Benefit Bad Gal Liner Waterproof in Black Review

Here's a review on Benefit Bad Gal Liner Waterproof in Black

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The new bad is clean and nice, as portrayed by Benefit's new Bad Gal Liner Waterproof. I'm never the type who'll reach for a pencil when it comes to lining my eyes, but that has changed lately because of this. It's very gentle and staying power is very good, and comes really handy when you've got nothing but 5 minutes to spend on makeup! It's like the pencil form of my waterproof gel liners!


This product is the new slimline version and currently comes in three shades: Black, Charcoal, and Brown. According to Benefit, Bad Gal Liner Waterproof will stay with you rain or shine, and will allow you to create soft or intense looks.

Click READ MORE for this current fave eye pencil of mine. :)

Here's the product. It sharpens fairly easily, and the dull edge and soft texture makes it good for those with sensitive eyes. It's very sturdy too as it doesn't break while sharpening or while you're swiping it on. 

It comes with a soft, precise rubberized smudger at the end, and thank God it doesn't reek of that nasty rubbery smell. I've washed it once and nope, it didn't crumble.

Consistency is soft and very spreadable, and allows you to blend it nicely and evenly before it sets. You can achieve a couple of finishes with this one, as featured on my swatch. I even like using it as a base or standalone eyeshadow because it dries to a semi-matte finish. It sets fairly quickly, although you have to allot two to three minutes if you layer it on. I don't have to warm it up too to get it going.


Bad Gal Liner layered twice

I just drew a simple line in here. It looks very natural and finish is smooth and even: It doesn't highlight micro lines on my lids and color intensity is uniform all throughout.

Staying power is as good as my trusted waterproof gel liners that's why it works for me. I wear it without any eye primer on, just like my other liners. Intensity stays miraculously fresh all day if the weather is pretty cool, and when the weather is hot, it smudges for a teeny weeny bit-not that considerable at all and you can top if off with powder and it's as if the smudging didn't happen.

It's one of those pencil liners that fairly stays true to its waterproof claim and I recommend it to you if you want a quick, easy, pigmented, and long- wearing pencil definer for your eyes. The softness of the pencil makes this a great product and I think it would even work for those with dry skin on the lids! :D


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. nice..but o gave up on non-retractable liners for the fact that i often forget my sharpeners and sharpeners tends to add bulk to my already bulky bag :D if that makes any sense.
    And I am kind of wary for the sharpener cause you need to clean it often and unscrewing it to make sure that you got the excess residue out...and I am lazy that way :D So I shifted to retractables even if they are a bit costly..

  2. You're really a pro when it comes to lining eyes! :)

  3. i really love how you line your eyes ms m =) i know what you were saying ms m (nasty rubber smell) sa mga local brand meron talaga nito =(

    it reminds me of my fave L'oreal HIP CRAYON =( sad that i cant find it in any L'oreal stall

  4. Winnie: While I always end up breaking my retractable liners! :/

    Rhain: I guess it's not really carried by l'oreal here?

    Ravene: Thanks! :)


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