ZA Cosmetics True White Liquid Foundation in OC30 Review

Here's a review on ZA Cosmetics True White Liquid Foundation in OC30.

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There are certain things that money can't buy like happiness, but thank God for beauty products, beautiful skin-one of the essential things that makes a woman happy-are always within reach. If perfect, glowing skin is what you've been dreaming of, you can always go to a ZA counter and score True White Liquid Foundation. For only P595.00, you can fake that incandescent skin in a jiffy-that's pretty close to perfect happiness already!


This foundation is part of ZA's True White range, a skin care/makeup line intended for whitening. Formula features Brightening and Poreless powder pigments that help create pearly white and bright skin, and is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E derivatives, and minerals.


Look no further if you're looking for the most affordable way to brighter, smoother, and healthier- looking skin! More about this product after the cut!

Product comes with an ultra controllable and no- clog pump.

Product comes in a glass bottle, which gives off this luxe appeal and has a slight curve near the center for easier handling. Bottle is a lil' heavy though, but solid enough to resist light falls. It's not travel- friendly though.

OC30 is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone. To those who are new to ZA's base products, OC is good for those with a yellow undertone, and PO is for those with pink and neutral undertones. This is the darkest shade we have, by the way, and clearly, it's not for me as it appears lighter than my skin tone. (Think MAC's NC35 and NC40 shade) It's rich and emollient, and bears microscopic shimmers, the ones that give you that lust- worthy pearly skin. Coverage is light to medium and finish is dewy.


Bare Skin

Benefit Boi-Ing Concealer + Etude House Surprise Concealer + Two layers of ZA True White Liquid Foundation

Consistency is a bit sticky, like a thick day cream so I would advise that you apply one or two layers only as it takes a while to settle-coverage is pretty good anyway. It's very moisturizing so I feel that it's very beneficial to dry skin. It's non- streaky, has very good smoothing and pore minimizing effects, and the brightening powders act immediately by giving you luminous skin in a flash. It's nice to know as well that the shimmers just melt onto the skin and don't give you that sparkling, ala-Edward of Twilight skin.

I've noticed that the foundation absorbs setting powder very well, thus you get an even better coverage. Now look at me in this photo-my skin looks perfect here! I look well- rested and the glow I have is almost unreal-I have never imagined that my skin would look this good with just a drugstore foundation-effect is kinda' similar to Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation. :) The brightening powder pigments and shimmer reflect light as well and blur fine lines and even mini facial bumps. Aside from the fact that this is not my shade match, it contains spf 20 too and I get a white cast in photos so I only use it during daytime, preferably during lunch and afternoon meetings wherein I won't be photographed because it only looks great under natural lighting. With this foundation, I sometimes don't have to highlight any longer because it has its own built- in highlighter!

The only downside is, it cannot control oil and it can even cause my T-Zone to become extra oily if the weather is very humid so I make sure to seal it with oil- absorbing setting powders such as Essence Fix & Matte. Staying power is pretty good, with very minimal fading at the end of the day, although I wish it had better oil- controlling power or won't aggravate oiliness at the very least.

This is one good drugstore foundation because despite its poor oil- controlling ability, it has great coverage and makes your skin look glowing, healthy and youthful, provided that you find a shade that matches your skin tone very well.

I would recommend it to you if you have dry skin because it kept my skin moisturized the whole day, but not to those with severely oily skin. For combination-oily to mildly oily skin, just be sure to set it with a dry, translucent powder to counteract the emollience and bring a couple of oil- blotting sheets to take away excess oil when it finally shows up. :)


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! great coverage if only it would help my oily skin that would be perfect :) thanks for the review I've always been curious about that foundation..

  2. wow, your skin looks really healthy on that photo! love it! :)

  3. Your makeup looks really perfect in the last pic. I think this foundation will suit me because I don't have oily skin. I can't believe it's so affordable. Other high-end foundations are really expensive and this one is already comparable to the high-end ones. I guess it's a good thing ZA is also under Shiseido because the formula seems to be really well-researched. Thanks to Shiseido for making brands that are more budget friendly to everyone.

  4. Love that glow on you. I'm still on the look out for affordable foundations and this on is surely on the list!

  5. wanna try it, but dunno where to buy here in cebu♥

  6. Wow! I was really sold when I saw your photo. Parang photoshopped. Haha! But unfortunately, I have an oily skin. Gonna pass on this one. Btw, does ZA has a powder foundation counterpart for this?

  7. I've tried ZA products before and it's okay for me. Well its really one of those beauty products that gives my skin smoothier effect and healthy looking one. I hope to try this one soon.

  8. I have an insanely oily skin. The fact that it looks perfecton you makes me wanna buy it, and thank you for that tip about controlling oiliness. That made me think twice. ;)

  9. Hi! I would just like to ask what is the BEST foundation you couls recommend for teenagers who have normal skin? :) and please do have a blog post about make ups as a guide for prom!! Thank you!

  10. You look radiant in this..
    Although, I am still testing out the other Za products that I have now. I had an unusual breakout lately and it so happens I was also using the skin care from Za. I am still observing it though. Could be just a coincidence. I am will still continue using it for 2 weeks and if it worsens, I guess Za and really made for me...( I do hope it works though so I can try out this foundation as well)

  11. Stephanie: You're welcome! :D

    Winnie: Oh noes! If you keep on breaking out for 3 weeks to a month, it's better to stop.

    RK: Hi RK! Noted on your request. :) No particular preference really. Just go for whatever that fits your budget. if you need brands, I would recommend bobbi brown and mac. :)

    Allyzon: Hope you'll like it! :)

    Majorie: Welcome! :)

    Rizza: No, they don't, but they have a powder foundation line. :)

    Ravene: Thanks! :D

    Kat C: That would be my message to them as well lol. :D

    Issa: Thanks! :D

  12. i have oily skin and i notice that most bb creams and foundies(like nearly naked) just slip on me. I plan on using this with my nyx's hd primer before and ellana sheer velvet for setting. will i be okay or should i just buy another foundation? thank you!!


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