MAC Full Coverage Foundation in C40 Review

Here's a review on MAC Full Coverage Foundation in C40

Price: Around P1,200.00+
Bought From: MAC Online
Other Locations: Not available locally; can be purchased via online pre-order or directly from MAC's official website


There are those products that you just keep on going back to no matter how many great ones you meet along the way-this is the case between me and MAC's Full Coverage Foundation. Tried it first when I was in 2nd year college and it was LOVE! However, I was thinking that maybe the reason why I was wowed by this product is because I didn't know so much about makeup then. Now that I had a chance to try it again and I'm already well- informed on all things beauty, I could still say that it's fabulous because it works just the way I remembered it.


Full Coverage is designed for professional makeup artistry that's why it was once moved to MAC PRO, a by-membership only website where most of MAC's awesome products and shades are offered. Thankfully, they started offering this product again in the consumer range. Simply put, it'a a cream foundation that offers amazing, second skin coverage that works well for film, photography, t.v., and the stage, and claims to even cover tattoos.

Compact is as big as the Studio Fix and I believe that at 28g, it's the biggest cream foundation out there in terms of size and quantity.


If there's one cream foundation product I would recommend to you, it would be this. More about this most fave MAC product of mine after the cut!

This is a traditional cream foundation and it contains oil, an ingredient that scares most gals out of their wits because it may clog pores and yield a thick, fake coverage. Well fear not because it contains Jojoba Oil, a natural oil that's known to mimic the skin's natural sebum. There aren't a lot of shade options for this product though and the only shade that I thought will suit me was C40. FYI, C40 is dubbed as the perfect MAC shade range for Asians because it's purely yellow whereas the NC line contains a bit of orange in it.

C40 is a medium dark shade with a yellow undertone. It's okay for my skin tone, but I find that it projects a teeny weeny hint of white cast at times-it's tolerable though. It doesn't contain SPF since it's formulated for professional use, but the presence of Titanium Dioxide in the ingredients list could mean that this product may somehow contain a hint of SPF, which explains why it kinda' gives off that slight glare in photos. I wish there's C42 for this product though.

It's an emollient foundation that applies on smoothly and very evenly on the skin-the oil content in it gives it that much needed slip so you can blend it easily onto your skin. You don't have to blend it so much to get a decent finish as it has this ability to melt onto the skin. Coverage is light to heavy (depending on the tool you will use), but whatever coverage you prefer it still provides that awesome concealing effect. Now that's makeup technology for you! It has no scent whatsoever so no need to worry about fragrance affecting your skin.

WORK IT: For light coverage, use a dampened sponge (others prefer the Beauty Blender). For medium coverage, use a dome- shaped foundation brush. For full coverage, use a flat top brush.


Bare skin

Two layers of MAC Full Coverage foundation only (applied with a flat top brush)

It's very opaque, thus you don't have to use a separate concealer to conceal bumps and discolorations any longer. It can cover all sorts of discolorations from sallowness to redness. It can also conceal small face bumps. For huge face bumps, the foundation can't conceal 'em completely, but it can minimize the appearance significantly. It sets pretty slow, but you can seal it with powder right away and it won't look cakey. Such a time saver!

I prefer using a flat top brush on it to get that second skin look. The second skin look may make you appear as if you're really wearing foundation, but no need to worry about that if you're using this product: You get that second skin effect, but it looks okay and natural. Oh, if you're going to use a brush on it, no need to swirl it on the pan like crazy to grab a decent amount of product-just slide the brush on top and that's it! The product clings very well onto brushes and even sponges so no need to warm it up.

One con is, it tends to feel heavy on oily skin especially when the weather is a bit warm and if I go overboard with application. (Duuuhhh) It has no oil control too, but it does not aggravate my oily skin. It stays on pretty well and keeps your face secrets covered for the rest of the day.

This is perhaps the best cream foundation in terms of coverage-I'm a sucker for coverage and this is why I love this thing to bits! I would recommend it to you if you want perfect- looking skin without a tinge of unnaturalness. Since it's categorized as PRO makeup and may feel a bit heavy at times, I would suggest that you use it on special occasions only or when the weather is particularly cool. On oily skin, it's best used with a primer and will work best on dry skin because it has moisturizing abilities, but should be primed with a moisturizer underneath as it can't tame dry areas the whole day.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Shade looks good on you and I feel like buying this if it weren't so expensive. Haha.

  2. Wow! I like to try this.. :))) thanks for your review Ms.Martha! :)))

  3. Oh, I really wanna try this! What primer did you use Ms. M? Does this fade after a few hours? I super like its cover.

  4. I remember Dustin Hunter saying that this foundation has basically the same as their studio finish concealer with one or two ingredients that differ.

    I want to try it out, but probably as a concealer as I have oily skin haha

  5. When I saw the bare skin pic then the mac cream foundation in action in the next pic, I went, "Are you freaking kidding me?!" :))

    Can't wait to graduate so I can get to work, have a salary and be able to purchase mac products! Haaay. :D

    -Gabrielle T.

  6. By the way, in case you happen to remember that I posted in your other entry (the one about your success as a blogger) that I am a UP alumna too.. which is unlikely because u get a lot of comments every day lol *wishful thinking*.. I'm taking my second degree, that's why I said I can't wait to graduate.. still living on allowance! X)

    -Gabrielle T.

  7. Great review! Too bad this foundation is not available locally. :-(

  8. it looks good on you but it didn't work for me :( huhuhu it reminds me I have this pala... ♥ love your blogs♥♥♥

  9. this suits your morena skintone ms m! i really want to know how to find the perfect shade of foundie on your skin lalo kapag MAC kasi lalo at medyo pricey sya =)

  10. Oh my,, I just had an unusual acne breakout (unusual because I don't normally have more than 2 acnes at the same time but in this case I had 5-6 :()
    Anyway, I t left a dark spot and I am already hating it. I didn't wanted to use any bleaching soaps since my skin is unusually dry now because of the weather and is acting up on my skin asthma.
    I will be attending an event by the end of March and be on a tour on April, would really want to have something that can conceal these spots..
    Will this be available here ? I have a phobia with customs kasi for international purchases. :D

  11. Ohh wow I love MAC products and this one seems to be going into my wish list. I also use cream foundations but I didn't know of the wonders of this product before this review. Next time this will be the one I will be using. Thank you for writing a review and sharing your love for this product! :)

  12. Gabrielle: Hey and welcome to my blog! Haha! Yeah, had the same reaction too the first time I used it. :) Yes, i kinda remember your comment-just don't know where you put it because I receive and check at least 90 comments per day haha. Glad to meet a fellow Iska! :D

    Kat C: You're welcome! Just wanna share the love. :)

    Winnie: No, it won't be available here, sadly. Apply for GCASH Amex because with my shopping box, you don't have to go through the customs anymore. :)

    Rhaiin: I think I have discussed that in some of my MAC posts already. Just check out the archive. :D

    Maris: I knowww...

    Febmin: Awww. Maybe you can use it again? :D

    Tropic Thrill: Exactly. It's good as concealer already that's why I love it. :D

    Roxanne: You're welcome! :)

    Rizza: Nope, it doesn't fade at least on me. :) You just get oily though. :)


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