Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Medium (030) and Medium Deep (040) Review

Here's a review on Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Medium (030) and Medium Deep (040)

Price: P525.00/each
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To cap off my Nearly Naked blog posts, I'm going to muse about Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder for today.

Normally, regular pressed powder will leave you with naked, blah coverage whereas this powder will leave you naked, but in a nice way because it's got nice coverage that you can wear it alone.


Just like its foundation counterpart, it promises undetectable coverage with a lightweight feel. It comes in six shades, but I believe we have 4 or 5 here.


More about this nice powder after the cut!

Compact is pretty big and kinda' hard to pry open. It comes with a super soft and smooth powder puff with a satin lining. However, my other compact didn't come with a puff applicator at all-make sure to check yours before taking it home!

Medium is a medium beige shade with an olive undertone while Medium Deep is a toasted beige shade with pink undertone. I just find it odd that the overall undertone of this line is entirely different from its liquid foundation counterpart. It's unscented, texture is in between dry and creamy, and coverage is medium to full. I find that you can build the coverage but without getting that thick and cakey look. The trade- off are it's pressed pretty well in the pan and I get very minimal fall out during usage.


Revlon Nearly Naked Warm Beige + Powder in Medium Deep (040)

Eek! Too dark on me.

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation in Warm Beige + Powder in Medium (030)

For all morenas out there, especially those with an NC42 shade match in MAC, the best combination is Warm Beige (Liquid Foundation) and Medium (Powder). Warm Beige liquid foundation is already teeny weeny dark on me, but Medium adjusted it to my skin tone perfectly.

The powder is fine (but not finely-milled) and doesn't create patches on top of liquid foundation making it a very good setting powder. Finish is matte and even if coverage is pretty good, it manages to look soft on my skin. It's not really "Naked" in my opinion because it has better coverage than other pressed powders and it gets amplified if used on top of another foundation. If you want to get that naked look, you should use it on its own but with concealer on dark circles and discolorations.

Staying power and oil control are good: I stay oil- free on the t-zone for three to four hours (depending on the weather) and there's little to no fading at day's end. This pressed powder has the coverage of a powder foundation but the feel of a regular pressed powder so I use it when I'm going to hit the gym because it's light, non-clogging, yet gives me the coverage I need for such casual moments. If you just prefer pressed powder on a daily basis, this is such a sweet choice because it's all that you want, but with an extra 'oomph' for an even better- looking skin. I just wish next time, there would be more (or everything) yellow- toned shades. :)


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i agree with you! i hope next time they have yellow undertone for their foundations... i find it hard to look for a shade match with Revlon.....

  2. Hi Ms. M! Is this better than Angel Skin Powder from The Faceshop?

  3. Nice Picture ^_^ what powder can you compare it with?

  4. Toinks I can't believe that they left out the sponge for the product. The Medium shade looks nice on you, though the Warm Beige one does look too dark. I still am using another pressed powder for now, but will keep this in mind when I run out next time. Thanks for the review!

  5. My sister got a Revlon Photoready pressed powder in Medium Deep. Its too dark for her so I decided to trade my Max Factor which I got from BDJ because I think it may be too light for me...she liked the max factor but I haven't gotten my hands yet on the Revlon. Might be able to get it this weekend. If that shade matches me, I might as well try this too :D

  6. I don't use pressed powder when I hit the gym because the color of the powder transfers on my towel and I find it about this one? does it color your towel when you wipe your sweat off? :/

  7. The coverage looks nice, i just dont like the packaging,

  8. I don't use pressed powder when I hit the gym because when I wipe it off, the color transfers on my towel and I find it about this one? what's it like when using in the gym? :)

  9. Sounds wonderful but I'm afraid to try it out because of the dimethicone listed as the second ingredient.

  10. Love the finish on you! :) I'm actually on the lookout for light products which still show my real skin (I don't know why but the occasional blemish actually looks nice, in my opinion. Haha!) but have a bit more oil control. Have you tried Palladio? How does this compare? :)

  11. Issa: The liquid version has yellow undertone though. :)

    Samantha: Hi there! Agree with you on the blemish part because they make us human after all. :D Regarding Palladio, nope, haven't tried it yet so I can't compare. Sorry! :)

    Aliceinpink: Yeah, Dimethicone can cause breakouts on sensitive skin. Do you have any known allergenicity to Dimethicone?

    Roxanne: yes it does. Well any tinted powder in general will stain textile. :)

    Leilani: Same. I find it a lil' too huge. :p

    Winnie: Great! Let me know how you like it.

    Carmela: It's comparable to The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX powder. :)

    Rizza: This one has a more skin- like coverage than The Face Shop. :)

    Kat: Welcome! :)


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