Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at Wink Laser and Wax Studio: Part I

Even if you cleanse your body thoroughly, it is inevitable that a particular body part will emit a certain, unfavorable smell because the odor of sweat and our natural excretions just cling onto the hair. (especially if there's thick hair)

I am a hairy girl, that I won't deny and this is why hair removal procedures are vital to my existence. Aside from keeping me smelling pretty, being hairless on the pits and down there makes me feel cleaner as well. I've been doing Brazilian waxing for a long time now so I thought of taking it up a notch with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal. I mentioned one time that I'm currently doing Laser Hair Removal for my pits and gosh, it really made life easier and I'm hoping for the same thing down there.

Wink Laser and Wax Salon had granted me a couple of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal sessions. (Delight!) I just finished my second session last week and I have a couple to go-I'll be sharing my experience through a series of blog posts. Welcome to the first one!

They normally execute the laser procedures in their regular (and roomy) rooms. They only have one laser machine, the sophisticated Alma Soprano Diode Machine. My favorite aesthetician, Ms. Lyn (look for her! she's good!) said that they can accommodate around 10-15 people for laser treatments on a daily basis, but that depends on the kind of treatment the customer will have. It's still wise to book an appointment if you don't want to wait. I also remember Holly Chang, owner of Wink, saying in our first meet- up that she finds local laser treatments a bit overpriced and she made sure that Wink's pricing is one of the most affordable around. Price per session is as follows: Brazilian- P4000.00, Classic Bikini- P2,500.00, Butt- P2,500.00. For the rest, just visit their official Facebook fan page because their service menu is uploaded there.

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So here's the machine they use: Alma Soprano Accord that uses Super Hair Removal (SHR) Technology. It's a Diode Laser machine and it's the gold standard in hair removal treatments today. Previously, it was the IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Both procedures can reduce or permanently stop hair growth, but what makes Diode better than IPL?

Diode uses Laser. It's much more expensive. 
IPL uses Light. It's much cheaper.

Diode Laser delivers low energy in a rapid pulsing motion. It produces a single wavelength of light that penetrates and targets hair follicles. 
IPL delivers a spectrum of light and cannot effectively target hair follicles. (Used in photorejuvenation too)

Since Diode Laser purposely penetrates into the pores, a person will experience little to no cutaneous pain during a procedure. 
Since IPL lacks the ability to penetrate, a person may experience skin trauma during a procedure such as pain and in worst cases, scalding.

Diode Lasers will only require fewer sessions, but depending on your hair type and skin color. 
IPL Lasers will require more sessions, but depending on your hair type and skin color.

Hope you learned from that mini lesson! :)

Going back to my treatment...

Wink also said that Alma's laser gun has a Sapphire "Chill Tip" which keeps the skin cool.

Safety first! This pair of light metal goggles are worn before the procedure starts. I like that it blocks and protects my eyes completely so no teeny weeny ray of laser light can pass through.

Without further ado, here's my experience:


I was informed to allot at least an hour for my very first treatment. I shaved for a little before going to the salon because I was hoping to save time, but turned out that it's best to go there without touching the hair because it will help them measure your progress. There were little strands left especially on the innermost parts (I didn't dare touch them because I was afraid of cutting myself) so my aesthetician, Lyn, still had to shave some more. 

First, the area was cleansed then shaved. And gosh, Lyn really has mastered the art of shaving because she was able to remove everything even on the innermost parts and the butt area without cutting me, but I kept on giggling because I'm ticklish on those parts! :p Piece of advice, try to endure the tickling sensation because if you keep on twitching and moving, you might end up getting a wound!

Lyn has then applied ultrasound gel on the area. The area was divided into four parts: Top part left side, top part right side, labia, and butt. I wasn't that scared because it wasn't my first time to undergo laser and besides, I can tolerate waxing. And then I re-learned that there is always a first time for everything.

The genital area is a highly sensitive part and it was also my first time to experience laser there. I experienced a pricking sensation and Lyn explained that it's normal because that's the laser doing its job. I have to admit that I was uneasy at first and it took me a while to adjust to the heat. The laser was warm yet tolerable and thank goodness, Lyn has gifted hands because she really knows how to handle the machine-her technique is smooth. Just a tip, don't be afraid to ask for extra ultrasound gel especially when the previously applied one begins to lose its coolness. This way, you'll get through the whole thing with ease and so you won't feel the heat of the laser so much. Lyn was a bit hesitant to give me extra ultrasound gel at first, but I demanded for it. And if you feel that you need to take breaks in between, do so as well.

I was bracing myself for labia area because I know that that's the most sensitive part, but it turned out okay because they intentionally lower the fluence (energy) of the laser for that area because it's ultra sensitive.

Now onto the butt area. Turned out this is the super mega sensitive part because the laser felt a lil' hot in here. I had a few intervals on this area! 

For my first session, it lasted for at least an hour including the preparation and all, but the laser treatment only lasted for minutes: around 4-5 minutes on the genital area and around 1- 1 1/2 minutes for the butt area. I passed the whole thing without getting burnt or anything to that extent. There was a bit of pricking sensation, a bit of pain, but the whole procedure was bearable-I didn't shout or halted the procedure.


