ZA Cosmetics Comes Out With The Perfect Solution

Meet your new superheroes...IN PINK! This awesome foursome proudly calls themselves Perfect Solution, and they're here to save your face so you can save face. Their motto? WE DEFY AGEING!

Perfect Solution comes in this super posh hot pink packaging, and is also infused with 7 trillion collagen capsules. What!!?! That's a lot, but I think we can all appreciate that because in case you didn't know, Collagen tends to decrease faster than any protein in our body! I also call this line 'Paris Hilton in skin care form' because it's screaming pink and formula's very, very rich! :D

Aside from the wealth of Collagen capsules it has, Perfect Solution boasts of the Intensive Triangle Technology, a system that targets 3 main signs of aging namely dryness, dullness, and sagging skin. This technology is made up of Yuzu seed extract and marine collagen that tighten skin, Apricot extract and APM that improve skin translucence, and Mineral ingredients that charge skin with moisture.

See the entire line- up after the jump!


- A luxurious, gentle cleansing foam that washes off dirt and grime, but without the dryness.


- A hydrating toner that removes excess dirt, and its gentle formula immediately fortifies skin and prepares it for the rest of the Perfect Solution line at the same time.


- A light, intensely hydrating emulsion that imparts a silky, glossy texture.


- A rich cream that doesn't feel clogging on the skin. Can be used for daytime for extra moisture or during night time as a treatment.

Perfect Solution is now available in all local ZA Cosmetics counters. Please visit ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this line.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. looks promising. :) cute packaging Ms.M.

  2. I got the full line from Sampleroom and BDJ Box. Was very lucky that I was a VIP member :) Sulit na sulit considering na they are in full sizes and cost almost 2K for the whole set if bought over the counters.
    I am keeping the collagen since I badly needed it for being in my 30's.

  3. im curious if this set really works! gonna watch out for more blog reviews on this brand/product

  4. i'm gonna wait for your product review first before buying in the market :)

  5. Been waiting for Sample Room to restock these. Hihi.. I'm in my mid-20's so I feel like I should start using these anti-aging products. Ayoko ng wrinkles in my 30's!

  6. These products are perfect for me since I hair started
    getting interested in Skin Care when I turned 40. I got
    The full size items from Sampleroomph and I feel very lucky to try these before I invest in these in full.

  7. I love their Motto! another promising product line i really like to try. The collagen cream is cheaper than other creams from the drugstores.

  8. i'd love to try this too! :) i got the cleansing foam from bdj..i just need to buy the other 3 when after i saved some money :D thanks for this post ms. M!

  9. Joeydragonlady: Thank God for beauty boxes, right? :)

    Mikeebellle: Welcome! :)

    Leilani: I'm looking forward to using the samples I got too...that is, when I finish the products I'm using. :D

    Anne_22: I believe this line is good enough to address the early signs of aging in your 20's. :)

    Jerlyn: awww...will try to use it soon so I can come up with a review. :)

    Winnie: Great! I'm a fan of anything collagen because almost all skin care products that have it as a main ingredient have a very nice texture. :)


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