Coach Poppy Flower Blossom Collection: Bloom Everywhere

Two weeks ago, somebody had sent me a basket filled with lovely flowers-there were Carnation Roses, Baby's Breath, and Daisies. When I looked closely, there was a pot of fragrance sitting amidst the bouquet. For a moment, I thought we're already in the year 2050 haha! On another note, it would be lovely if in the near future, we can finally grow perfumes in our own gardens, right? Nothing is impossible! :D

The lovely bottle sitting pretty in the bouquet is Coach's new Poppy Freesia perfume from the Poppy Flower fragrance collection, a range of light- hearted, charming fragrances to complement the carefree, young, and vibrant side of any woman.

Which Poppy Flower perfume are you? Check out the range after the cut. :)

- Sweet, succulent, and flirty, this fragrance is laced with Bergamot, Mara Strawberry, Black Currant, Tea Rose, Mandarin, Jasmine Petals, and Freesia.


- A bold, energetic elixir of Bergamot, Black Currant, Tea Rose, Mandarin, Jasmine Petals, Freesia, Ambrette Seeds, Creamy Benzoin, and Warm Cedar Woods.


- The original! Lychee, Mara Strawberry, Rose Centifolia, Tuberose Fleur, Sambac Jasmine, and Vanilla, and soft blonde woods comprise this lush, evocative, and chic scent.

All fragrances in this collection are adorned with that adorable flower band that you can use to pull your hair up in a pony. Coach Poppy Flower is at P3,900.00 for 50ml and is now available in all leading department stores. Since Christmas is coming, why not check this out and consider giving it as a gift for yourself or your loved ones? :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think I am for the "Poppy Citrine Blossom" Variant :D
    Might be a perfect combination for my current active lifestyle and being an engineer, would definitely reflect how bold and strong my personality is against a male dominated environment and besides, I prefer the citrusy scent over the sweet ones.. :D I guess your preference really reflect your lifestyle :)

  2. yay! wish im a perfume person =) but alas because of my rhinitis im allergic to those fumes that were too strong =(

  3. Why my comments doesn't appear in the comment box? :)

  4. Poppy freesia blossom, up until yesterday, my sis had her mind made up what fragrance she would wear on their party, I showed her this post and decided to try this scent. thanks for sharing Ms.Martha

  5. Good idea, yes I might consider this as a gift for myself. It will be very helpful in my balik-alindog program lol! I'm leaning towards Poppy Blossom, the original,because of the ingredient Lychee! haha babaw pero there.

  6. I'll list this down on my wishlist for christmas.. :)
    Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  7. Thanks for sharing your picks, girls! :D


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