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Here's a review on MAC Strobe Cream.

Price: P1,800.00, full size
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Other Locations: Available in the following MAC Stores: Glorietta 3, SM Megamall, SM Mall Of Asia, Shangri-La Mall, Powerplant Mall, Eastwood Mall, SM Aura


It's no secret that if you need some instant glowing fix, all you have to do is just sweep highlighter across your face, but there's the risk that you might look like a disco ball if it gets overdone and on some skin types, it won't last long and may enhance skin dilemmas such as big pores and pimples. This is the part where MAC's Strobe Cream excels the most. Aside from being a foolproof highlighter, it can also be used as a standalone dewy moisturizer or a foundation amplifier!


MAC said that this product 'de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, and boosts dull skin', which is what it really does. It's a basic moisturizer with an added 'oomph' and contains Green Tea, antioxidants, potent botanicals, plus iridescent particles that radiate skin and reflect light in all angles.

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The one I have is just a travel- sized tube, which I got in one of the MAC events I attended. I was never really interested in this product, but when I gave it a chance, I decided to keep it!

For your reference, here's the actual container of the Strobe Cream.

Strobe Cream is a light moisturizer. It doesn't leave any white cast on the skin. It feels watery and creamy at the same time, and kinda' has this refreshing effect on the skin. This product contains shimmering, pinkish micro particles that give the skin this dewy and radiant appearance. Finish is semi-matte and I find that it works well underneath makeup: It smoothes and hydrates skin, but ain't that slippery. It's not really a con for me, but I do find that it has an exotic scent. I do like it, but I figure that some people might not.


Bare skin

One layer of MAC Strobe Cream

Ooooh....look at the dewy, glowing goodness! Initially, I thought that the pinkish micro shimmers would look off or grayish on me, but it faded onto my skin naturally-in fact, it even gave me a blushing appearance. The cream covers my skin with a veil of obvious but natural- looking glow, it doesn't highlight pores, bumps and zits, and it doesn't make me look like a greaseball.

WORK IT: This product can be used for spot highlighting as well. Dab on the cheeks, chin, and forehead to plot your strategic glow.

Now let's see how it fares under makeup:

Ellana Loose Powder Foundation only

Ellana Loose Powder Foundation + MAC Strobe Cream

The difference in both photos is just minimal because I have natural luminous skin due to oil, but in the photo with MAC Strobe Cream on, my skin tone looks more even and I look fresher and more 'awake'.

Some more plus points of this product: It has pretty good staying power especially for the shimmer, although I can't really consider it a primer and it doesn't enhance oiliness. It also doesn't feel 'hot' and thick on the skin either. On dry skin, the creaminess of the product is effective enough to calm dry areas.

Now here's how it enhances the good ol' liquid bases:

Plain BB Cream and Foundation

BB Cream and Foundation mixed with MAC Strobe Cream

Well, the photos didn't do justice to the effects! If you mix Strobe Cream with other bases, the shimmering effect is diluted, but you'd still notice that your face is kinda' glowing.

Strobe Cream, however, has its limitations. The nice glowing effect is more prominent if used underneath light bases such as CC Cream, Powder Foundation, pressed powder, BB Cream, Tinted Moisturizer, and certain light coverage foundations, and is diminished or covered entirely if used with heavy coverage foundation. The tradeoff though is if it's used alone, it gives you sexy, goddess- like skin especially on the beach, provided that you're the type who could go outdoors with a bare face! Just layer sunscreen on top of it because it contains zero SPF. Oh, you can't use it on top of makeup also, unlike a traditional highlighter.

This product is beneficial to the tired, dull skin of this generation because it's a treatment, moisturizer, and makeup in one nifty product. I love this product because the glow I get from it is super duper natural, that no one can suspect I'm actually wearing a highlighter to fake my radiance. Texture is very friendly to tropical climate, and methinks it's good for any skin types. I'm buying the bigger bottle!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It totally illuminated your skin!

  2. So that's what this product does! It does a goob job of highlighting your skin and making it look more dewy.

  3. Natural Beauty! Btw,you look like Sitti :)

  4. I love MAC makeups. I am soon to try their foundation :)

  5. Can tuis be considered as a primer? I mean, I have an oily skin so I have doubts on how I will utilize this product. And it totally looks lovely on your skin, great description on making the skin look fresh.

  6. Ah, now I see what you mean when you said it's more natural than Watts Up. The effect is so subtle, but I have dry skin and I think this would really help perk my skin up and make it dewy, especially since I regularly use a matte bb cream right now.

    Thanks for the informative and helpful review, as usual! :)

  7. i'll probably get this in the future (I still have 2 highlighting products and highlighters in general last forever).

    Anyway, I sampled this, rubbed it on my palm and pressed it on the prominent points on my cheeks and it gives the most natural glow in the universe.

  8. It seems nice. Thought that it would enhance oiliness but it's not pala. You look fresher nga on the second photo. :))))

  9. I like the bb cream + strobe, you look fantastic♥

  10. Majorie: nope, it's more of a moisturizer. :)

    Joyce: Right on! Let me know how you like it. :)

    Febmin: Thanks! :)

    Rae: loved how you put it. I use this when i'm wearing powder foundation to combat the flat matte look. :)

    Ann and Nix: Thanks! :D

    Kat C: and healthier- looking, overall. :)

  11. If this gives the dewy effect look, you can also try rosewater and glycerin mist. :)

  12. I'd be strobing with MAC's Strobe Cream! <3

  13. I use the mac cleanser and then the strobe cream for moisturizer but once i use my studio fix foundation then my powder all being mattr i get dry patches and over dry face any suggestions i have very very dry and very acne prone skin the cleanser and moisturizer work well just my face still ends up dry within an hr


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