Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation in 6.5 Review

Here's a review on Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation in 6.5

Price: Around 600HKD (Approximately P3,000.00+)
Bought From: Giorgio Armani, DFS Galleria, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Other Locations: Available via Giorgio Armani Cosmetics' official website


 My most favorite high- end brand of foundation is Giorgio Armani-it's something that I wouldn't mind splurging on because it's a tried and tested brand, at least to me. Now I would like you to meet their newest product, Maestro Fusion Foundation, which I would like to believe is the future of liquid foundation: It is extraordinarily light, but coverage is great. I've been using it for three months now and up to this day, I'm still baffled at how it can improve my skin's look despite its almost invisible texture and consistency. It's so discreet that any high school gal can wear it to school and the teacher would think that she's just blessed with mighty good skin genes. 


Maestro is Giorgio Armani's newest and most advanced makeup series. If I remember it correctly, there's a Maestro Powder, Concealer, and Lipstick product (I have the lipstick). This foundation's formula is a unique (and patented) fusion of oil and pigment (hence the name) that perfects the skin and boosts luminosity, and is water and powder- free. I have never ever heard of a foundation that is devoid of water and powder (which are the main components of the said product)-that's why I told you guys that it's the future of liquid foundation. :D


As good as this product is, I wouldn't recommend it right away to anyone because it is loaded with polymers and almost all known -thicone ingredients. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to clogged pores, use with caution. Why did they load up with this foundation with such ingredients anyway? Simple. Because they're needed to keep the oil ingredients from messing up your look. It has SPF 15 too.

More about this unique foundation after the break!

Maestro Fusion Foundation comes in a whopping 18 shades. In Hong Kong, however, there are only 9 or 10 shades and they're all fair- skinned friendly, unfortunately (for me). I got 6.5, the darkest shade (at least in DFS Galleria) and is comparable to MAC's NC40.

This product comes with a dropper dispenser, which is just perfect for its formula. I could imagine that if it came with a pump, the product would just splatter on your palm and stain anything near you. If it didn't come with any dispenser at all, you'd end up discharging soooo much product.

6.5 is a medium beige shade with a subtle yellow undertone-it suits medium skin tone better. Consistency is very runny and exceptionally lightweight, (heck, it's even lighter than tinted moisturizer!) and texture feels a lil' oily-somewhat like dry oil to be exact. I was a little iffy about the texture at first, but I found out that it's not something to fear as the foundation dries into a semi- matte finish, with no tinge of heaviness or oiliness at all. It has an alcohol smell (yup, the one you use for sanitizing) which is a lil' weird for foundation, but not really for me because I love the smell of alcohol. ;)


5 layers of Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation

Yes, gals. I layered it on for 5 times, but doesn't look like it, right? :) I applied five layers to show everyone that really, this foundation is sooo light. However, it's sort of a trickster because it makes you think that it's not effecting on your skin if you look closely, but from afar, coverage is good already with just 1- 2 layers. Best thing to do is apply 1 or 2 layers then pull yourself away from the mirror and check-apply more if you feel you need more coverage. I get a slight white cast from it, but I think the SPF content is not the culprit, but rather the shade-it's a lil light on me. Since coverage is light to medium, you would be needing a concealer to minimize the appearance of heavy discolorations.

Here's a closer look at my forehead with the foundation on. Off topic: Good Lord, are those micro wrinkles?! How did I get those?! Oh, wait, I forgot I'm 25 already. :p

The best thing about it is it becomes one with your skin and gives an even coverage effortlessly. No patchy and streaky areas, and zero unevenness. Even if you have zero blending skills, it will persist to look even because it was designed to be that way. According to Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, the fusion technology was made to deliver a uniform coverage. Hmmm...maybe the oil component keeps the pigments intact? Perhaps!

WORK IT: Best applied using a semi-fluffy foundation brush such as Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or a traditional foundation brush to maximize its coverage.

Believe me, I exclaimed WOW when I saw myself in the mirror, right after I have dusted loose powder on top of the foundation. My skin was magically radiant, youthful, dewy, healthy, and those bumps and lines just vanished! (This is why I love you, Armani) Staying power is good for my oily-combi skin: Lasts all day with minor retouching on my T-Zone and no fading. However, on an exceptionally warm day, it fades for a little, but doesn't end up looking streaky. No breakouts with this product. I can't say how it would fare on excessively oily skin though. On dry skin, the oil ingredients may help deal with dryness, but I've read reviews saying that on some users, it accentuates dry areas--Well I could see the point as it dries into a semi- matte finish. For those with the latter skin type, remember to moisturize. Overall, I believe this is better off as a daytime foundation because it looks great under natural lighting.

If there's such a thing as MLBB, this is MSBB: My Skin But Better. It looks so natural and will definitely please anyone who wants to wear liquid foundation without having the feeling or seeing that they have it on. Also suits those with an almost immaculate complexion, but just want a product that will enhance their skin naturally. 

I love this foundation (all of Armani's base makeups in general) because it works well on me, but even if that's the case, I wouldn't recommend it right away because it's hell expensive, has ingredients that may trigger a notorious breakout on some people, (which will make the first reason suck big time) and texture is something that some people might have to get used to (aka weird). If there's any way for you to get a sample, please do because despite some issues, it really has a wonderful finish, thus it's a product that deserves your attention. :)


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  1. 3k for a foundation *wink* *wink* --> faints. lol.

    Seeing that image of your with 5 layers of foundie! So flawless of you..

    25.. no you look 21-22 here!

  2. i don't want to burst your bubble but i read i somewhere (use Mr Google) that Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion has a dupe from the same maker, the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. i love Armani though (i have his pressed powder).

  3. Wanderwoman: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yes, I read that too because Armani is under L'oreal so what are the odds, right? I haven't tried the latter yet that's why I said what I said. Anyway, I still love Armani too. :)

    Rhain: Haha. Thanks! :D

  4. This is definitely one of those you-get-what-you-pay-for products. You look so radiant with it, sis! Love it!!!

  5. WOW!! I never thought Armani is kinda expensive because my tita just gave me that foundation. o.O :)

  6. WOW! I never thought that Armani is kinda expensive because my tita just gave me that foundation. Thanks again :)

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  8. wow the finish is just so lovely! Too bad I dont think i can afford such expensive product.. ;(

  9. Thanks for the heads-up. Might reconsider before asking this as a gift.. Normally for expensive cosmetics, I just ask them as a gift or pasalubong from my friends or relatives.. hehehe.
    However, dur to your warning, I might do a swatch first or a skin test since you did say that it may cause some reactions for skin astma proned people..and unfortuantely, I am one of them..
    Nice coverage though :D

  10. wow! i love the coverage. this foundation makes you naturally flawless as if you are only 20years old!

  11. wow i love the coverage. it looks like you're naturally flawless as if you are only 20! love it!

  12. Gives good coverage..
    Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  13. Maria: Thank you! :) I wish we have GA makeup in here. :)

    Claudine: Yep it does. :)

    Katrina: LOL. I appreciate the age part haha! :D

    Winnie: Thanks dear. I would really advise you to check it out personally because you know, it's not affordable! :p


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