Essence Cosmetics UV Base Moisturizing Make Up Base in White and Lavender

Here's a review on Essence Cosmetics UV Base Moisturizing Make-Up Base in White and Lavender

Price: Around P200.00+ each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Watson's Branches


I had readers who asked me what affordable but good makeup primer I can recommend, but I think I didn't answer them. Because I can't recommend any--I tried a lot of good ones, but all of them are pricey. I have resigned myself to the fact that premium primers are only the good ones, until I met these babies from Essence Cosmetics.


These oil- free bases are meant to correct skin tone, moisturize skin, prolong make up, and protect skin from UV rays with SPF 30 PA+++. Suffice to say, it acts as your overall make up base. Claims to suit Asian skin.

Lavender- Ingredients

White- Ingredients

So far, this is the best affordable primer for me. Click READ MORE for my review!

The bases are conveniently housed in a squeeze type tube that allows you to control the amount of product that you're going to dispense. However, there's this risk of spillage because the products are pretty runny, so turn the tube upside down before opening.

Left: Lavender; Right: White

These makeup bases feel extremely light, just like your average emulsion or watery moisturizer-it's not only perfect for the thin skins of Asians, but also the dominant warm weather on this side of the world. It's as light as Shu Uemura's UV Underbase. It's unscented, and spreads quite well. It dries up and becomes semi- sticky though (which I think is the product's way of adhering itself to the skin) so work it while it's still in its liquid state. Yes, it's a lil' sticky, but that goes away when you begin to put your usual makeup products on top. It doesn't feel 'thick' on the skin too.


Bare skin

One layer of UV Base in White + ArtDeco Camouflage Concealer + a very shaky hand LOL!

White is the basic shade, and works well for anyone especially those with little to no skin discolorations. I just apply one layer because it tends to leave a white cast.

Work it: Essence Cosmetics' UV Base can be applied using either your fingers or a flat foundation brush such as Charm's Pro Angled Foundation Brush

Bare skin

One layer of UV Base in Lavender

Lavender, as we all know it, is a color- correcting shade for those with sallow skin, but unfortunately, this version is too sheer to even make a difference-I like it for its luminizing effect though. I also don't think that Filipinas need this shade so much because I don't know anyone who suffers from a too yellowish skin tone.

With this product, my regular foundations stay a little bit longer. On my oily skin, a regular foundation (meaning those that don't promise to be long-wearing, oil- free, or waterproof) would last for about 4 hours before it fades, but with this primer, it gets extended up to 5 to 5 1/2 hours and that's without retouching. With pro foundations (now these are the matte, long-wearing, and waterproof ones), my cheeks tend to get a lil' dry, but with this primer, that doesn't happen because it moisturizes 'em effectively. I also noticed that it somewhat improves the coverage of base makeups be it liquid, cream, or powder.

I just finished the white one and I'm gonna repurchase. I love this product because it's very lightweight, comfortable on the skin, helps prolong the wear time of makeup, and gives me the benefits of a moisturizer. On top of these, it's so dayum affordable! 

So what affordable makeup primer will I recommend? You now know the answer! :)


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  1. Its too runny nga ms m =) my first primer is from MK and its bit pricey and it is silicon-gel type.. i would recommend this brand to my friends who were looking for a budget priced primers =) thanks for sharing Ms M =)

  2. This must be very good Ms. M a score of 4.5 / 5

  3. thanks for this review! since it's only 200 pesos, I think I'll also give it a try =)

  4. Interesting. :) Haven't tried any primer cause I don't believe that they help. I have this way of thinking that everything liquid makes my oily skin oilier. Haha!

  5. oh goody...I went to watsons last weekend to buy a replacement for my revlon lipstick (and I think I overspent..blame it to the sales ladies :D) I took your advice and checked out some of the merchandise and I found good deals and good brands which I will be reviewing. I got an eye primer...but too late, I didn't see this..I guess I overlooked it. Oh well, there is always another time :D
    Too bad the sheet masks were already out of stocks :(

  6. wow very affordable. i am currently using elf but i also like to try this since i am also looking to try other brand. i am not sure if I have already seen this in Watsons or anywhere, but now i got an idea what product brand to look next time.. thanks so much Ms.Marth

  7. Rhain: welcome! :D

    Leilani: Welcome dear! You can also find it in SM Department store :D

    Winnie: Awww! It's that sale-able perhaps. :D

    Juvy: Yes it is ! :D

    Rizza: LOL! I guess it's just a matter of finding the right primer that will suit you. :)

    Nicole: Hi and welcome to my blog! Yes it is. I love it! :)

    Hazel: Let me know what you think about it! :)

    Stephanie: Yup! I think everyone here knows that I prefer premium brands, but this primer's just too good to miss. :)

  8. Hello there. Is this suitable for dry to combo skin? Greetings from malaysia :)


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