PAC- My first- ever professional makeup

Back in 2006, when I was still starting with my Theatre Arts course, I have used PAC in all of my plays because it is what a struggling, parent- dependent artist like me could afford. It's actually a lil' costly given my student budget, and I remember saving a portion of my allowance so I can buy a PAC makeup item at the end of each week so that I could build my stage makeup kit. I can clearly recall how good their products are and I'm happy because they're finally making their presence felt. I think it's high time that every makeup lover discovers what a nice brand this is.

PAC is a professional drugstore brand that can be used from the stage to photo shoots and for everyday. Founder Dr. Martha Tilaar created PAC to fulfill the needs of makeup artists. The brand is known for their long- lasting waterproof makeups at fairly affordable prices.

One of my favorites from PAC is their stackable pigment eyeshadows. The golden yellow shade was my absolute favorite and I kept my pot for more than 3 years-Even though it was heartbreaking, I had to dispose it even if it was still full as it was way beyond expiry already. These pigments are very fine and highly pigmented, and can be used according to your liking. I have a review for this product HERE, although this is another shade.

More about their products after the jump!

One of their popular products is the full coverage creamy foundation that can be stored and carried easily in palettes.

Another best- seller is the Face Coloring Powder that come in various shades to help correct skin tones, plus they can be stacked on top of each other too!

Recently, they came out with the new Eyeliner Liquid that comes in dozens of colors, including rainbow colors. I think they'll come handy in Christmas parties! :D

They also got these new dual- ended eyeshadow sticks for a no- brainer complementing eye makeup look.

These are the PAC products that I'll be reviewing for you guys soon. My favorite amongst everything is the gold eyeliner! It's so perfect for the holiday season! :D

Please visit PAC PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

Have you ever used PAC before? What are your thoughts about the brand? Any favorites? Spill, spill, spill! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. aww! your also a theater artist :) well, as for my experience, thick coverage of make-up is a must especially for photo shoots and on stage appearances.. i haven't seen PAC in the market, is it only available online? hope to grab some for Christmas season!

  2. the gold eyeliner you used on one pic on your ig pala ms m =) very pigmented! =)

    the very first time i saw it akala ko talaga ms m imitation ng MAC =( my mistake hihi

    gonna watch out for your reviews ms m =) (wala pa po ata akong nakitang product review from this brand pa)

  3. Just checked out their FB page. Sooo super excited about this brand! :)

  4. Never heard of PAC. Name reminds me of MAC tho.. HAHAHA

  5. i've seen this brand in department stores! the gold eyeliner is really interesting! :)

  6. huwaaaa those pigment eyeshadows and dual end eyeshadows look great! I'm curious on how much they cost though. =) but I don't like their brand name. It can be closely associated with MAC. Others might think that it's an imitation of MAC.

  7. woa, i'm so proud indonesia cosmetics can be found in philippines, you must try Sariayu cosmetic, its from same line, but cheap range (especially sariayu 25th palette eyeshadow)

  8. woa, i'm so proud indonesia cosmetics can be found in philippines, you must try Sariayu cosmetic, its from same line, but cheap range (especially sariayu 25th palette eyeshadow)

  9. First time I heard about this too..interesting line.. I wonder how much they cost?
    Are they available on department stores such as SM or Watsons?
    Would like to make a swatch first on stalls before I try one.
    Are they suitable for younger tweens such as 10-yr old girls? I usually do my daughter's make-up so I make sure that our make-ups are suitable for sensitive skins.

  10. Now I remember...i have heard about this brand years ago pala from my journalist Ate. I like that their products are waterproofs and superb quality. i want the pigmented eyeshadows

  11. Jerlyn: It's available in Watsons. :)

    Winnie: About 300-1000php+ :) It's available in SM dept. stores and watsons. :) Hmmm...not sure about this-hard to tell because it's your child we're talking about so I don't want to make a mistake! Best thing to do is swatch the product/s on the inner part of her arm or at the back of her ear and see if she'll develop any reactions.

    Conietta: Hi and welcome to my blog! You're welcome! PAC user here! Hope to try Sariayu soon! :)

    Raven: True that ahahaha.

    Issa: Same! It's my favorite!

    Rhain: They've been around, but they just started doing social media and blog marketing. Can't wait to try out my samples! :)

    Missy: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :) Cool! You should check out their eyeshadows first-very pigmented and affordable! :)


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