Inglot Sleeks Cream in 107 Review

Here's a review on Inglot Sleeks Cream in 107.

Price: P795.00
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Other Locations: Inglot Glorietta 5


The only liquid lipstick I have ever loved was Lime Crime's Carousel Lipgloss in Candy Apple (Which is really liquid lipstick to me, not gloss), but here's another contender who made it all the way to my heart the first time I used it. I know that stickiness is what makes lip glosses/liquid lipsticks last, but Sleeks Cream debunks this fact! :D


Sleeks Cream is the brand's line of lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. There are about over 30 colors ranging from clear to very deep wines. It's formulated with Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate the lips.


This ultra sleek product also comes in a sleek test tube packaging made from plastic material-it's so compact, light, and handy! It's pretty much a steal considering that it's at 5ml, whereas other premium lip gloss brands are around 4- 4.8ml only, but are more expensive.

Click READ MORE for this super light and non-sticky liquid lipstick!

Comes with a doe foot applicator.


Sleeks Cream applied once

107 is a bright pink shade with a teeny weeny hint of coral, although the coral undertone is not really visible on me. This gloss is not the least bit sticky and wet-in fact, it's super smooth and texture kinda' feels like 'glass'. It has a yummy vanilla scent, coverage is medium to full and applies very evenly, and you can layer it on sans heaviness. Also, it doesn't accumulate on the edges of the lips after a few hours-it stays intact and doesn't dry out my lips.

107 is a very pretty shade-it fits any skintone nicely and is so apt for summer or just about any day when you want to feel cute.

Like any other lip gloss/liquid lipstick, it is bound to come off due to its wet, slippery texture, but Inglot's Sleeks come off gradually: even after a good meal, you're still left with a sheer color on that's enough to make you look good in selfies and group photos haha! I also find that the Sleeks Cream range doubles as a regular lip gloss too: Apply one layer for a lip gloss effect, and two or three more for a fuller, lipstick- like coverage. If you want the bang for your back, I suggest get the Cream ones!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What a gorgeous shade! The color really looks great on you. I've been wanting a lipgloss like Sleeks Cream since the holidays but I opted to buy the Inglot lipstick instead because I had no idea of its performance. I should have waited for your review :\

  2. Finally, an INGLOT review! I love how you described the feel on the lips, since Im not a fan of lipglosses cause my hair sticks to my lips all the time! Hahaha!

    Thank you for this, super kawawa talaga my wallet when I finally go to Inglot!

  3. this shade is perfect on you! you look so gorgeous Miss Martha!

  4. oh my...that really looks good..
    I had the revlon and I love it already but looking at this, ....let us just say, my list for Inglot escapade has just been added... since Makati is a 1-2hr drive from our place, I really need to have a list so I won't forget anything when I do go there... :)
    And I am sure to find a good shade for me..seriously..30 shades!!!

  5. Waaah! I super love the color. Yeah, that's what I hate about lipglosses, they're sticky. Hassle. This one's pretty interesting though! I was eyeing to try their lipsticks, but I think I'll try Sleek Cream first! :D Grabe, para akong nasa heaven when I visited their shop in G5. Haha! Super wide selection.

  6. super jealous I wish Inglot would have a store here in cebu, I have been wanting to by the freedom palette and their lipsticks.... I also want to see you in person.... praying that sana!!!!

  7. Hooray for non-sticky glosses! This shade looks lovely on you! xo, Nikki P.

  8. I like the shade! I haven't tries liquid lipsticks though.. :( thanks for sharing this! but it was only available in one's too far from me.. :( but I will try this one definitely when I got the chance to pass by at Inglot. :)

  9. Issa: Thank you! :D

    Roxanne: They'll have an e-commerce site in the future so watch out for that :D

    Girlbehindglasses: Hurray indeed! Thanks! :D

    Carmela: Indeed. :D

    Febmin: Awww...Hope I can visit Cebu soon! Yeah, I think a Cebu store is part of the plan. :D

    Rizza: super, right? I always find myself wanting to go there for no reason-just window shopping haha!

    Winnie: Yeah, a list should be good so your trip will be well worth. Can't wait for you to try Inglot! :D

    Jenn: I actually have a lot of Inglot reviews here. :D Feel free to check 'em out. :)

    Kat C: Oh, that's okay because the lippies are awesome as well. There's always the next occasion, or payday haha!:D

  10. What foundation are you wearing here? It looks fab on you, the liquid lipstick and the foundation!

  11. Mihna: Hi and welcome to TBJ! I'm using Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Liquid foundation here :)


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