Tea- has the perfect mix of Pandan and Lemongrass. Tasty, but I find it a bit bland upon serving. You may ask for sugar syrup or sugar substitute anyway to customize the taste.

Sweet Potato Iced Tea- One of their best- sellers, according to the supervisor. It has this unique, rich, 'carby' taste, is lightly sweet and definitely refreshing. I prefer this better than the other iced tea.

Tonkotsu Light: Judgment day. This best- selling Wrong Ramen dish also comes in Tonkotsu Rich, which is a richer version with fattier soup. I opted for this one because it's the lesser evil. :D

Finally, Ramen soup that I can sip and enjoy without worrying if my BP will shoot up after eating! Soup's taste is just right: not too salty and not too oily, and I like the noodles better: firm, thick, but easy to chomp and swallow, and it's very filling! Wrong Ramen's noodles seemed a lil' more authentic to me. However, the Japanese- style boiled egg called Runny Egg is not included in every Ramen order and you'd have to pay 55 bucks separately. 

I'm very satisfied with this place and I went back twice already. Ramen has been my go- to dish in this rainy weather, and I'm happy to know that my current favorite Ramen place is just very near my place! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My father loves ramen I will share this to him :)))) He's very hard to please so sana ito magustuhan niya rin like you Ms.M. :)))

  2. im curious with sweet potato iced tea! =)

  3. medyo expensive dito pero ang sarap ng foods! Nag crave tuloy ako :( nice place. I really love this segment on your blog! :D

  4. So it it true, did you also leave screaming in ecstacy? :) Haha. I notice you're really into Japanese!

  5. Why is it called Wrong? Haha! I love their tagline about the guy screaming in ecstasy. Sounds like I would like the pandan lemongrass iced tea because I like my iced teas very bland, almost like water. Haha!

  6. Aviva: I dunno. Maybe they wanted it to be catchy? :D Well, that's rare-you're the only person I know who loves bland Iced tea haha!

    Angel: Not so, but I was satisfied. :)

    Itsmefati: Thanks! But it's worth it! :)

    Rhain: It's interesting. :D

    Stephanie: Go! :)


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