Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation in Deep Beige Review

Here's a review on Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation in Deep Beige review.

Price: P999.00
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Being comfortable in your own skin is like finding the key to happiness, but wearing something ultra comfortable and packs a punch of benefits is like finally entering the door of happiness-at least this is what I have experienced when I wore Happy Skin's Don't Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation: It's soft, light, covers decently, and loves my skin with its skin care components. This new, proudly- Filipino foundation product is something worth considering!


This foundation promises to take your skin to nirvana with Japanese Green Tea extracts and SPF 20++. It claims to help balance oil and hydrate skin during wear, and is apparently sensitive- skin friendly.


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It only comes in one size, 30ml. I kinda' let out a smile when I saw that it's in a squeeze tube because FYI, this is my most favorite foundation packaging: It's easy, sanitary, spill- proof, and prevents wastage. Bottle is small and travel- friendly, and not tacky! 

Deep Beige is a indeed a deep beige shade with olive undertones. Rissa told me that one of her frustrations is she can't find a foundation match for her morena skin in local makeup brands that's why she made sure that this line carries one. (Oh boy, I love you for that, Rissa!) However, I think the undertone should be Yellow so it will perfectly suit Filipina skin-the Olive undertone kinda' makes the white cast from the SPF appear a tad bit prominent-good thing the deep beige shade makes it very tolerable.

Consistency is like moisturizer: emollient with a hint of being watery, thus it just feels light on the skin. It spreads evenly and easily, and blends nicely and quickly. Drying time takes a lil' while though, but you can set it right away with powder and no, you won't get patchy coverage. It has no scent, finish is dewy to semi- matte, and coverage is light to medium.


Bare skin with Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay All Day Concealer + Artdeco Camouflage Concealer

Two layers of the foundation

It evens out skin tone, but can't conceal skin bumps and grave discolorations completely-at least it makes my skin look dewy. I also noticed that it plumps skin in a good kind of way, making it look more youthful and hydrated.

Staying power is great: Stays put all day, and my T-Zone begins to oil up after 4 or 5 hours, depending on how frakkin' hot the weather is. Whenever my skin would start producing oil, I don't look too greasy and my face doesn't feel icky-nice to know that the skin- balancing promise was true! I didn't break out from it too!

This is a very good day foundation, something that can take you through an ordinary day with a long- lasting fresh, healthy look. What I like most about it is its moisturizer- like feel that's perfect for our weather. Jacqe and Rissa understood well how it's like to live in the tropics, and they translated it wonderfully through this foundation. It suits normal, dry, oily, and combination skin. For morenas out there, there's already a foundation range that will fare nicely on our skin tone. My only wish is that they change the under tone of the foundations to yellow. Don't Get Mad Get Even has a powder foundation counterpart, and that's what I want to try next!


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow ms m! you looked so flawless here! i love it! never thought i could see high expectations with our own made brand! works like magic!

  2. Hello Ms. Martha! Maybe you can do a review on the Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies? Thank you! :) I love reading your blog. I'm a morena too so your insights and reviews are helpful for me. :)

  3. I agree with you with the yellow undertone only because it would fit me well..hehehe. I so love your posts kasi it is in tune wiht my skintone. Good makeup is hard to find and I have a lot of limitations in terms of playing with colors.
    As for this product, it is a bit pricey. Hope they come is a smaller trial pack so we can try one too.. I usually don't finish up all of my makeup and i love buying in smaller sizes so they wouldn't expire on me :D

  4. Next would be their lippies. :))) hehehe.

  5. I agree with how you rated the price... waaa it's too expensive considering the fact that your skin gets a oily after 4-5 hours. The packaging looks great though =)

  6. I have discovered a new product from your blog again ms.Martha. I love the coverage especially after you set it with powder, its good that it doesnt make you feel greasy at all even on a hot weather. Very promising product, talgang a must try! Thanks for this awesome review Ms.Martha :D

  7. I love the finish! you look so flawless! Plus, I love how they name their products, hihihi..... another great discovery! :)

  8. Aissa: Hi Aissa and welcome to tbj! Glad to meet a fellow morena! Yes, they're up next-I decided to review 'em last for variety as I figured most bloggers will review the same thing first. :)

    Issa: Love the cheeky names too! :D

    Leilani: Welcome! :D I'm using it a lot lately because weather's pretty summery at least in my area.

    Haziest Hazel: True, but I guess it's really for a certain market. :D

    Febmin: :D

    Stephanie: yes! :D

    Winnie: Hope they would create sample sizes for beauty boxes such as bdj, glamourbox, and sample room :)

    Rhain: Thanks dear! I feel so proud that we have a great local brand like this. :)

  9. LOVING THIS POST TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL! first, is the thought that it's a proudly pinoy brand. second is the overall packaging. third, you look so gorgeous in your last pic! honestly, napa-wow talaga ko! :D nakaka-excite tuloy mag-try ng Happy Skin products !!

  10. Looks natural on you. you look glowing from the inside :) Nice.

  11. Which is better, this or their ss creme?

  12. Thanks girls!

    Anonymous: Hi there! Haven't tried their SS creme yet. :)

  13. Hi Martha,

    I want to try this brand but I have uber oily skin. What would be best for my skin type. The don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation, the Liquid Foundation or the Second Skin Creme Silicone Free Foundation? Do I need all three Foundations coz that would be beyond my budget.


  14. Hi Martha, I want to try this proud Pinoy brand but I don't know which one to get. I have uber oily skin.

    Should I use the Don't Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation or the Liquid Foundation or should I buy the Second Skin Silicone Free Foundation? What is the difference between the three?



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