After 4 weeks, I went back for the second treatment. I noticed that the hair strands became finer and it wasn't as thick as before, although I experienced a bit of irritation down there due to hair stubble. I could shave anyway, but I preferred not to-I just continually applied moisturizer on the area to soften the growing hair and calm the skin.

I also went through the whole procedure I stated in the 1st session, but this time, I only spent 15 minutes in the salon including preparation and the treatment. The laser treatment lasted for only 5 minutes: around 4- 4 1/2 minutes on the genital area and 30-40 seconds on the butt area because hair growth on this part was reduced significantly. Lyn was more generous with ultrasound gel this time as well.

Some bits and pieces that are worth considering: The salon is very clean, Lyn was wearing the right attire (scrubs, gloves, mask, and goggles), she sanitizes before the treatment, and I appreciate that she was continually checking on me during the treatments: she would ask if I'm still okay or if the laser is too hot. My genital and butt area are cleansed before and after the procedure, and finally, I get a dose of AI (Anti-Inflammatory) cream to inhibit redness and itchiness. You can also purchase the cream in the salon for only P150.00. I didn't experience any negative reaction on my skin a few days after the first session because I strictly followed the post-laser treatment care instructions: Don't wet the treated area for 8 hours and wash with cold water only, don't use feminine wash or any form of foaming cleanser for three days, scrub the area after three days to remove dead skin cell build-up and to prevent ingrown hair, and always use a gentle moisturizer or AI Cream after cleansing.

I was pleased with my two treatments, but my genital and butt were still adjusting to the warmth of the laser in the second session. Still and all, you can survive Brazilian Laser if you do Brazilian Waxing often-they may require different forms of endurance and coping, but I believe you can do it. Oh, be sure to inform Wink if you are pregnant, have allergies, taking prescribed medicines, or using products laced with special ingredients like Retinol.

For more information about their Laser Treatments, please visit WINK LASER AND WAX SALON on Facebook.

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  1. It's cool that you shared your experience with us Ms. M so that we will know what to expect when we try out this procedure. I have never tried anything like this before as I haven't done any type of laser treatments even in my underarms.

  2. i could just imagine the pain! i've done IPL on my underarms a few years ago... the pain is tolerable, but still... i felt a bit of stinging afterwards too... but it really didn't stop my hair from growing, it did make the strands finer though... IPL is just too painful and expensive for me... i just have my UA waxed these days...

  3. Hi Ms. Martha, is it okay for moms who underwent stitching down there (from normal delivery) to experience this treatment? I heard that stitches will always be an open wound. I already tried the underarm IPL treatment and it's really amazing so I'm thinking about the Brazilian too but I'm afraid because of my stitches.

  4. Mars, you know you're one of those people who got me convinced to try Brazilian Waxing! hahaha I did and I don't think I'm going back to shaving. Now, I wanna try the brazilian laser…pero it's so mahalia here! Will check out Wink when I get home this month…then hopefully i can convince the hubby to pay for the succeeding sessions here. LOL!

  5. Wow! They had affordable prices. Thought laser procedures are expensive. :) I'm feeling scared while reading this topic..haha! Seems like I can feel the heat of the laser..I'm scared of this kind of procedure..never had laser before.

  6. Wow, Martha! I want this too pero wala lang guts. Haha I'm having diode rin for the underarms, but I still go for Brazilian down there. This would be so convenient for beach season ah, not to mention so hygienic! No need to shave/wax anymore. :D

  7. Tapang! (in a good way) I think I'll go for waxing pa rin. For variety hahaha!

    Sometimes I want hair down there (trimmed, I bought a clipper just for this, TMI, sorry)

    Sometimes I want everything off :P

  8. god!! ur so brave for sharing us your experience. i really want this too. but i have not enough money pa. i already experienced brazilan down there sa Strip. and i love it. ang gaan sa feeling after the session. and it so hygienic pa. great informative post!! >>Thumbs Up!

  9. Kat: Hi there! Glad you found this post helpful :)

    Aiko: Agree! Waxing really changes your life, but I'm trying Laser to see if it will change my life even more. :D Thanks for reading!

    Rae: Thanks for sharing! :D I feel though that I'll be back to waxing when I finish this (and if there's hair still growing) just because--no budget haha! :D

    Helen: True! :D Now I can be worry free when I hit Bora this April haha!

    RM: Other salons have expensive lasers though. I guess you should try waxing first to know if you can tolerate painful procedures. :)

    Brigitte: marreeee! Oh how's your brazilian? Life- changing, diba? I'm trying this one kasi my hair down there is getting thinner and thinner (thanks to brazilian waxing) so I thought Laser will eliminate everything faster. :) I hope to see you when you get back!

    Kriselle: Hi there! Oh noes, I'm sorry I don't know. :( I'd redirect you to Wink's official fan page na lang so you can tell them your concern. :)

    Cat: Thanks for sharing! Yeah, heard from friends that IPL can get really painful. Thank God I decided to undergo laser just when Diode Laser was invented! :D

  10. I need to read this after reading the Part II. Thanks for the detailed post Miss M, and loads of extra personal tips. I read the post meticulously from start to end,not wanting to miss anything, though it's a little expensive for me, I think this is worth a try---so many benefits from it!

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  12. hi. is the service available for male clients? do they also have whitening services? im planning to take whitening services after waxing.

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