Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte Review

Here's a review on Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte.

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So this is the famed Loose Powder Foundation of Ellana, huh? Actually, I like it. No, make that I love it because by far, it's the cheapest and most pigmented powder foundie I have ever tried, and lovelovelove that it's got a perfect shade for me, which is a rarity in affordable makeup brands. Thank you, Ellana, for standing up for Morenas like me. :D


Ellana said that this product provides medium to heavy coverage, and is best for oily skin. It comes in 13 shades, I believe, and good news: there are equal options for both fair and dark skin tones.

Product comes in a posh acrylic jar, which isn't travel- friendly, but good thing you can lift the sifter and transfer some product into a smaller jar.


It has no SPF though, but has Titanium Dioxide in the ingredients which means it has some form of sunscreen in it. However, it is not that significant so you should wear a regular SPF product underneath.

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This product is a low-dusting, creamy powder foundation that yields medium to full coverage. The creaminess is the secret to its impressive coverage. It is fragrance- free, thankfully.

To tell you frankly, I've had a bad experience with its finish in the beginning, but I found out that it needs a proper tool for you to work it like magic. If you're familiar with Mineral Powder brushes, you should get one of those for this product or any loose mineral powder foundation for that matter. I used to think that brush brands were just riding the hype of MMU with this brush, but clearly, it was invented for a reason-it works well with the unique texture of loose mineral powder. The one I'm using is Real Techniques' Mineral Powder Brush. I believe there are cheaper ones out there.

I tried applying this product with a Kabuki Brush and sponge and I ended up with blotchy coverage. With a fluffy powder brush, I ended up dusting away the powder. This product is quite concentrated so yes, you would really need MMU powder brush to achieve a very decent coverage!


Skin with Zero Kuma Concealer 2 + Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer

Two layers of Ellana Mineral Loose Powder Foundation

It minimizes the appearance of tiny bumps, but not the huge ones. It smoothes skin for just a bit, but I love it for its amazing skin- unifying coverage. Look at this photo-I seem like I'm wearing liquid foundation here! It doesn't feel heavy at all and makes skin feel nice and soft to boot. Finish is semi-matte.

The only downside is, it has minimal oil- controlling power. I get oily after an hour, and on very warm days, it kinda' aggravates the oil on my T-Zone so I seal it with a translucent setting powder such as Essence Fix & Matte. However, something's making me really oily in the ingredients and even Essence's powder cannot control that, thus I believe that it is not best for oily skin. I started using an oil- controlling base with it and I found that I stay oil- free for 2 hours, at least. And since this is a mineral product, it doesn't stay too long on the skin, only around 4-5 hours maximum.

I still love this product anyway because coverage is fantastic, albeit I have to blot and retouch my T-Zone often during wear. If you don't mind the additional work, I'd recommend it to combination-oily skin, but not really to extremely oily skin types. I also think that this is great for those with normal and dry skin because texture is comfortable and kinda' moisturizing. Would love to buy this again just because of the coverage, really, but I hope Ellana would improve its oil- controlling ability.


Please visit ELLANA COSMETICS on Facebook for more information about the brand. You can order this product and view the rest of Ellana's products HERE.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This looks great on you, the shade really is perfect for you. Too bad it can't really control oil, but the coverage still is a big plus. Good job Ellana!

  2. i have this powder foundation and sadly it cannot control my oilies too... I was hoping it can because of the reviews that I read. Plus, I have tried using my brushes but still not satisfied with the finish, maybe I have to get a mineral powder brush? What affordable brand can you suggest Miss Martha?

  3. Pretty good base match, if I should say so myself. I used to be an avid user of mineral makeup and forced myself to find the perfect product, even spent a fortune on Jane Iredale. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be with me and MMU. However, when MMU meets the right type of skin, it looks fantastic. Great review :)
    -->Maita @ Mrs. Diaz
    -->Maita Atienza, Makeup Artist, Philippines

  4. Nice coverage..but I don't like retouching again and again..and I find it hard to apply it because it needs a proper tool pa to apply.. :(

  5. Awwww... not for oily type skin.. </3
    I was already planning to buy one because I saw heir instagram posts.

  6. I use the Charm flat top brush with my Ellana mineral foundation. I like the finish I get from it.

  7. I am reaaaally aiming to buy this, but after reading your review....phew. I am normal to moderately oily hmm.. Ms. Martha can you recommend an affordable oil-control powder? I'm okay with light coverage :)) pleeeeeasee

  8. Kat: Same sentiments. I love the coverage anyway!

    Mona: Cool! I used mine too, (but brand's Sigma) but I found that finish was too patchy. :p

    Yanyan: Essence Fix and Matte or The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX Powder! :)

    Majorie: You can set it with a translucent setting powder and wear it with a primer-that should be fine. :)

    Roxanne: I feel you. :)

    Issa: Still Charm's because it has good quality! :)

    Maita: Hi Maita! Thanks for visiting and for sharing your insights. Agree with your statement-I have a friend and she seems to look better in MMU than regular makeup. :)

  9. Hi Martha!
    I also have a problem applying this makeup kasi I have the pressed one and when I swirl my brush in the product, the powder flies off! Huhu. :( Application is also blotchy. :(
    How do you do it? You mentioned an MMU powder brush in this post, what is that? How do I get it? Kasi I really want to enjoy this foundie. :(
    Thanks Martha! love your blog 5ever!

  10. Sarah: Hi there! Thanks for loving my blog haha. :D

    Yes, this powder has the tendency to have a blotchy payoff and a mineral makeup powder brush will solve that. You can purchase one from Ellana as well or real techniques. :)


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