Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel Review

Here's a review on Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel

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Allow me to do a commercial spiel here: No budget for Cure Natural Aqua Gel? No problemo! Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel is your liquid scrubber on a budget!

I'm now a convert to liquid facial scrubs because dang, they are so gentle and very, very easy to use, plus the white chunks of dirt that fall off my face really gives me this feeling that I'm so pure and clean. Cure is by far, my top favorite in this category, but I do understand that it's a lil' pricey to some. Here's a very affordable alternative product that I could recommend.


This product sloughs off dead skin and leaves you with a soft and silky smooth skin surface. It acts as a mask and scrubber at the same time: Leave it on for a few minutes so the ingredients can penetrate your skin, then scrub afterwards to reveal glowing, renewed skin.


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Ooooh. So cool! My Lumix caught the product coming out of the tube!

It might be cool in this photo, but I dislike how the product would involuntary come out of the tube- The hole's too big, IMO. Product's very liquid and runny so remember to tilt the tube upside down when opening to prevent accidental spillage.

It has a liquid gel consistency, and a very mild floral scent. It has micro scrubbers in it so it's already doing some skin de-flaking action when you're spreading it across your face. It gives off a nice soothing, cooling sensation that helps calm down itchy, throbbing skin.


This is how you work it: Apply a sheer layer on your skin and allow to dry up for 3- 5 minutes.

Afterwards, start scrubbing. Your skin will seem as if it's peeling, but don't worry, that's how it's supposed to effect on you. Keep on scrubbing until the chunks come off.

As you scrub your skin, the hardened liquid layer produces white chunks that grow increasingly in size, meaning it gathers dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. I did a test on this product to know if it really removes dead skin and yes it does-it does not coagulate on its own.

After usage, my skin feels refreshed and smooth, and looks a lil' transparent and bright. My only issue is, the gel is a lil' hard to remove and continuous scrubbing may irritate your skin-mind you, you'd have to apply a lil' hand force to remove the product completely as it does not budge that easy. That said, it's not so ideal for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to redness, although it suits other skin types quite well. If your skin starts feeling sensitive and irritatingly tender while you're scrubbing it off, don't proceed any longer and wash off the remaining with lukewarm water and mild cleansing foam. It's also a lil' drying so follow up with moisturizer right after.

It's still a good product, but there are certain precautions you'd have to take along with it. It's effective, I didn't break out from it, and I use it in lieu of Cure. This is one convenient scrub that you can transfer in a smaller jar so you can enjoy bright, soft, and revitalized skin wherever you go.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. thanks for the recommendation ms m =)
    i can consider my previous Innisfree Red Wine softener peeling cream, (like it smells like red wine talaga pero mahirap na makahanap, i could remember i bought it for 700+ from ms liz) same effect and its effective =) the cute part, the packaging is in a mini bottle of red wine (already emptied it but still keeping the bottle with me)

  2. Would you find this as a good "dupe" for the CURE gel? :)

  3. Which one do you prefer, this or the White Results Exfoliating Gel? I'm always on the lookout for a Cure alternative since I find it expensive. but so far, nothing compares to Cure. i might try this one though. This looks effective naman. :)

  4. I tried using peeling creams before. Have you tried Nature's Garden? I had them before and they were a hit since they cost less..however, I kind of left and couldn't find my supplier anymore :D
    Might try this one for a change and compare results.

  5. This might be good.:) Anoyther scrub to try, sana sale parin :)

  6. I have tried only one brand of oatmeal peeling gel pero I really cant see any improvement on my skin that is why i stopped using that already sayang lang pera. But after I saw your review about this Hayan oatmeal peeling gel, It made me wanna give this a chance. Thanks ms.M!

  7. Raven: Yup! A nice dupe, although it's not as gentle as cure. :)

    Leilani: Welcome! :)

    Winnie: The brand sounds familiar but nope, haven't tried it yet. This is a good emulsifying scrub, but I still prefer cure's watery texture.

    Anne_22: Haven't tried IWhite's version yet. :)

    Stephanie: Looks like they're forever on a sale. Lol! :D

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing! I'll look for that product when I visit Hong Kong again. :)


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