Caring for your Feet the Neat Feat Way

 Remember the post about my fave gel insole and the Femme Slimline from Neat Feat? Turns out it was only the tip of the iceberg. In a recent Bloggers' event with the brand, I was introduced to their complete foot care range. Indeed, it's a brand that takes feet seriously!

 We had a sumptuous lunch at Mamou Too! as we were introduced to Neat Feat's products. They also have sweat- busting products such as the Neat Feat 3B Action Cream and 3B Face Saver. You'll find out more about these products if you click READ MORE.

 With Team Neat Feat and bloggers Donnarence Masilungan of My Lucid Intervals and Paul Chuapoco of Paul the PR Guy.

Neat Feat, a foot care brand from New Zealand covers all your foot issues with their high quality products. From something as simple as dealing with pain to correcting posture through your feet, they have a solution!

Here's a detailed look at their entire line-up:


I know you guys have met these jelly insoles but as a refresher, the Femme Slimline is meant to provide comfort to your feet when wearing high heels. The tapered design is meant for closed and pointy shoes.


The star line of Neat Feat. It is an affordable and accessible line of PRO solutions for the feet. Neat Feat Orthotics is originally made for athletes and sport buffs who would want to have extra protection for their hardworking feet when doing strenuous activities, but Neat Feat patrons equally love it as well for the products help lessen the pain and pressure caused by bunions, corns, and calluses.

All of Neat Feat's foot cushions are made from superior quality polymer gel and 3M adhesives. Your Neat Feat products will last you for as long as you want them!


Got smelly feet? The odor in your favorite kicks won't go away? Then grab Neat Feat's Foot and Shoe Powder to keep your feet fresh and dry, and Shoe Deodorizer and Odour Guard Insoles to help absorb and eliminate that funky shoe smell.

Neat Feat has also expanded to body care solutions, specifically products that help control sweat, making it the great choice for active folks and people who sweat profusely.


Sweating is good because that only means you're eliminating toxins from your body but you gotta hate it when you get those obvious wet marks on your clothes, most especially when you're in a big presentation for your boss, or you're out on a lunch date with your long time crush on a hot summer day! So save yourself from all the mortifying drama by applying a sheer layer of 3B Action Cream on the sweatiest parts of your body such as the chest, beneath the breasts, buttocks, between the legs, and nape.


Face Saver is the athlete's face primer: It is applied on the forehead to prevent sweat from dripping on their faces and entering the eyes for better focus. I have this one and I use it whenever I am working out.


Lastly, Neat Feat also has something for the cutest person in the family. Baby B Nappy Cream is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of babies, and it helps relieve the itch and redness caused by diaper rash. It is mild, fragrance- free, and formulated by doctors and midwives.

These are the stores where you can get Neat Feat.

Thank you for this early Christmas loot, Neat Feat Philippines! :)

For more information about the brand, please visit NEAT FEAT PH on Facebook.

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  1. yay i want to buy my niece that nappy cream she always have diaper rash.

  2. I need this. lagi na lang ako may paltos sa paa. I'm actually looking for this kind of "savers". Thanks for sharing :)

  3. ay andami kong gustong itry sa mga products nila. I will hit robinsons nga for these.

  4. Kath: get the gel straps sis for the heel part. They're awesome! :)

    Jenggay: cool! lemme know what you got :)

    Jenny: I'm giving my nappy cream to my niece too. :)


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