Review: Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione Face Cream

Here's a review on Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione Face Cream

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I'd like to apologize for it took me a long time to review this product. I had to finish 3 bottles of serums prior to this one! I've finished this glass tub a few weeks ago, and now I'm ready to talk about the results.

So yah, I've used Glutathione. Nope, not because I wanted to be white but because I wanted to supercharge my skin with this Master Antioxidant, as what Dr. Perricone would call it. Glutathione is the body's strongest antioxidant and it protects it from all diseases, and from the inside out. Without it, we won't live long enough to have children! It is even more powerful than vitamins A-Z combined. Here in our country, it is unfortunate that Glutathione is valued for skin whitening, and not for what it can truly do. We don't even know that Glutathione helps protect our systems against Cancer, and it is the key to our skin's cell renewal! (Now we know)
That said, I am more than happy to have received Perricone MD's Acyl-Glutathione cream, one of the brand's latest innovation. With this product, I have managed somehow to infuse my skin with this very important antioxidant. Dr. Perricone is never the one to stop breaking barriers and exploring the possibilities beyond usual skin care. The Acyl- Glutathione discovery is his recent discovery, and another addition to his exclusive Patents. Such a genius!

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WHAT IT DOES: Acyl-Glutathione Face Cream targets skin aging, specifically accelerated skin aging. If you're somewhere in your late 20's to mid 30's and people say you look older than what you really are, then perhaps you're a victim of accelerated skin aging. Skin Aging is not indicated by the mere appearance of wrinkles, as some skins don't manifest it quickly. Instead, aging is translated into different conditions such as dryness, unevenness, dullness, and thinness. 

Just a recap from my Acyl-Glutathione Grand Launch post, this product is Fat Soluble, meaning it can penetrate deep into your skin where cell renewal takes place. For eye concerns, Perricone MD has Acyl-Glutathione eye serum. It is meant to be used in conjunction with this face cream.


Results based on a consumer trial study. The statistics are pretty good!

It comes in a heavy, luxurious black glass jar. I wish it had a spatula though to keep my fingers from contaminating the product!

To tell you honestly, the product is quite small and very expensive. But I could understand why because Perricone MD is a cosmeceutical brand.

The product is a milky cream with a very spreadable consistency. It gets absorbed quickly and it leaves your skin with a healthy glow and feel. It has a very faint lavender- like scent, but the product itself is fragrance- free. Perhaps the combination of all the ingredients have produced this product's natural fragrance.

The product promised results in 30 days. And so for 30 days, I have used it religiously, especially during night time. Here is a summary of my 30- day usage:

After 30 days:

SKIN RESILIENCE- When you press your skin and it does not bounce back into shape easily, that could mean your skin is depleted of Collagen and Glutathione. After 30 days with this product, I have noticed that my skin's resilience has improved, and my face has this youthful plumpness.

SKIN RESISTANCE- Before using this product, my skin would literally sting for a few seconds whenever I'm using alcohol- based toners, especially around the cheekbone area. I've focused on this part for 30 days and the result is amazing: Overall, my skin has become thicker and more resistant to chemicals. Up until today, I don't experience that stinging sensation anymore.

SKIN HYDRATION- Well- hydrated skin means less sebum. It has improved my skin's ability to retain moisture because my skin's sebum production became less and less. My face would still get oily, but it's not the slick kind anymore.

SKIN FIRMNESS- I have noticed that my face became a little smaller. I have a round face, and it was a little chubby before using the product. I know it sounds unbelievable but I swear, I really noticed this effect! It did not bust the fat cells on my face though, (it would've been lovely if it did) but I think the product has tightened the skin around my face, giving it a lifted, slimmer appearance.

SKIN CLARITY- My skin's tone has become more even and with a healthy glow.

WRINKLE REDUCTION- Unfortunately, I don't have very visible wrinkles for me to find out how this product has worked on them. (Or maybe I have very small ones, and the product has minimized them already without my knowledge!) I have read a couple of reviews online, specifically by women of substance and they are very, very pleased with this product, and they love it for its wrinkle- reducing effect.

If I were a little older and aging is more prominent on my face, my documentation might have been a little more exciting and I could've seen the product's effect in significant proportions. Truthfully, the improvements are very minute because the product didn't have to cure a lot, but it's better than not having any improvement at all! For somebody who sleeps so late, my skin's texture still looks fab and healthy! (except for some darn zits) It must be this cream! :D

After a few years, I would buy this product again. If it was able to address tiny concerns that I didn't even recognize, what more the bigger ones! :)

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  1. this really a must buy product,coz i have some creases on my forhead and i want it to be lessen though.
    This is so informative martha,tnx.^_^

  2. WOW! really good review which showed great observation on your skin. I think my mom would love this product! ;)
    thanks.. ;))

  3. mahalia hehe pero mukang okay na okay. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha, as always good review. Kaka curious yung product :)

  4. Purple clandestine: welcome/ :)

    Jenggay: Thanks! I wanna try their skin care line too! argh! and the wish list goes on and on. :p

    Marjorie: oh i'm sure she will! It would be a great xmas gift for her. :)

  5. I've heard good things about this perricone ☺ product. Going on my wish list ♥ now.