Kenzo Flower In The Air: A Magical Tale

When Kenzo came out with Kenzo Flower in the year 2000, it became a massive hit and was considered as one of the benchmarks for the 'elegant floral' fragrance category. Kenzo Flower is prolly one of the best fragrances ever created because until now, it continues to gain a following.

Years since the inception of the original Flower, Kenzo has been asking: What if flowers could fly? What if they could spring from the ground and rise to the heavens and create an aerial garden, like fragrant balloons decorating the blue sky? This question signaled the contemporary rendition of the original Flower.

Finally, Kenzo launches a new addition to the Flower family, Flower In The Air. It is still crafted by Alberto Morillas, the nose behind the original Kenzo Flower. Kenzo Flower In The Air is the story of a woman who lives a fast- paced city life and yearns to be reconnected with nature. Click READ MORE and see the dreamy video commercial!

In this magical, fragrant tale, International actress Shu Qi portrays the contemporary woman who always finds balance and lightness in a too busy world.

Flower In The Air is a dreamy, powdery mix of Rose, Vanilla, Magnolia, and Musk, and a younger version of the first Flower. I asked why there was no Poppy note in it considering that it's Kenzo Flower's emblem, then I found out that the Poppy flower has no scent! It was just the perfect symbol for Kenzo to explore the magical and theatrical aspects of a fragrance. Cool!

My dear Beauty Blogger friend Sabs immediately fell in love with the fragrance!

The exclusive launch was held in Top Of The Citi in Makati. I wasn't able to take photos of the place though, but there were floating Poppies all over! Thanks Rustan's for the beautiful setting and the fun event!

Flower in The Air is now available in all Rustan's malls, and comes in the following sizes: 30ml (P3,250.00), 50ml (P4,900.00), and 100ml (P6,550.00)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I had a perfume before from Kenzo that was given as a gift (pasalubong). I like the smell.. I am not into floral perfumes since I think they can be overpowering but this one was just right. I would like to try this too... might ask for a sampler first.. hehehe.

  2. what i look for a perfume is long lasting fragrance yet not too strong. I think this one fits my taste, would love to try this as well. Ang cute pa ng bottle :)

  3. Winnie: Thanks for sharing! I think you'll like this one because it's very light!

    Leilani: Agree! :)

  4. oh hi ms sabs!! hihi is this light scented?


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