FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What Motivates me to blog

Here's a cute story. I had my weekly boxing sesh a few hours back, and there was this little American- looking boy-who looks 7 or 8 years old to me-working out in the same gym too. While he was training with the speed ball, I joined him and took the empty slot right beside him. (I'll brag for a bit-I'm good with the speed ball!) I was in the zone, smashing the speed ball trying to beat my record last week (3-minutes straight) and when I stopped, I realized he was watching me. I smiled at him, he smiled back and said: "You're awesome" to which I replied "Why thank you, handsome", and he said again "I wish you're my sister so we can play boxing at home!" (Throws some punches in the air while jogging giddily in place, stops and flashes his heart-melting smile) I came up to him and pinched his chubby, rosy cheeks and replied "I wish I have a little brother like you too." (Oh yes I do! I want a baby sibling!) In the end, I kinda' sacrificed my own workout just to teach him the art of speed ball-ing and boy it was good because after about 30 minutes, his timing has significantly improved.  :)

So what's the relation of my story with our Fan Mail Fridays today? For now, check out the question from Abigail:

Dear Martha, 

What motivates you to blog? 

- Abigail

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If I didn't try my best to become good at boxing every single day (For the record, I am not fit for a semi- pro boxing match yet), I wouldn't be able to impart something useful to that little boy. Be the best to inspire others to be the best, that is my motivation in everything including this blog. Or maybe I could say that people alone are enough to motivate me-people who want to learn a thing or two from me and who simply want to be entertained.


- I've always loved helping people that's why I still manage to produce blog posts consistently on this blog. When I started getting love mails from women all over the world thanking me for a particular makeup tutorial/review, sharing how my blog posts have helped them in their personal journey to beauty, and letters that express gratitude for my bag/makeup/shoes authentication blog posts, I knew that I've been doing something right in this blog. If it was just a blog for myself, I would've given up years ago because really, who wants to rot in front of a computer writing about a thousand product reviews, events, and tutorials? My blog now has evolved-I'm not writing for myself any longer. I'm writing for others. With product reviews, if the product is bad, I still review it anyway because I know every reader is a consumer just like me therefore they have the right to be informed.


- Can I be honest? I hope this does not affect the way you see me and this blog-I vowed to be completely transparent with my readers and I still hold on to that up to this day. Yes, I earn from this blog and I'll be a lil' honest again and say that I earn a sorta' handsome amount from ads, announcements, event coverage, brand projects, event appearance, and campaigns (but NEVER from product reviews) because every month, this blog gets over 100k unique visits (that translates to 100,000 people). Advertisers pay for my traffic, not my opinion. But you know, I am not a millionaire (yet) and what I earn from this blog is not enough to cover for my daily and monthly expenses that's why I have another job, which is PR Consultancy and I'm cooking up this business with a friend to achieve financial freedom. The compensation I get from this blog is just a tiny part of what motivates me to blog.


- I lose motivation too. When I hit the lowest point of my blogging moments (and that means I'm churning out 'Blah' blog posts), I just go back to the main reason why I started and that is I just love makeup so, very much. That thought alone is like an energy drink that sends a jolt of energy in my veins and springs me back to blogging happily on my laptop. :)

So these are the main things that motivate me to blog. Oh, another reason is I want to prove to myself that I can be successful even if I go against the norm by following my passion. Looks like it's effective, but I'll see. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely Friday. :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you Thank you Ms Martha!! :) you really inspire me and all of us!! It really enhance and express the feeling with makeup :)Im glad that I found your blog because formerly I used to be a self-conscious of my makeup-less face and less put-together attire, so when I saw your blog Thank you very much! now I really feel confidence now. =))

  2. And this is why I read your blog every single day. Thank you Ms. Martha for inspiring us! :)

  3. Lovely post! Honest and to the point. You are one of -my- inspirations to blog, Martha, because even if you are quite popular you still seem to be down to earth. You take the time to respond to readers. Thank you for that!

  4. Best blogger of the year award goes to Ms. Martha!!! We will always be here to support you.. No matter what!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Krisella: Thank you. :)

    Claudine: Thanks! :D

    Pat: Hey Pat! Thanks and you're welcome. :)

    Aura: Thanks! :D

  6. i love reading your blog ms m =) since 2009 and im proud to say that i will always be your blog fan =)

    i love to blog too.. im a frustrated writer before hehehe.. then i just realize, writing isnt for me =) kaya i found passion in blogging kasi nga one of my dream job is to a writer only to find out im not that very good in writing hee hee..

    i love to share things on my blog.. small or big things =)

    im inspired by local writers =) like you.. ms ro.. ms liz.. and too many to mention =)

    hugs ms m! may you continue to write hanggang sa magkaron ka na rin ng sariling family =)

  7. good to know that you've shared this one. :)

    actually, i'm just a girl that i take a bath, eat my breakfast, toothbrush, comb my hair..and go to school. i'm not the type of person that has a kikay kit. and ofcourse i never wear makeups..nor a lipbalm or a johnsons baby powder..haha!

    But I love art. I love fashion. I also love browsing and watching makeup tutorials from michelle phan.

    Thinking that being into makeup was only a dream that can only happen when i graduate my college.

    Reading your blogs really helped me that being into makeups..really costs that much if you have ideas what to buy and how much it is.



  8. You are one of my most admired blogger Ms.Martha, I admire your dedication and passion in blogging. All your posts are inspiring and very helpful. I really learned a lot from this blog. I am so glad that I found this. when I told my sis about your blog, she became your fan as well. thanks a lot! <3

  9. Hello girls! Thank you for the touching comments. Really appreciate them! :)

  10. I am practically still new to blogging.. I just started last August and traffic started coming in as of November.
    What motivates me to go on for now is the opportunity to learn new things and the opportunity to gain new friends.
    Also, this is my way of improving my communication skills.
    I have been stuck in a men's world in the engineering line and I forgot how to be a girl at times.. Never thought being public is actually fun..but then again, I try to control what appears in the public :D


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