HOW TO: Apply Concealer + My Concealer Technique

Sharing a quick and useful makeup tip for everyone today! 

I assume that everyone here knows how to use a concealer, but do you guys know how to maximize it? Sources will tell you to dot some concealer on your under eyes and blend inwards to conceal lines. Yes, that's correct, but there are some concealers that sink into fine lines, ergo making them appear obvious even more. I'm not saying it's wrong though, but here's the better way to apply it:

You may not notice it, but your eyes have this inverted triangular area. (Marked it for you guys) All you have to do is apply a dot or two in the middle and start blending downwards (as if you're following the pattern of the inverted triangle) to somehow wash out dark circles and so that the tone on your under eyes will blend with your cheeks, giving you a much even- looking complexion. If you have a small puffy area on your under eye, create another (but smaller) imaginary inverted triangle right below the puffy part using your concealer and do the same technique. This technique may also prevent certain concealers from sinking into lines. (Depends on how deep the line/s are)

As for me, I prefer this technique better:

A Beauty Blogger friend asked me what particular highlighter I'm using for my under eyes and I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Nothing. Just concealer." She was amazed at my revelation because in all the events we've attended, she's always thought that I've been using a nice highlighter for my under eyes!

Here's how I apply concealer:

I still follow the traditional technique, but I extend the other end right up to my temples-I found that this certain application does not only conceal dark circles, but also gives me a bright- eyed and lifted look. This also prevents me from having that weird, light patch right under my eyes. My eyes are not symmetrical too: My left eye has a deeper crease than the right one and this way of application kinda' balances out that imperfection.

Left Eye: With Concealer applied using my technique
Right Eye: Bare

Hope you liked this mini tutorial! :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Now that's very helpful..
    I'll try this next time I put my erase paste.. :))
    Thanks for the tutorial Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  2. What concealer are you using here? Thanks in advance!

  3. Claudine: Hi Claudine and welcome to my blog! :) You're welcome! :D If you want to read more tutorials from me, just click on the HOW TO section on the nav bar. :)

    Dane: Hi Dane! It's MAC Prolongwear Concealer. I have a review for that. :)

  4. wow.. thanks ms m! now i know kaya maitim pa rin sa side ng eyes dapat talaga kasamang ki-no-conceal! thanks ms m! i'll try this!

  5. Extending the application of the concealer on to the hairline works for people with mature skin. Yes I agree it helps especially sagging area around the eyes appear lifted. Make sure to seal in a moisturizer before the application so to prevent the concealer from caking.

  6. Hi,

    What concealer do you use?


  7. thanks again for sharing your tips Miss Martha! :)

  8. Wow Ms Martha I try this kanina and it really help lessen my eyebags! =)) Thank you so much!!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your technique Ms.Martha. I always put concealer undereyes lang, much better pala if iextend pa. I will try this technique too.

  10. Thanks for the tip.. I definitely need this.. My family is actually prone to eyebags and have dark undereye circles. Even my daughter when she was still a baby has one (for reasons I dont know since wala naman kami lahi..if you know what I mean)..Especially my daughter who is often mistaken to have one.

    Adding to that, my age is showing already because of this, especially the wrinkles. I usually have difficulty covering them up... At least now, I could try a new technique.

    Thanks :D

  11. never knew that it was triangular in application. thanks for giving us a cool tip. gonna work for this when i buy a ZA concealer. :)

  12. Audreyisms: Hi Audrey! Welcome to TBJ! For this tutorial, I used MAC Prolongwear Concealer. :)

    Katrina: Glad you found this tutorial useful. :)

    Winnie: I'm predisposed to eye bags too haha! Must be my genes. Anyway, you're welcome. :)

    Leilani, Rhain, Issa and aura: Welcome! :)

    Marielle: Thanks for the additional tip! :)

  13. wow ang galing!! i never thought of that :) thanks for sharing this cool tip Ms. Martha. i will try this lalo na pagka puyat ako and need ko mag conceal sa aking under eye.

  14. This is such a nice tip! Hoping I can find a good concealer between 100 - 500php range. :)


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