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Here's a review on Canmake Brightening Facial Wash Review.

Price: Around P300.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Somera Boutique, Glorietta 2


Tried looking for reviews online on this particular product for comparison's sake, but found none. :p Oh well! I'd be more than happy to add one! :)

Anyhoo! I really have no doubts purchasing any Japanese skin care product because I am assured that they are of great quality-doesn't matter if it's a drugstore product! Today, I'm happy to introduce a favorite Japanese facial wash of mine by Canmake called Brightening Facial Wash. It's so economical, smells so relaxing, and really makes my face look bright and feel so, so soft and clean after rinsing!


This product is part of Canmake's Refresh Series, a small and sweet line of skin care products. It claims to brighten skin and cleanse without stripping off skin's essential moisture.

This facial wash claims to suit all skin types and contains a multitude of skin- caring ingredients: Royal Jelly (for your skin's vitamin E dose), Soluble Collagen (broken- down collagen for faster skin absorption), Alpha Arbutin (for skin brightening), Hyaluronic Acid (to help balance moisture on your skin), Artichoke Extract (for antioxidant and anti-aging benefits), Witch Hazel Extract (to refine pores), Aloe Extract (to add moisture), and Evening Primrose Oil extract (rich in Omega-6) In short, this is a very nutritious facial wash! It's also Mineral Oil- Free.

More about this soothing, non- drying facial wash after the break!

Another thing to love about Japanese products: They have the nicest packaging around, even if the product is very affordable! Love their attention to detail. :)

Product comes in a squeeze type tube. The opening of the tube tends to accumulate gunk, so be sure to clean it up after usage.


It has a super soft, super creamy texture and it has this super relaxing Lavender scent. A pea- sized amount lathers up to a generous foam and it's so fun to use. :) The rich, soft foam also acts as a barrier between your palms and your skin-the skin on your palms can be abrasive for your facial skin and this product prevents you from getting that unwanted facial scrub. :) Just a tip, if you want to take advantage of its soothing smell and skin benefits, leave the product for at least a minute or two on your skin. Rinsing it off right away will render the ingredients useless. Also, since this product contains a lot of natural oil extracts, stay away if you think your skin tends to react with such ingredients.

After rinsing, my skin feels a little squeaky (but not the irritating 'squeaky clean'), but soft and bouncy. My skin feels taut a few seconds after rinsing, but not with this product. I also noticed that it gives my skin this immediate glow. One tube can last up for up to 2-3 months even if used twice daily and this is what makes it a good buy! It's the local counterpart of my favorite Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial foam and I'll be sure to repurchase! I didn't break out in my usage and I believe it's best for those with normal, dry, and mildly oily skin. :)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG! I've been waiting for ages for Canmake to release their skincare line! Awesome review beutiful ms! Will definitely get one for myself! <3

  2. Nice review! Wow, I thought this brand is one of those cheap ones that are sold everywhere. Didn't know this is a counterpart of Shiseido. Thanks for the info. :)

  3. The packaging is so cute and girly. Been waiting for them to release skin care lines. Finally they have now. I must buy this soon after I finish my current facial wash from Snoe :)

  4. I have always wanted to try canmake, thing is I just can't find time to search for one. And I was pretty shocked they have a skin care line besides the cosmetics. I believe in the typical drugstore brands because they indeed work for me.

  5. nice review :) super cute talaga ng packaging pagjapanese products.

  6. Looks like we're having more choices with regards to skin care. Japanese brands are also promising when it comes to skincare. I realized that investing to skincare products is a lot more worth it than spending a thousand bucks on make up.

  7. Lei: Thanks! I'm trying out their toner for combi-oily skin and so far, it's great!

    Cincincin: Yup! :) I agree that you have to spend on good skin care, but it's also good to spend on reputable makeup brands so your skin care efforts won't be wasted! :)

    Knickknacksnix: Agree! :D

    Majorie: Same! That's why I love Japanese brands because they really make sure that their stuff work!

    Iamsweetkitty: Hi and welcome to my blog! Wee! Let me know how you like it! ::D

    Sylden: Hi and welcome to my blog! To me, this is a counterpart of Shiseido's perfect whip facial foam. :D


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