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Here's a review on Lucas' Papaw Ointment

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So here is Australia's best- kept secret: Lucas' Papaw. It is a multipurpose ointment that heals just about any minor skin condition. It can even remedy minor cuts and wounds.

The secret ingredient contained in this bright, red, vintage tube is Fermented Papaw, or Papaya as we commonly know it. Little did we know that Papaya is a great anti-microbial extract!

DESCRIPTION (taken from

  • Queensland grown fresh fruit
  • microbiologically tested
  • high quality ingredients
  • meets purity and safety standards
  • does not contain polyplasdone, polyvinylpyrrolidone, talc, shellac, sodium laurel sulphate

 Here are some of the minor skin accidents it can alleviate.

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Dr. Thomas Pennington Lucas is the moniker behind this cult favorite. He had developed Lucas' Papaw in 1906. According to Lucas' Papaw's official website, the 1906 formula remains unchanged. The ointment everybody is enjoying now is the same formula created over a hundred years ago.

I like the fact that it is sealed before use. No matter how many times this product has been opened by any curious customer, the product remains untouched and unexposed to air and its elements.

 HOW TO OPEN: Fit the triangular hole on the triangular seal and twist to open.

 Here's the product. It has a semi- thick consistency and mild milky smell which I think is the natural scent of the fermented Papaw. It melts upon skin contact and rubs in easily, given that I apply it sparingly, although absorption takes time. Its base is pharmaceutical grade Petroleum jelly. I've mentioned the side effects of Petroleum jelly in one of my lipbalm reviews here, but I've just updated my knowledge about this product lately: I've learned that pharmaceutical grade Petroleum is milder and non- comedogenic than cheap, commercial Petroleum. It's nice to know that this one is devoid of skin- clogging chemicals and it could be safe for hypoallergenic skin. (Don't take my word for it. Do a patch test first!)

It did not indicate that it's good for lip use though, but it said that it's good for dry areas and my lips is one of the driest parts of my body. So I used this product on it anyway.

Staying power is pretty good: It does not bleed around my lips, and I put on the product overnight to prevent the air conditioning from drying them out. I just apply a sheer layer because it feels heavy if I apply too much, and I still want my lips to breathe. Besides, I don't want to swallow the product. I've been using it as a night treatment for my puckers for one week now and so far, I feel that it has tamed down the crazy cracks on my lower lip. It gets dry every now and then but I could go on for hours without lip balm on and the dryness does not go out of hand, unlike before. What's even nicer is that I do not use this during daytime because it is the time when I wear lipsticks and surprise, surprise! My lips remain smooth, perfect for wearing lipsticks.

I know for a fact that any type of Petroleum--whether cheap or premium only lubricates and it does not provide authentic moisture. But all I know is that my lip dryness has become more tolerable ever since I started using the product-I do not know what magic they've put in it. Complete healing is a temporal matter though, but I have high hopes with this product. I'll see if this will put an end to my dry lips.

MY PERSONAL TRICK WITH LUCAS' PAPAW: I love using this as a quick softening product before wearing matte lipsticks. It's one of my techniques to make matte lipsticks friendlier to my lips. I apply a sheer layer of Lucas' Papaw, let it stay for 5 minutes, blot it off with a clean sheet of tissue while making sure that no trace of grease is left, then I apply matte lipstick. With this technique, the hard wax of the matte lipstick does not cause my lips to react violently by flaking big time, and its overall finish remains even for a long time.

OTHER USES: It helps alleviate itchiness and swelling of bug bites, especially mosquito bites. It's great for those who dislike the tingling sensation from menthol- infused ointments. I tried applying this product on my cuticles: it softens the rough edges, but it does not get absorbed easily so I don't use it on them anymore. And you know those surface cuts, (e.g. paper cuts) especially the ones that are somewhere in between dry and fresh? I apply it on them to moisturize the hard skin on top of the wound. Lucas' Papaw also creates a barrier on these cuts, and prevents it from being accidentally reopened. (Ouch!) It can also be used on very dry areas such as calluses, cracked heels, and dry knees and elbows. It's best used when the weather is too cold!

Overall, I love this product. So far, it's the only product that has provided a continuous remedy for my dry lips. Add to that, it has so many uses, unscented, unflavored, and it stays put!

You can get Lucas' Papaw from DIGITAL TRAINCASE on Facebook.

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  1. Been wanting this for a long time now! I think your review sold it and Ill purchase this na!

    The Misty Mom

  2. Aww.. How mother nature never fails to amaze me.. ;))

  3. wow knowing it's formulated a hundred years ago this must be very reliable to use.^_^

  4. gustong gusto ko to kaso ang overprice lang nito sa atin.. >.<
    digital traincase got all the best products XD

  5. I never heard of this product but upon reading your review about it, I am interested in trying it out. I hope that this can help with my dry skin problem. Can't wait to try it out too.

  6. the best review ever :D weee! i love it ever since michelle phan raved about it! so happy it's available here in the PI :)

  7. I swear by this red tube! I'm giving one for all my girlfriends this Christmas :)

    xx, Kim

  8. finally a review to this famous red tube. I've been seeing it a lot in IG eh. Mukang eto ng sagot sa dry chapped lips ko.

  9. another matte lipstick trick from the beauty junkee! :D I want this <3

  10. Harmony: Go dear! it will be a great xmas gift to yourself :)

    Jenggay: Yes! maganda sya for chapped lips. So far, it has tamed the dry areas on my lips so well. I'm on my third week and it's still impressive for me! :)

    Kim Mendoza: cool! lucky gfs! :D

    Raych: you can get it from digital traincase :D

    Emily: hi there and welcome to tbj! :D Hope you'll love it as much as I do. :)

    Jenny: well, we also have to consider the shipping cost of this product. :) To tell you the truth, it's not cheap, plus customs taxes pa! :D

    Shari: Oh wow, thanks! Wish I have some so I could sell it to you. Kidding! :D Your baby's skin will benefit from its soothing effects. :D

    Marjorie: same here! :)

    Purple Clandestine: In my experience, it is! :)

  11. thanks Martha for the review! re pricing, correct :)

    it's actually more expensive to ship items from Australia than US, everything in Australia is expensive especially makeups and health products :)

  12. thank you ms m for including this to my loot prize =) i would be able to try this now =) i always have chapped lips =) this would be a big help hihi


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