Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Here's a review on Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner.

Price: Shampoo- P199.00 (90ml); P459.00 (480ml) Conditioner- P199.00 (90ml); P459.00 (480ml)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets


I'm starting to feel my age lately. Yes, I'm technically young, but 25 years is already quarter-of-a-century-point-five, fyi. Add to that, I have already used or encountered some classic products that have been reformulated and brands that have been resurrected from the grave and brought back to the country. Geez, as if these facts weren't enough to make me feel..eherm..'old' because I'm turning 26 in a little over 6 months-this seems long though, but my, time flies fast nowadays! Imagine, 2013 is now coming to an end. Where did it go!? Haha!

But I shall quit brooding over my age now because I don't want to get stressed and add a micro wrinkle on my face. Age is just a number and youthfulness is a state of mind. Let's just all fill our heads with positive thoughts and drench our lives in positive circumstances to somehow delay aging or to age gracefully, at the very least. :D


When I mentioned 'classic products' somewhere up there, Vidal Sassoon's Shampoo and Conditioner were actually lingering in my head. Here's a little throwback for 'ya:

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Vidal Sasson's esteemed consumer hair care line has been around since the 70's. When I was old enough to take a bath on my own, I'd always see this brand in our bathroom because my mother used it way back. Even before it was distributed in the Philippines, we would get our stocks from Hong Kong or the USA. The products came exactly in these rounded bottles, but I remember ours were in the color Red. So cool. I'd love to own these bottles again because they're so vintage!

Vidal Sassoon's hair care range is already considered as premium in the supermarket/drugstore category-It's not as pricey as designer hair care, but technically not as affordable as entry level brands. Through this range, Vidal Sassoon promises vigorous and luxurious hair that bounces with beauty and promotes flexibility for stronger hair, one that is resistant to breakage and yields easily to styling.

More about this lush range after the cut!

Shampoo Ingredients

Conditioner Ingredients

L-R: Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo has a thick, pearlized consistency and creates a rich lather-a dollop is enough to work it into a cloud of foam, although it's not so drying to my locks. The conditioner, on the other hand, is my favorite drugstore conditioner of late because it has amaaaaazing hair softening properties. It's concentrated but spreads out easily and I can feel that it coats each and every single hair strand I have. The softening effect is immediate as I could untangle my locks right after application. Both products have this generic floral scent, but 'tis good anyway-nothing annoying and sneeze- inducing.


Love my new hair color? Click HERE to know what shade this is and where I got it!

One word to describe these products: SOFT. I only get soft hair after using 'em-they make my hair very, very easy to comb and despite their creamy consistencies and my oily scalp, my hair feels airy and doesn't get sticky at the end of the day. Haven't styled my hair lately so I don't know if it really does make hair obedient to styling. Well if it makes hair soft, styling would be easier because soft hair means pliable hair. 

My dry hair loves it and I think if you have dry hair, yours will love it too. I guess the only con would be the price, but for me, I don't mind because I get what I pay for. I highly recommend the conditioner because it works! I just bought two 480ml bottles last night!


Please visit VIDAL SASSOON PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their products.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I didn't know that Vidal Sassoon is here in Philippines! :O gonna grab some items today! Thanks! ;)

  2. finally.. the first VS shampoo+conditioner review yaheey =) gonna buy tomorrow sa watsons =) thanks for the review ms m =) gonna switch from TRESemmé to VS na =) hindi na masyado maganda effect sa buhok ko ng current shampoo ko =( o dahil na-immune na sa formulation ng ginagamit ko =)

  3. The conditioner is really great.. I bought a another bottle na nga. I paired it up with another shampoo.. FOr long hairs, detangling is really a nightmare especially after a shampoo which is where the conditioner comes in... Fortunately for me, since I got my hair permed, i seldom comb my hair anymore but make sure that I used the right product to make it more manageable and bouncy.

  4. got my set from Sample Room... they really do make a difference in the manageability of my hair... i was kinda surprised... :)

  5. since I've been using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner for a couple of years..i would like to try this to lessen the dryness of my hair. I know recommendations from you will always be the best deal from all! so this is worth to try!

  6. i am so tempted to run in the department store now to buy this one.... i have dry hair....

  7. I love this product bata pa ako.. kaso biglang nawala sa stores.. finally meron na ulet.. :)

  8. I have bought last time I went to the hypermarket but i havent get to use it yet since i still have half bottle of my current brand to consume. I wanna test if it can manage to make my life easier, hihi i just got a little problem with my hair, it becomes dry and dull. I also like the packaging, it looks classy.

  9. Love VS! I'm so glad I got a sample from Sample Room. Kasi, it's so hard to find VS here. The last time I used this was during my college days, grabe! That's more than a decade ago.

    Gosh, I missed reading your blog and commenting here. Was too busy talaga. Tapos, there was a time na I couldn't post a comment at all, for months.

  10. Okay, I'm adding it to my grocery cart later! I was waiting for your review so I just need your approval on this product. hihi

  11. I should give this a try..
    Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  12. Aura: Try the conditioner! :)

    Claudine: Yes, you should! :)

    Ravene: Thanks! :D The conditioner, you will love it. :)

    Jakie: Oh, what happened?

    Leilani: True! :) Love the packaging-it's glossy and red! :D

    Aishakeith: Finally, right? So glad P&G decided to bring it back to the Philippines. :)

    Cat: Lucky! :D VS gave me samples and now, I can't stop buying back ups haha!

    Issa: I assure you, your dry hair will love this!

    Katrina: Thanks dear! :D

    Rhain: Yeah, that could be a factor so switching products may be a good option. :)

    Winnie: I have long hair and I couldn't agree more with your statement. When I started using the conditioner, my hair became sooo manageable! I can't stop loving this thing!


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