Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Review

Here's a review on Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Flirtatious, Provocateur, and Vivacious.

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One of my art frustrations is pottery that's why I'm drawn to anything related to it, especially the beautiful, lacquered ones. I've witnessed a clay pot- making session in Ugu Bigyan way, way back-I even had the chance to try it myself and dang, it was hard and I think I ended up creating a spoon than a pot haha! Since then, I never looked at clay pots and pans the same way again-there's just so much art, skill, and dedication that go into those things!

No we're not gonna talk about clay pots today, but Lacquers-Lip Lacquers to be specific. The new Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm is just the thing you need if you want that artsy, brilliant, paint- like color on your lips!


Revlon said that these balms were made to deliver a craveable, noteworthy lacquer- like finish and intense moisturization with the Triple Butter Complex (Shea, Mango, Coconut). Available in 10 shades.

Product comes in the same packaging and look as the previous Colorburst Balms. To avoid confusion, the Matte Balm has a matte tube, Just Bitten Lipstain has a jelly- like tube, and Lacquer Balm has a glossy, foil- like tube.

More about this favorite Colorburst Lip Balm of mine after the jump!



Flirtatious is a red-pink shade with a hint of Berry.

Flirtatious is a wonderful shade that can take you from day to night, and it looks good on any skin tone. The Berry undertone gives the skin a fresher aura as well.


Provocateur is a Cherry Red shade

It's the good ol' red lippie, but unlike true reds, deep reds, and brick reds, this one's perfect for summer because it's bright! :)


Vivacious is a bright pink shade.

What a prettifying shade! Vivacious enlivens any complexion and it's proof that you don't have to sport hot pink or fuchsia always for a noticeable pink lip!

These balms have a lipstick- like pigmentation with a hint of shine-one swipe is all you need to get heavy coverage. Texture is sheer and moisturizing and doesn't feel heavy even if layered on-I even like layering it on because it's so moist and makes my lips look juicy! Staying power is okay: It can last a few sips of coffee, but you'd definitely need to retouch after a meal. It also stays intact and doesn't bleed around the lips, hence you don't need a lip liner. It bears Revlon's signature peppermint taste and scent, and it doesn't dry out my lips as well.

I'm in love with these no-nonsense balms and I use them always especially after a work out-one swipe is all I need to look fresh again. It's my most favorite Colorburst Balm to date because it's a combination of Matte Balm's awesome pigmentation and Just Bitten Lipstain's superb moisturizing properties. :)


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. looks very creamy and moisturizing... :D it's great that Revlon came out with different variants of their "chubby sticks" for different gals with different preferences...

  2. I saw this when we went to Revlon last weekend to buy a new lippy but my mom prefer the colorburst matte balm. Share ko lang they have a promo now when you purchased a total of 1200 you get a pair of Spider Man movie tickets with food "Blocked Screening for Revlon fans" on April 30 at SM MegaMall cinema. oh diba may new lippy ka na may movie tickets ka pa hahaha

  3. Yna: Wow! Appreciate this info. Maybe I should buy some more to score some free tix hehe. :D

  4. I actually cannot choose among the three which suits you best. I like the 2 reds because i cannot see the difference between the two and theyre both wearable from day to night. It can stand out alone or with a subtle color in the eyes. On the other hand, I always love pinks. And base on the lip swatch, it evenly covers the lips and makes it smooth or makes the impression of smooth lips. Haay I cant choose which shade Im going to buy :(

  5. i tried this lippies during the revlon and bdj makeup workshop, at first i was amazed coz one swipe at all is okay . it is really pigmented.but,, lalo ako na amazed sa staying power and my lips is moisturized trough-out the day. this is a must try poduct from revlon bukos sa liquid foundations nila :)


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