Thiocell: New Age Glutathione

I may not be a fan whitening, but I'm not the one to diss whitening products on my blog especially if they're useful and because I know that I have a bevy of fair- skinned readers out there. So to you, ladies, I'd like to introduce you to a new age glutathione supplement that doesn't only help maintain your skin's fairness but also strengthens your immune system.

Thiocell is a product by Brady Pharma Inc., a local pharmaceutical brand. Brady Pharma had partnered with Dr. Hersh, a visionary doctor from the US to create this product.

Here's the actual product. What makes it different from other glutathione supplements? Find out after the cut.

Thiocell is formulated with a potent trio of Glutathione, Selenium, and Vitamin C that work synergistically to replenish Glutathione, whiten skin, boost the immune system, and strengthen your body. I've read from some medical journal that Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) helps maximize the effects of Glutathione and Selenium, a micronutrient, plays a supporting role in here and boosts the two while preventing oxidative stress at the same time.

Thiocell is in chewable Lozenge form, and has been said to have a pleasing Grape taste-haven't tried this product though, but I like the yummy Grape scent that comes out of the bottle. Intake are as follows: Place it under the tongue and allow to melt or chew away. Brady Pharma explained that the form of the supplement allows it to be absorbed effectively by the body: It goes right into the oral cavity for optimum absorption instead of fizzling out in the stomach-It's also a safety measure for those who want to take the product, but have stomach sensitivity towards Ascorbic Acid. It is alcohol- free, contains no animal by-products, and has no added sugar, wheat, starch, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Thiocell costs P2,400.00 per bottle of 30 lozenges.

Hope you found this interesting! Anybody here who has tried Thiocell? Share us your experience with the product!

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  2. For now im trying usana and im palpitating at some point. natatakot na tuloy ako uminom :(

  3. im taking the royal gluta in pinkish glow while my sister take the power gluta 700 bilis makaputi =) since pale na ako i take the pinkish glow =)

    bago po sakin ang chewable na gluta (aside sa chewable na vitamins me and baby rhaine loves)

  4. Stephanie: Hmmm...could there be an ingredient in there that your body reacts to? Maybe you should go see a doctor. It's hard to tell what's causing your palpitation as it's an internal reaction. :(

    Rhain: Nice! How I wish there are tanning pills haha! :D

  5. uum uu nga po ms m wala pang nakakaimbento ng tanning pills =)


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