Goodbye, Blogging

Of course I'm kidding. 

Well, sorta'...

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I'm saying goodbye to blogging-not actual blogging (because I will cry and cry and cry), but blogging for three times a day.

My record for producing the most number of blog posts in one day was 20 and that was way back in 2009. Until now, I'm still wondering how I was able to do that. Then from 20, it became 10 blog posts per day, then 4, then down to 3. For three years now, I've been blogging for at least three times a day-some people couldn't believe how I can do that given my schedule and work, but I can because I write and think pretty fast. Personally, I also like reading around 4- 5 blog posts per day on other blogs so I thought my readers are pretty much like me too. Well now, I don't think so-maybe I've been blogging a bit too much. Maybe I have forgotten that we are all different. Maybe I've dissed the fact that my readers and I have a life too. Call me paranoid, will you, but this is what I've been feeling and thinking lately. Like what they say, your instincts are right most of the time.

Excessive blogging is like an overly sensitive lover. He will indulge you to death and smother you with cheesiness-it's good at first then afterwards, it becomes a bit too overwhelming borderline irritating. The sad ending sometimes is, you and the lover just end up being friends because he's just too much for you to take.

I want my blog to be the place a woman (or man) will go to to de-stress, be entertained, and make time for some of the little things in life that make her (and him) happy. But if they visit my blog and realize that they have so much catching up to do on top of work and family matters, they will be overwhelmed and eventually, stressed. I hate stress and ultimately, I don't want to cause stress. Oh, I don't want to be labeled as a spammer too.

Thank God I also realized early on that my intense love for blogging has somewhat turned me into a burden for my boyfriend. Every time we'd meet, I'd always tell him that I have to blog so we sit down in a coffee shop, act as if we don't know each other (because I don't like talking when I'm writing), and watch him get bored to death. And when I'm finally through and ready to proceed with our date, he's already sleepy so the obvious option is just to go home and our chance to talk with each other was wasted. I can take the burden I impose upon myself, but to become a burden to others? That I cannot take. Freddie Mercury was right when he sang "Too much love will kill you."

So starting today henceforth (changes will apply though), you will only be seeing two blog posts from me. It's still a pretty cool number and time slots would be 10am and 1pm- one blog post to perk you up in the morning, and one blog post that will serve as 'coffee' for the sleepy hour of the day. Time slots aren't set in stone though, but one thing's for sure: There will be updates daily. :D

Now I can imagine how 'light' my days would be. I would have more time to help around the house, check on my clients, sleep, and of course more time to spend with my loved ones. ;)

So that's me thinking aloud. Have a great Monday. :)

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whew! I panicked for a second there, and a lot of thoughts already ran in my head while waiting for the page to load! "Maybe she'll focus on work? Doing a blog fast? Will get married and focus on family?"
    Good thing it's just this.. Whew! :)

  2. Hi Ms. M, just want to say that I really admire your blogging skills. I have observed that you blog more articles daily than the other bloggers, and I think that you are really hardworking. I was also wondering how you did it though as I'm sure you are very busy with work and other stuff as well. I guess my queries have been answered in your post here. I sincerely believe that you are doing the right decision so that you can have more time to yourself and to your loved ones. As for me, I will still be your loyal reader no matter how many times you post!^^

  3. oh dear.. my heart breaks after seeing this on your fb post.. then after reading this post.. hahay i was relieved =)

  4. I only blog 3x a week. Sometimes I feel that was already too much! Lol! 2 a day is still a lot but I don't mind because I love reading your posts! You really made a great decision to spend more time with your loved ones and do more activities offline. Hehe.

    Good luck and God bless!

    Juvy ❤️

  5. Thank goodness you'll still blog daily. I wouldn't know what I'd do if I don't get a daily dose from you. #CLINGY haha I know what you mean about the excessive posting. It's ok to tone down a bit, but please NEVER leave the blogging world. :)

  6. I've always been amazed at how you are able to churn out so much QUALITY content at such a short span of time. I'm also proud of your for being considerate of the people around you esp. your boyfriend. Boyfriends are often too patient but I wouldn't want to abuse and take advantage of that. :)

  7. I've always been amazed at how you are able to churn out so much QUALITY content at such a short span of time. I'm also proud of your for being considerate of the people around you esp. your boyfriend. Boyfriends are often too patient but I wouldn't want to abuse and take advantage of that. :)

  8. I often wondered how you do that actually..would check on FB and there you go, another update and after that...a few moments later then..bham!..another one... was really impressed because I couldn't even mange to post at least one daily (that would be a blessing if I could do that consistently)...
    And so sometimes, when I am not able to log in and miss some of your post..I really try to check everything I missed because if I don't, I might truly miss them out already and having my interest on the newer stuffs..
    My hubby would actually ask me to stop using the computer when he is there goes my social network to mention my daughter demanding for attention as well..
    So now, my target is to blog at least 3-4x a week whichever day is open or free.
    I respect and totally admire your decision though...there really should be a separation between your virtual life and your personal one :D

  9. Personally, it doesn't bother me because when I need to look for a review, I always just search for it in the search field.

    I have to admit that I don't get overwhelmed, because I do skip reading some of the reviews for products that are not relevant to me, or those that I know I don't really prefer (e.g., lip glosses and non-matte lipsticks). What I don't skip are fanmail fridays, commentaries, and personal/ travel posts.

    I think this is a good move for you. :)

  10. Hi ate, Im a great fan of you.. Just keep on blogging! :) Its really fun to read your posts...

  11. I admire you for managing to blog at least thrice a day. But I think this is also a good decision to give more quality time to yourself. Well no matter what changes you'll make I'll be your forever avid blog reader :)

  12. I totally understand you, but fyi, I'm totally fine with you having 3 posts a day. Haha! I was nervous cause you're not gonna post blogs for days or something like that. I saw your post on FB that you're thinking of getting a MA and thought this was it. Haha! Okaaaaay, stalker much lang ako. Haha!

  13. At first I thought that you might be busy with work. But I guess you are right, too much of something is bad enough (oops, I just quoted the spice girls)
    Anyway, don't worry about us, your readers. We won't push you to create more than you can because we know you can. And yes, all of us deserve some quality time with our loved ones.

  14. I don't mind getting dozens of your blog posts a day,(lol!) it's what keeps me sane in the office! haha. I even caught my officemate peeking on my laptop whenever I read your reviews. I admire your passion and dedication with blogging. Keep it up. :)

  15. Hey girls, I'm relieved to know that you don't think I'm a spammer haha! Thanks again for all the support. :)


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