Canmake Kawaii Summer!

When I visited Japan, I hauled for Canmake products to give as souvenirs to my younger friends and young-at-heart friends because their stuff are so affordable and nothing short of sweet and cute! They finally opened a chain in the country late last year (at last!) and for their first collection for 2014, they're launching a Spring-Summer collection that will just make you say "KAWAII!" :D

Canmake traces its roots way back in 1986. It has always been known for its cute, always-up-to-date, and reasonable makeup items. Moreover, Canmake is also known for its sensitive skin- friendly makeup and is also a highly raved brand in Cosme!

The Kawaii Spring-Summer 2014 collection is an extensive one, and it features new products for the eyes, lips, cheeks, and complexion. The quaint launch was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Makati last week. That Lasting Multi Eye Base was dubbed as a super affordable dupe for Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I'll get one for sure!

The executives of Canmake Japan were present in the event and they aided in the Canmake Spring-Summer makeup demo. What I love about attending events/product launches of Japanese makeup brands is I always see the brand founders and executives-I may not be able to speak with most of them, but seeing them present and making sure that the occasion is successful sure taught me a lot about passion and dedication!

Anyhoo! I was surprised but happy to know that the price difference here and in Japan is not significant. What a relief! I'll be showing you the complete Kawaii Spring-Summer 2014 collection after the cut!

Canmake's got skin care too! They have cleansing water for Oily/Combination Skin and one for All-Skin-Types, a light, quick-absorbing moisturizer, and a rich, night-time emulsion.

Presenting the Kawaii collection:

Marshmallow Finish Foundation Powder (P650.00)

Covers pores and corrects unevenness for skin that's as soft bet! A Marshmallow!

Easy And Fast Make Gel (P530.00)

An all-in-one gel base, moisturizer, and SPF product for on-the-go days.

Glow Fleur Cheeks (P590.00)

Satiny, shimmery blush for highlighting or adding a fresh touch of color to your complexion.

Perfect Stylist Eyes (P620.00)

5-in-1 eyeshadow palettes perfect for both day and night.

Quick Easy Eye Liner (P390.00)

Waterproof and sebum- proof liquid eyeliner for all- day definition.

Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner (P450.00)

Creamy, waterproof, and easy to use for defined eyes in no time.

Candy Wrap Lip (P390.00)

A moisturizing, shiny gloss with a hint of color.

I don't have stock photos of these, but the Cheek Brush and Angled Brush are also included in the collection, but they will be available come March 2014. I'm excited for these products! So which one should I review first? :)

You can find Canmake in Glorietta 2, near the Somera boutique. For more information about this collection, please visit CANMAKE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Canmake's products are really kawaii! I want to try them out soon!

  2. What I love about Canmake is that there are actually some quality products in there! A lot of makeup nowadays (esp. from Korean brands LOL) are all cutesy packaging but when you test the product it's actually crap LOL. Canmake is nothin like those. The blushes are some of the best I've tried!

  3. wow, if they have the dupe for UDPP I must really try it! :)

  4. I like Canmake! Their packagings are so cute! I got some of their products and I'm loving them. Please review the foundation first. I have not tried it yet 'coz I find it pricey. I want to see if it's worth the price. :))))

  5. Glow Fleur Cheeks so inlove with this♥ super kawaii, Koi ni with canmake

  6. been on a lookout for a great eyeshadow primer, so I must try the Lasting Multi Eye Base and hope it is indeed a good dupe of UDPP..

  7. Jesselle: my friend uses it and she said it is awesome. now i'm intrigued!

    Joyce: haha! i agree. But with anything Japanese, you're sure that it's good because Japan has the strictest fda standards in the world.


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