Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipsticks.

Price: P545.00
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Other Locations: Available in all Revlon counters in major department stores and drugstores


If you wish lip gloss were more convenient and easier to use, then have a look at Revlon Super Lustruous Shine and Pearl lipsticks-they're literally lip gloss in solid form! Unlike traditional lip gloss packaging, these glossy lipsticks are in a more familiar form, thus easier to use and it's compact enough for you to control application better.


The Super Lustrous line comes in a whopping 82 shades in matte, creme, shine, and pearl finishes. Revlon said these lippies are weightless and super moisturizing, thanks to the mega- moisturizers that help seal in color to boot.

L-R: Kissable Pink, Lovers Coral, Pink Cloud, Fuchsia Shock, Rich Girl Red

These lippies come in a gorgeous black and gold packaging, with a clear plastic cover at the tip of the cap for you to see the actual product.


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Fuchsia Shock

A midtone plain fuchsia shade.

Fuchsia Shock is the most pigmented among the five and I find that it works both ways: Apply one layer for a tinted pout, or layer on for about two to three times to get a more intense payoff. It's a pretty and safe fuchsia, and methinks it will suit a lot of skin tones.

Kissable Pink

- A light pink shade with a rosy hue and silver shimmer.

Kissable Pink is a nice springtime shade that surprisingly compliments warm skin tones. Not a fan of the silver shimmer though because it makes my teeth appear a bit garish.

Lovers Coral

- A nude coral shade.

Lovers Coral is the least pigmented amongst the five and it's literally like tinted lip balm to me. It's a good shade that will let you cop the fresh- faced look, but I wish it were a lil' more pigmented.

Pink Cloud

- An icy pink shade with silver frosting.

Pink Cloud is a nice shade that will add dimension to smokey eye makeup, but I think it will appear better on fairer skin tone. I find that this color washes me out, although not as much as the other icy pink lip colors I have tried.

Rich Girl Red

- A blushing red shade

Rich Girl Red is a youthful kind of red-it also has this tomato-ish hue to it that makes it appear somewhat orange under natural lighting. I guess girls who are afraid to wear bold red colors will like this.

These lippies are significantly moisturizing and maks lips feel ultra hydrated all day and even after they come off. Coverage is light to medium and has a slight vanilla scent. Color doesn't last long though due to the glossy texture, but the more pigmented ones tend to last a lil' longer. It's not for me because I like my lippies pigmented, but if you want something light but gives off a decent amount of color, grab this. I also think this is a lighter alternative to Revlon Lip Butter.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooooooh liking the Fuchsia Shock and Lovers Coral. I really love how we have the same skin tone which makes it easier for me to choose the shade that would fit me. :D

  2. I'm liking the Rich Girl Red shade here. I think this is the one that will suit me best. Will you be reviewing Revlon's new Colorburst matte and lacquer balms? I saw them in the counters last weekend, but I would like to read your review first before I purchase any! :)

  3. I'm liking the Rich Girl Red shade here. I think this is the one that will suit me best. Will you be reviewing Revlon's new Colorburst matte and lacquer balms? I saw them in the counters last weekend, but I would like to read your review first before I purchase any! :)

  4. fuchsia shock is a dupe for show orchid, great quality at a reasonable price!

  5. i like fuchsia shock! very nice :)

  6. I've always loved the Revlon Super Lustrous line and it's awesome that they came up with new beautiful shades to choose from.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  7. 82 shades? That's a lot! I like Lover's Coral.. pretty! Aside from it's sticky, I hate that lipglosses are hard to apply. Good to know they thought of this concept.

  8. Same as everyone else, Rich Girl Red fan here!

  9. Nice...I am not sure if I bought this already..I remember having a Revlon haul last December but haven't used them all yet. Gotta check the 2 lipsticks that I bought...hahaha.. They were on Sale so I just picked the ones that I would likely use and stored them in my box :D
    I like all the colors except for the pinkish one. I don't think I can pull that off :D

  10. didn't imagine that lip glosses can come into solid form.haha! the shades are pretty. I like the fuschia shock. But I don't like the vanilla scent or any scent in a lipstick.. :(

  11. Fuschia shock, goodness.. that was really pretty.. but I would still go for that Kissable Pink for my everyday look, that'll be a homie for kikay kit.. ;))

  12. glad they have vanilla scent! theyre original lippies smell really bad,like my moms lippies frm the olden days :) hihi

  13. Rich Girl Red and Lovers' Coral are my picks from your bunch. :) -Nikki P.

  14. i thought their lip butter were lighter than these.. guess i'm wrong... :) the fuchsia shock looks really great on you...

  15. Hi girls! Thanks for sharing your picks! :)

  16. Aww, the Pink Cloud one looks good on you. I also have that shade but it doesn't look nice on me. I look pale with that shade. I wish I got the coral one from BDJ Box but I got the pink cloud :(


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