Wearin' my color proud with a new hair color at Regine's Salon

I like wearing my color proud. No-make that I LOVE wearing my color proud, therefore I am going back to a golden shade of brown for my hair color because it's the perfect shade that enhances my morena skin. My tan gets a lil' pale at the middle of the year, but sporting a golden brown 'do kinda' makes it a look a lil' richer.

In celebration of the Wear Your Color Proud campaign with L'Oreal Professionel Philippines, I joined their series of hair coloring activities and I had mine at Regine's Salon in The Link, Makati City. OMG. REGINE'S SALON. I know some of you guys are familiar with this salon because it has been around since forever (C'mon, let's all be proud of our age LOL!)-they were located in Quad before and it's where I got my first-ever salon- based hair cut! I think I was 5 or 6 years old then. My mother is a fan of this salon, but she thought it was no more when Quad was demolished and became Fairmont and Raffles Hotel. :p I'll be sure to tell her this good news! :)

So what color did I choose? I chose Inoa Hair Color in 7.3 for my base color.

I also went for some highlights and my stylist gave me 8.34.

Took photos with my IPhone 5 as I left my digital camera at home so pardon the quality of the pics! Here's my BEFORE shot. Check out my chaka faded hair color and larger-than-life regrowths. :D

See my new hair color after the jump! :D

I've heard a couple of not-so-good feedback on the first- ever Inoa, (had an experience with it as well. Color fades in just 1 week!) so I almost requested for Majirel for my hair color. Kuya Rex, my stylist/colorist for the day said that they're now using the second generation Inoa, which has a much, much better formulation and wear time.

The first- ever Inoa included a tedious three- step process, whereas this one only has two. Kuya Rex said the latter is easier to use, hence the risk of creating the wrong dosage was significantly reduced. I also met the granddaughter of Regine of Regine's Salon and she told me that the recent Inoa is made with an oil substance that helps the color adhere better to the hair, and washes off completely without making the scalp oily.

Waiting for my base color to settle. Hmmm...I think I can pull off Miley Cyrus' hair. :D

Preview of my base color. How do you like it so far? Now getting my highlights. :)

Kuya Rex drying my highlights with a Bazooka. LOL! No, that's a a blow-dryer. :D

Ready for my new hair color? :D


Just the way I like it: Golden and fabulous! If you're a morena, shades like this will look amazing on you. Trust me! :) Also, this shade softens up my sharp facial feature.

They don't mean to brag, but check out their numerous awards for hair styling. Kuya Rex earned most of them! :) 

Trivia: Most of their hair stylists are still the same since the 80's. :)

Interior is Victorian Chic, which is somewhat like the one in the Quad branch eons ago. Place is very spacious and feels private.

Regine's Salon is also one of the few local salons that has the Kerastase L'Espace, a room intended for VIP treatments using Kerastase products.

In here, you can have your consultation and undergo premium treatments at the same time.

Posing with the jolly and super friendly Kuya Rex. Thank you for assisting me!

Ah, now here's a much better view of my hair color.

It's been three weeks since I got my new color, and it's still looking as vibrant as ever. Oh, before I forget, I'd like to mention that Inoa 2 feels very soft on the hair-didn't experience dryness during the treatment and afterwards!

If you want to sport a new color for the holidays, please visit Regine's Salon at The Link, Makati City. (In front of Landmark). Please visit REGINE'S SALON and L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. how much did it cost you? :) i love the color. it really suits you. :D

  2. Stunning!! It fits your morena complexion..

    And your dress is gorgeous :)

  3. Nice..at for the selection pics..I was worried for a second because the higlights look so blond and might be a huge contrast with the base but looking at the overall, the highlights aren't that far from the base which is good.. Normally when I have highlights I ask for mulitple very thin strands so it would just look like a light reflection.. hehehe.
    I got my hair permed and colored last June and although regrowth is already about 3 inches long, I am still putting it at rest before I do anything drastic again especially when I am bored. lol :)

  4. Oo nga it really complements morena skintone! Gives you that glow. Anyway, my hair is still a virgin when it comes to coloring but I'm dying to color it right now because of this post, haha. I never knew what color kasi would fit my also morena skintone and sharp jaws. So hurrah for this post! Thanks again Ms. Ms <3

  5. I do agree ms m! loving the your new hair color =) it really suits your skin tone =)

    how much is their hair color service?

  6. It really suits you! I love it! <3 it look more glamorous with that dress :))

  7. Nice hair color, it looks good on you.


  8. i'm lovin your new hair color! it suits you so well! :) you look gorgeous as ever....

  9. i love how it came out! It really complements your morena skin. The highlights were just absolutely perfect.

  10. *me suddenly wants my long hair back* :( and I want to have a new hair color! huhu this post made me terribly missed my long hair :(((((

  11. Thanks girls! :D

    Katrina: For long hair, hair coloring with Inoa starts 1t 3k in Regine's. :)


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