Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment Review

Here's a review on Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment.

Price: Around 4.99AUSD (Approximately P190.00+)
Bought From: Coles, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Other Locations: None locally, can be purchase online via Amazon or ebay


I must admit, I'm a severe Papaw balm user because of my cold sore. If I get one, it could get so painful that I couldn't eat properly, and sucks that it may persist for a week. The introduction of Papaw balms (specifically Lucas Papaw) in my medicine cabinet made cold sore bearable: It dries up faster and swelling doesn't get really bad. Let's just say, it's a potion for my lips.

When I went to Australia, the first thing I looked for were Papaw balms. Saw Lucas Papaw in Coles (a local supermarket) and I literally hoarded tubes, big and small, but another Papaw balm brand caught my attention. It's Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment and the main reason why I replaced some Lucas Papaw tubes with it is because it contains Manuka Honey.


Coco Island is another brand of Paw Paw/Papaw ointment in Australia. Aside from that product, they also carry various skin care items such as sunscreen, cooling gels, hair gels, tanning oils, and lotions.

Anyway! I suppose you've heard about Manuka Honey before, but what is it and where does it come from? 

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Manuka is a flowery bush that is native to New Zealand and Australia. It's not really a ground- breaking medicinal discovery as it has been used by the ancients for centuries to treat wounds and some diseases. I also read that birds have been ingesting Manuka Honey to get rid of parasites in their system.

Manuka Honey is produced when Bees pollinate the Manuka bush. Manuka Honey has an earthy, bittersweet taste and you can use it to sweeten/enhance beverages and food-some people even use it as a natural topical solution on mild wounds, cuts, and burns, but I haven't gotten that far with it yet. 

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is used to scale the potency of Manuka Honey-like with other products, the higher the factor, the better. We have Manuka Honey jars in the pantry and we use it every now and then as an alternative to commercial (oftentimes with added sugar) honey.

Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment contains Active Manuka Honey 20+, which is pretty high. Acceptable UMF rating for a Manuka Honey product to be considered effective is 10+.

I just researched about this a week ago and I feel it's important that I mention it in this post. Manuka Honey and any type of honey for that matter contains Methylglyoxal (an antimicrobial component) except that concentration is higher in the former. The downside is, Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural component of Honey as well-it's a vital component that makes it a powerful, natural 'antibiotic'. We all know how toxic this product could be, but the trade-off is Honey only contains small amounts of it. It's still advisable to take Honey in moderation though, and best thing to do is to buy Manuka Honey from a reputable brand so you're assured that it's stabilized.

Got your fill of Manuka Honey already? Then click READ MORE and know why it's the biggest contender of Lucas Papaw for me.

It's the same size as Lucas Papaw (25g), comes in the same red-colored, squeeze tube as Lucas Papaw, but does not bear the protective seal of Lucas Papaw.

It's primarily comprised of Pharmaceutical Grade Petroleum Jelly so yeah, it's just like Petroleum Jelly, although it's lighter and sheerer-if for anything, it feels like clear lipgloss. It's unscented too.


Coco Island is a lil' slick and runny, and has a tendency to slide around if applied in large amounts. Despite that, I personally like its consistency better than Lucas Papaw because it's lighter and I can use it during daytime and on top of lipstick or lip tint. And since it's runny, it comes off much faster than Lucas Papaw so you might have to re-apply it often to keep areas soothed.

I treasure this the most now because it works faster in treating Cold Sores. Seems like the combination of Paw Paw and Manuka Honey gave it twice the healing and antimicrobial properties. With Lucas Papaw, my cold sore heals in 3-5 days, but with this, it only takes about 2-3 days max regardless if it's just about to grow or if it's fully grown already. Gotta love the immediate healing it gives! If used as a regular lip moisturizer, I find that it's good enough to keep lips smooth, soft, and looking luscious to boot!

It's also recommended as a hand moisturizer, but didn't say if it can be applied on cuts, wounds, burns, bruises, insect bites, and diaper rashes just like Lucas Papaw-I use it anyway and it works just the same, but a lot cheaper.

Don't think I hate Lucas Papaw now-it's the first- ever Papaw Balm I used therefore it still has a place in my heart, but right now, I'm a big fan of Coco Island! If you can get your hands on it, please do because you will love its benefits! ;)


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  1. It's also effective on your insect bites? Ugh!!! I wish we have this locally. :( Anyway, great review! As always. Didn't know about Manuka Honey before. I'm really learning a lot from you. :)

  2. I haven't tried Lucas Pawpaw Balm yet, the only Papaw balm I have tried and currently using is Nature's Care Pawpaw Lip Balm and only got this as a christmas present from my hubby's cousin. She also bought it form Aus. Anyway, I was so excited to try it because it is Pawpaw, and I have read a lot of raves from bloggers about Pawpwaw balms. But I'm not sure if it is as good as Lucas' and Coco Island. Consistency is abit runny and I have to re-apply every 2 hrs. Good thing it has that light scent that I love.

    Anyway this Manuka honey is an interesting ingredient, it's healing properties are also appealing. Nice review by the way.

  3. Nice! I want to try it for my hands..imma try to find ways to get one for myself..heehee! :))) Thanks for this! :)

  4. Nice! I want to try it for my hands..imma try to find ways to get one for myself..heehee! :))) Thanks for this! :)

  5. I've been reading a lot about Lucas Papaw lately and its wonderful uses. However, I have not actually tried it. It seems that Coco Island does a good job as well if not even better. Too bad we don't have this product here yet. It sounds really useful knowing that this can treat cold sores. It takes about a week also for my cold sores to heal. Knowing that there are treatments out there makes me want to hoard as well for future uses.

  6. I like the coco island pawpaw better than lucas because of the manuka honey. I use it everyday as a clear mascara and it makes my lashes healthy and strong! Hope u enjoy this prouduct Martha ! Cheers mate!

  7. got mine also, thanx to my bestfriend, she came home last jan 2 and gave me a papaw ointment as a pasalubong and I'm loving it!

  8. Too bad we don't have it here yet and my relatives in Australia doesn't have a definite date yet for a vacation, so I might have just to wait longer for me to try this.

  9. Rizza: Welcome! Yes, it's effective. Manuka honey started to gain buzz in 2010 and we've been using it ever since. :D

    Winnie: I think you can't order via their website even. :/

    Febmin: Cool! :D

    Jade N John: Hey there! :D Cool! I'm digging Coco Island-been using it everyday since I got it! :D

    Ravene: Thanks for sharing! :D I saw Nature's Care in Aus but I didn't buy it-went for this instead. :)

    Kat C: Aww, I know how you feel. Cold Sores suck big time! Hope you can find a way to get one. :)

    Roxanne: Thanks for visiting! :D

  10. Oh I see. Wasn't really into 'beauty' department during that year yet. Haha!

  11. wow may iba pa palang version ms m =) thanks for introduing this brand to me (a great product! because it can multitask)


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