PRETTY POWERFUL: Bobbi Brown's newest book about beauty and confidence

"Knowing what you can do at any given time to look and feel better is pretty powerful."
- Bobbi Brown

 You know why I love Bobbi Brown so much? It is because she does not only encourage women to find their own inner light through makeup, but she also inspires everyone to radiate this beautiful light to the world in order to touch the lives of other people. This radiant light that shines within us, when harnessed, combined, and emitted to the world, creates a magnetic positive force--a force so powerful that it can eliminate insecurities and indifferences. This light within us is what makes us PRETTY POWERFUL. 

But not everyone can feel and see their own inner light. Every single day, we are bombarded by what the Media deems as "acceptable", and we are force- fed with images that lead us to believe that what we are is just not enough. As a result, most women would always aim for a figure that can never be theirs, or a complexion that they weren't born with just to be "accepted." These unrealistic goals direct them to a totally different direction. As a result, the inner light gets smaller and smaller as they move farther and farther away from it and then suddenly, they find themselves in the dark.

That said, Bobbi Brown has released a "map" that will help women go back to who they should be, and for those who are yet to seek their own inner light. Introducing PRETTY POWERFUL, a beauty handbook chock full of uplifting stories about beauty and confidence. It features women who have found their own inner light, and who were willing to share it to the rest of the world.

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 “Over the years I’ve worked with countless women who have inspired me with their stories. Beyond makeup, we’ve talked about life-altering events. Everything from the joy of being a new mom to dealing with homelessness and divorce. With each conversation, these women have shown that when you have the will and the heart, almost anything is possible—and that’s what Pretty Powerful is all about.” – Bobbi Brown

Pretty Powerful features complementing looks depending on the following beauty types:  Pretty Natural, Pretty Radiant, Pretty Strong, Pretty Classic, Pretty Authentic, and Pretty Bold. Each beauty type is represented by an array of women with stories that we can all relate to. But this is not just another common makeup manual about repackaged beauty tips and tricks that we've all read before--Pretty Powerful is all about finding your personality, and using the right makeup to complement it. Add to that, it also contains some of Bobbi's trade secrets for beautiful makeup and skin!

 Wall featuring some of the inspiring quotes to be found in the book.

I've took pics of my favorites:

 Kai Vinson, Regional Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown was also present in the event. He has demonstrated a Pretty Powerful Day-to-Night makeup look for all of the guests.

 Kai in Action

KAI'S PRO TIP: When doing eye makeup: Changing your eyeshadow brush is the easiest way to change the shape of your eye makeup.

 Pretty Powerful is also the newest collection of Bobbi Brown for Fall. The collection features  eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes in universally- flattering shades.

 SNEAK PEAK: This is the Caviar Oyster Makeup Palette, a palette of eyeshadows including a limited edition multipurpose powder in the shade Ballerina Pink, which you can use as a highlighter, blush, or eyeshadow. Expect it in the Holiday Collection of Bobbi Brown.

 With Kai Vinson. Look at me: Starstruck much?

With my fellow Pretty Powerful ladies.

Photo credits: Bobbi Brown Philippines

 This time with Kai Vinson.

 Bobbi wants to communicate this simple message through Pretty Powerful: ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL-- regardless of where we came from, what our skin color is, what our beliefs are, and what shape or size we are in. Confidence plays a big role in feeling and looking good, so do yourself a favor and start feeling confident now. Remember, your makeup is only as good as your confidence.

 Bobbi Brown Philippines also threw in a cute surprise: Bobbi To Go. It features a mini eyeshadow palette with her best- selling eyeshadow shades, plus a mini tube of Extreme Party Mascara. Thank you, my Bobbi Brown family! :)

This book has made me realize that the reason why I continue blogging is not merely because of the perks I get, but because every post I make inspires my readers to start looking and feeling good with the help of makeup. Knowing that I still have a lot more lives to touch and women to motivate is enough for me to keep this blog alive. Thanks to this book, I've learned to appreciate more what I'm doing now. :)


What's your Pretty Powerful story? Share it to us! Here's mine. :)

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  1. i'm super excited to have this for my birthday :D so happy to see you at ms. marj's sparty too! :D weee! I saw this book at rockwell and when you buy it you get a free pouch :D

  2. this book is really all about empowering do a lot of being confident,my god i have to grab a copy of it...nice post!^_^

  3. This book is my next payday purchase! :)

    xx, Kim

  4. ay i want the book and the eye shadow palette, ganda! I'll add this to my bday wishlist haha pahaba na ng pahaba yun :)

  5. Raych: Thanks for the info dear! :) Twas great seeing you again too :)

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    Kim: You won't regret it! it's a nice read! :)

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