LOTD: I wanna be like Kate Middleton

So I found a new modern fashion icon and it's Kate Middleton. Chanel was my first and only fashion icon, but I realized I could not wear tweeds and black dresses all the time haha! When I dress up, I like covering myself up in polos, sweaters, knee- length skirts, jeans, and leggings, but sometimes I think that my way of dressing is just too demure and conservative for my age. Thanks to Duchess Kate, who by the way makes jeans and polos look sexier than tube tops, I can finally be more confident in my preferred outfits. Kate's style perfectly communicates that elegance, without a doubt, is the mother of sexiness. :D

TOP: Cotton On
SKIRT: Girl Shoppe

BAG: Prada
ACCESSORIES: Mikimoto and Philip Charriol


Allow me to do a happy dance for you. LOL! :D

A fashionable Monday to everyone! :D

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You look so cute Ms. M! I really love this outfit of yours. Thanks for sharing your ootd! :)

  2. Loving the skirt! You look so classy in this ensemble. :D

  3. I also like Kate Middleton' style. Actually, I kind of follow her and Victoria Beckham. Hehe.

    PS. You look fab! :D

  4. you look great in your outfit Ms. Martha! :))) I like Kate Middleton too! :) She makes elegant/classy clothes looks simple that everyone can wear it.. :)))

  5. I like this outfit. It's girly, classy and just right for the girls in their 20's.

  6. The skirt is so nice. More ootd's please. You look so gorgeous in this look.

  7. love the outfit and the bag!!!! you look elegant and on the top...

  8. Love this simple blue-and-white look! Kate's style is really classy and you carry it quite well!

  9. i love the outfit ms m! so gorgeous!

  10. I wish I could sport that outfit :D Too much excess fats now. Being a working mom waking up at 5 and getting home at 7 leaves me too tired to do any workout plus having to tutor your kid at night.
    I like the bag and the shoes by the way :D Blue is a refreshing color especially if people tend to wear pink or purple tones now :D

  11. You're welcome girls! :)

    Winnie: You're welcome! The skirt has slimming properties, you know. :D


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