Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Back and Better Than Ever

When Mineral Makeup (MMU) boomed two or three years ago, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics was one of the brands that commanded the local market and the cool part is it's Filipino- made and owned.

Quick trivia: The idea was initiated by two friends who both yearned for a makeup line that could be worn comfortably even by those with the most sensitive skin and at the same time accessible and easy on the pocket-they thought the best solution was to create one, thus Ellana Mineral Cosmetics was born. They chose the name Ellana-which means "Bright" in Greek-as it was the perfect name for their products that give the skin a more luminous look.

Ellana took a leave from the spotlight-I believe the two friends had to make time for their personal lives (and that means settling down, starting a family and all), but it's now back to reintroduce the benefits of Mineral Makeup to the growing local beauty market.

Here's Ellana Mineral Cosmetics ver. 2.0. From the labels, packaging, formulation, and line- up, everything was revamped!

Ellana together with Brand Consultant Liz Lanuzo had organized a quaint launch for Press and Beauty Bloggers. The ever bubbly and funny (with edgy hair) Karrots Nazareno hosted the event.

More about the new Ellana after the cut!

Ellana's new dreamy labels were designed by artist extraordinaire Soleil Ignacio. Ugh-her drawings are too pretty for my life. Wish I could draw as good as her! :D

If you recall, all Ellana products came in pots 'cuz they used to be in pulverized form, but they now come pressed in sleek, square compacts for everyone's convenience.

Some of the pressed products include the blush duo, blotting/setting powder, and cream blush.

Here are some swatches of the cream blush. They're surprisingly opaque and feel so luxe!

There's also the new brush cleaner that comes in a Cucumber Melon scent. Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon cologne, anyone? :)

While most of the products were finally transformed into pressed versions, they still retained the pulverized version of their best- selling Mineral Powder Foundation (the product that has put Ellana in everyone's mineral makeup wish list). The selection has expanded into 13 shades and also comes in a pressed form.

Some of their best- sellers include:


- A universal, translucent powder that melts seamlessly onto the skin.


- An ultra fine, velvety soft setting powder used on top of the powder foundations to prolong wear. Helps absorb oil too.


- A high performance base that conceals discolorations and fine lines.


- An illuminating finisher that blots away excess shine for a fresh makeup look.

Here are some of their products that I'll be reviewing soon on my blog. To be honest, I know Ellana but I have never, ever tried any of their products (Swear!), so this is what makes the next few weeks a lil' exciting! Let's see what they've got!

They've improved their brush line- up too!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is available in The Ramp at Crossings, Ellana showroom in Magallanes, and via the official website. If you wish to be a distributor, ask about the affiliate program.

Visit ELLANA MINERALS on Facebook for more information about the brand and to inquire about the business opportunity.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yeheyyy!! There back! :D I miss there products tho ! :)) As in ngayon ko lang na laman dahil sayo Ms. Martha!! :D Thanks again!! <3

  2. Can't wait for your review.

    I purchased their mineral foundation and I'm already in love with it :) I'll purchase their brush cleaner within the week. I'm glad ellana is back, and it looks better than ever!

    You can join my Starbucks 2014 Planner Giveaway HERE

  3. I really got excited of their comeback! On their old website, they will let you fill up a form and they will send you free samples of their foundation, concealer, blush and powder. I like that they will also help you pick the shades that is perfect for your skintone. I find them very accommodating because they reply on my emails right away. When they sent me the samples, I tried them all and I even made a post about that. I so love their concealer, really made for me. I wonder if they also improve the quality of their products more because the powder appeared cakey on me, or maybe it is the base foundation, i am not really sure. When I checked their website again, i really like to purchase the makeup brushes but i would like to see a review first. right now i use ellana concealer, i love it to bits

  4. i have first known Ellana way back 2008 or 2007 i think =)

    i love their brushes which is very similar to the body shop brushes (or is it just me)

    at the moment im loving my blending brush =) the handle is so long (parang pang-paint ng mga art piece)

    advanced merry xmas ms m!

  5. I purchased their loose mineral powder foundation and I was disappointed with the packaging. I went back pa naman to Trinoma just to purchase this but then nung bibili na ako, ibang packaging ang binigay sa akin kasi out of stock na daw yung may lid na may drawing ni Miss Soleil. Gusto ko pa naman sana yung lid with Soleil Ignacio's drawings kasi super cute. Buti na lang I love the finish of this powder foundation kaya ok na rin....

  6. i never heard from it since before. but i am willing to try another filipino product. :)

  7. Aura: Awesome! What are your favorite ellana products? :)

    Katrina: They've been around for years now. :)

    Issa: Oh dear! I'll let Liz know about this. :)

    Rhain: The brushes are good, esp.the foundation brush. :)

    Leilani: They've reformulated most of their products so I think some of your favorites are a lil' better now. Looking forward to trying their concealer too. :)

    Jaja: Hello there! :) I have yet to try my loose powder foundation. Hope it works for me! :)

  8. OMG! I'm so glad they're back. I love their brushes. This brand is also my first makeup brand. Do they still have their eyeshadows? :)

  9. My sister loves mineral make-ups. She too has sensitive skin (blame it too skin asthma which unfortunately is common to both of us and my daughter as well..mas worst lang sa kanilang dalawa)..
    Mineral makeups worked well with her.
    Would definitely recommend this.

  10. Monica: Yes they do! :)

    Winnie: Yes you should! Ellana has pretty good products, imo. My fave is the eye/cheek palette! :)

    Katrina: Welcome! :)


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