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I have written about Emu Oil as the wonder oil that's very high in antibacterial actives, but it was just recently that I discovered for myself the wonders it can do to my skin. A month ago, I developed itchy, dry, reddish patches on my face. It just appeared out of the blue, but I think I may have determined the culprit. 

I like hugging my Beagle closely as in cheek to cheek, but I found out that his cheeks are suffering from Hot Spots. A week after discovering that, I started getting those irritating patches and they resemble the ones on my dog: Red, dry, itchy, and tender. One night, I saw this Emu Oil bottle on my dresser and remembered that it's good for bacterial infection. FYI, Hot Spots are caused by a type of skin bacteria that go deep into the cutaneous surface and strip off the healthy cells, leaving it with a wounded appearance. I self- medicated and experimented with Emu Oil on my face patches.


Absynthe's Emu Oil is 100% pure and natural, and ethically sourced. Ms. Aby, the owner, told me that this oil is sourced from the Emu bird, although humanely. If you can recall, there was a fake Emu Oil scare in the beauty industry around 2 years ago (but I don't know if it's still an issue right now) and Ms. Aby assured me that this Emu Oil is legit-they're also the only local member of the American Emu Association.

It only contains pure Emu Oil-nothing else!

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Other oils such as Argan are colorless and very liquid, but Emu has this thick consistency and white color. Absynthe's Emu Oil is fragrance- free and can be used on the face, body, scalp, and hair.


A little over one week, my skin problem disappeared. During the initial application, the superbly moisturizing texture of the oil soothed the dry areas and calmed down inflammation as well as the itch. I only use a tiny amount every time because it's highly spreadable. It gets absorbed well and leaves no oily trace, although it takes a while. It didn't make my face oily nor did I breakout from usage.

After four or five days, the dry areas were gone, albeit the redness was still there and it would itch every now and then. I continued applying. By the way, I applied it once a day and during night time only.

On the tenth day, my problem has vanished-Everything from the dryness, to redness, and down to the itch. The afflicted areas went back to normal, and felt softer and much smoother. Whoa! Thanks to Emu Oil, I didn't have to take any anti-inflammatory and anti- fungal/bacterial medicine just to get rid of my problem. This oil is miraculous!

Because of what it did to me, I welcomed Emu Oil to my night time skin routine. Every week, I'd apply a sheer layer on my skin to help stave off any impending skin infection. I also used it as a spot treatment for zits and it works, although not as fast as Salicylic Acid- based ones. It will work on any skin type, but oily and combination- skinned gals would definitely need a small amount only.

I therefore conclude that Emu Oil is good, and it's an awesome antibacterial potion. I think every brand out there that carries Emu Oil is pretty much selling the same thing, but just make sure that you're getting it from a reputable seller/brand.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh my gosh Ms. M!! this is so timely for me :D i'm looking for products that will relieve my skin problem right now..i really don't like drinking medicines, so i'll try this first :)

  2. This one might be better than tea tree oil? Kasi ayoko ng amoy non ang tapang masyado Ms. M. :) Okay talaga ang pure , I bought hemp seed oil kasi from a reputable beauty store for my sister abroad kaso we discovered na it came from Cannabis Sativa same with Marijuana so hindi na ipinadala. And natakot din gamitin na sayang yung 800 poof! :)

  3. I have never used any type s of oil for skin treatment, although I was quite happy when my BDJ Box included the Argan Oil and I had been reading good stuffs about it. Then this :D
    Aside from the consistency or appearance of the oil, what is the difference between Emu and Argan in terms of treatment? My daughter sometimes encounter skin problems because of asthma and I wonder which product would be suitable for a 9 year old kid :D

  4. I'm a user of Human Nature Sunflower Oil, now i wonder how Absynthe Oil differs from the one that im using..

  5. im really curious kung anu ung pinagkaiba ng argan oil sa emu oil

    and thanks for this review ms m =) now i know what is it all about =) (backreading your previous posts)

  6. I have tried organic oil from different brand and gave me a good result after using it for a month, i was expecting a bit faster than that so I am looking to try other brand, I have heard about argan but i guess i should try to check on EMU oil first because you gave it a 5/5 rate

  7. Mikeeemotions: Hi there! To purchase, just visit Absynthe Bath and Beauty's FB page. Hope you'll like it! :)

    Leilani, Rhain and Winnie: Emu works best if you're looking at minimizing common skin conditions, while Argan is good for overall moisturizing.

    Jerlyn: That's sunflower and this is emu. :)

    Stephanie: WHOA! Good thing you didn't get that because you might land in jail here! :( As for Tea Tree Oil, it's good for treating zits and clearing up pores. Emu can treat zits as well, along with other common skin conditions. :)


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