Maybelline Color Tattoo Arrives + Learning The Art Of Calligraphy

To all those who’ve been dying to try Maybelline’s Color Tattoo (including I), good news because it’s finally HERE! Saw this in Sydney, but since I knew that it would soon hit the Philippines, I didn’t purchase samples anymore. It was worth the wait!

The line was launched in Sunshine Kitchen, Fort Bonifacio Global City and we also had an interesting Calligraphy Workshop courtesy of Alexis Ventura, also known as the Ink Scribbler. Alexis truly has gifted hands and she writes oh-so-well. (No kidding--her handwriting looks so perfect, you would think it’s computerized!) She invited me to a formal Calligraphy workshop before, but I wasn’t able to go. At least I finally had a taste of it through this event!

Color Tattoo is a cream shadow that promises to stay put for 24 hours. Maybelline said that it’s formulated with Ink technology for super saturated color. It’s creamy smooth, Ophthalmologist- tested, safe for sensitive skin, and contact lens wearers as well.

Learn a thing or two about Calligraphy and check out my top Color Tattoo picks after the cut!

Each of us has received a Calligraphy Kit that includes a bottle of Black Calligraphy Ink, Calligraphy Pen, Blank postcards that we can personalize, instruction cards, and practice cards.

First, we were asked to practice our strokes. There is a technique in using the Calligraphy Pen: Press down lightly to create wispy and thin lines, and press down harder to create bolder and thicker lines.

Thought that this is gonna be hard for me because honestly, my handwriting is not so pretty and lady-like. :P Turned out that it’s quite easy and fun!

After practicing our strokes, we moved forward to writing the alphabet. Writing technique is very simple: Apply light pressure when creating upward lines, apply heavy pressure when writing downward lines. That’s it! Mine’s still pretty messy, but I believe that practice will bring me perfection! :D

We also had a mini eye chart that we have personalized using the acrylic paints provided.

Here are my top choices for Color Tattoo: Gold Rush, Painted Purple, and Edgy Emerald.

Here are some swatches. First impression is texture is very, very smooth and it sets efficiently.

Here’s my good friend Sabs of The Makeup Maven trying out an outrageous combination.

With my good friends. I just have to say that Julia of Bless My Bag’s handwriting is the bomb. :D

And we have the complete set! I’ll be reviewing and swatching ‘em soon as I’ve just started playing with these babies and coming up with color combinations and looks with it.

Color Tattoo 24-Hr. Cream Eyeshadows retail at P375.00 each. For more information about this product, please visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am actually waiting for this product here in our country and I'm gonna purchase the Barely Branded. I'm soooo ready for this!!!

  2. Wow what a fun event! I wish I could attend a calligraphy workshop as well. Using a pen like that looks really cool.

    Those Maybelline cream shadows look super pigmented and the colors are really pretty. I would really love to own some of those shades.

  3. I actually bought the shade Bad to the Bronze yesterday thanks to your post, Julia's (BMB) and Shen's.

    The local price is not that bad though. I bought other colors last year from an online shop at 350.

  4. How clever of Maybelline to think up the art/calligraphy concept of the event! When I first saw pots of Color Tattoo, it never even occurred to me that they looked like watercolors. Now, that's all I'm seeing. Haha. They launched the bold metallic shades just in time for the summer, but it would be cool to also see the matte ones here. :)

  5. saw Ms. Sab's calligraphy posts for this event... OMG! i wanna try calligraphy too... i even have a book about calligraphy, but the tools are just so expensive... :( that's why i stick to my colored ballpens, they're cheaper... hahaha... anyway, i've heard a lot of good things about the color tattoos... especially with my monolids, i am always on the lookout for products that won't smudge or smear on my lids... i also love the fun colors... perfect for editorial/avante garde looks...

  6. Nice workshop! Now I know how to use a calligraphy pen.. :) i like the purple and emerald shade coz I love bright shades. :)

  7. Back in high school I had classmates, my BFF included, who took Drafting as their elective for TLE (or Home Economics as some schools may call it). For the second quarter they had calligraphy lessons just like this one. I remember seeing her practising her calligraphy during her free time and I would be amazed about it. So when I saw this post (and all that calligraphy), I suddenly missed that BFF of mine who is now based in Australia.. :(

  8. Kat C: Yes it was really fun! Really enjoyed the calligraphy workshop! :)

    Jesselle: Awww. Hope you could see her soon! :D

    RM: Welcome! :)

    Matromao: Clever indeed! :) Oh, the beauty of having a budget haha. :D

    Cat: Yes! I envy her writing too. :p

    Sunshinegirl: Wow! Cool. :) How do they fare for you so far? :)

    Majorie: Gogogo! :D


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