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Going back to Manila now! I've been in Sydney, Australia for the past 4 days and I can't wait to share my experiences plus show you how wonderful this city is. I finally saw the famed Sydney Opera House, climbed the Westfield Tower, the highest building in Sydney, and saw Koalas, Wallabies, Wombats, Kangaroos, and a ton of animals that you can only find here. Ah! I'm so excited. I've a ton of photos to edit and I must start with that first LOL! :D

Anyway! The weather here is particularly cold and good thing I brought a couple of moisturizing lipsticks to keep my lips from cracking including this: ZA Cosmetics Plumper Lips Lipstick in Ruby Dazzle.


Plumper Lips was created to address the main concerns of Asian women when it comes to lip appearance: 1. Thicker lips 2. Juicy- looking lips 3. Moisture. It's made with two special kinds of Collagen: Fill Up Collagen moisturizes lips thoroughly, while Pearl Collagen contains light- diffusing pigments that give lips depth, volume, and shine.

It comes in a pink, slim metallic tube that feels pretty luxe and sturdy. You gotta love Japanese products for their awesome quality!

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It has a thick but light gel- like consistency that makes lips look thick instantly, for real. Gel lipstick might sound weird, but it's not what you think-in fact, it feels very nice as it's watery, comfortable, soothing, and very moisturizing. It's a lil' runny though so even out the coverage with a lip liner or clean finger. It is unscented and coverage is light to medium.


Ruby Dazzle is a warm rose shade with hints of golden sparkle. It's friendly to any skin tone and to anyone because it's quite a safe color. If you've seen professional photos of Japanese or Korean models, you probably noticed their eye- catching super luscious lips-that's the effect you'll get from this lipstick: It imparts a dewy effect that isn't overwhelming and makes you look cute. :D Unfortunately, staying power is a let down as it fades away ever so quickly due to its consistency. At least it really helps tame down dry areas and soothes lips!

The texture and look are youthful, thus I think it's something that young girls will love. It's a good casual lip product that combines volume and moisture, and it'll be good for you if you have these concerns and you're looking for a lip product that will address those.


Please visit ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. must be pricey for a performance like that. hmmm. hehehe. very honest review Ms. M

  2. i love how it compliments your skin color ms m =) and this shade reminds me of your previous bobbi lippie but this one is pasok-sa-budget =) plus the packaging is so girly =)

  3. i love how it compliments your skin color ms m =) and this shade reminds me of your previous bobbi lippie but this one is pasok-sa-budget =) plus the packaging is so girly =)

  4. wow! the shade is so feminine! and it looks so great but when you scored it as 1/5 on the staying power, I got a bit disappointed with the product. aawwts. but the color looks great though. =)

  5. oh wow.. never tried ruby colors before. It really look good on you.
    it is a nice product since you did say it has collagen and since I have dry lips and prone to cracking, this would absolutely be addition to my must haves for those quick touch-up for daily use.

  6. I will give the packaging of this lipstick a 5/5 coz I really find it cute and sophisticated! And Your lips looks juicy and kissable ms.Martha. However the staying power is a big factor to us ladies when choosing lippies, right?so I hope they work to improve on that

  7. love the shade but I want long lasting lippies..... thanks for your review

  8. Ms. M, you look so fresh in this photo :) Anyway, my only concern about gel lipstick is para siyang lip gloss that's so messy especially when the hair strands stick with your lips..

  9. Stephanie: Thank you! :)

    Jerlyn: Thanks dear! :D Haha, I could relate to that! :D

    Issa: Same here. :) Young girls won't have a problem with this, perhaps. :D

    Leilani: Same wish here! :D

    Winnie: If you don't mind the not-so-stellar staying power, then I guess you'll love this thing because it's very moisturizing! :)

    Hazel: Thanks! :D

    Rhain: Yup! Packaging actually reminds me of Bobbi's latest lippies.

  10. Looks really good on you. Will have to see it for myself! Nice review :) Please review other shades :)


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