BEAUTY BATTLES: Best Lip Treatment For Night Time

I've been out and about, trying out a lot of creamy lip balms and treatments for night time because it has officially become a part of my night time skin care routine-I found that it helps me wear matte lipstick during the day more comfortably with minimal dryness so I highly recommend that you incorporate one in your routine as well. :)

The two brands that I've been trying out lately are Color Collection's Lip Therapy with Argan Oil and Hurraw! Night Treatment Balm with Blue Chamomile and Vanilla, and the two will star in our Beauty Battle blog post today.

The Lowdown:

Hurraw! is a certified organic lip balm brand and they've a range of variants for daytime and night time treatments. Color Collection Lip Therapy, on the other hand, is a lip treatment infused with Argan Oil. Both products are at P350.00, respectively.

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Hurraw is slim, light, and definitely pocket- sized--the slim design enables you to slip it right into your jeans' pocket or in any pouch. Color Collection is shaped like a lipstick-it doesn't eat too much space though as it's just like regular lipstick, but might be a lil' bulky if you put it in your pocket! This department goes to Hurraw!


Hurraw! has a strong vanilla scent with a hint of relaxing chamomile. Color Collection is lightly laced with Vanilla. When it comes to sillage, Hurraw! has the strongest and it might put off some users. Color Collection will please those who like it fragrant and those who don't as it has just the right amount of fragrance to inspire you in the beginning, and it fades away after a few seconds, which I prefer. Point goes to Color Collection!

Moisturizing Factor:

Hurraw! is very emollient while Color Collection's very watery, but both glide on easily. I feel that Hurraw! moisturizes my lips better than Color Collection's so it's obvious who won in this round. :D


Color Collection, despite its okay moisturizing factor, proves to be lighter and more versatile as not only it can be used during night time, but during daytime as well. Hurraw! is a lil' thick, may leave a residue, and alter the consistency of your lip color, thus it's best used during night time only so I gotta give it to Color Collection this time.

Long-Term Effects:

With Hurraw! lip balm, my lips' dryness became more and more tolerable to a point that I can wear matte lipstick more often. When I transitioned to Color Collection, my lips became a little drier again-I guess Color Collection's consistency is just too thin for my severely dry lips. This round goes to Hurraw!


Both products are okay, actually, but my lips are just too rebellious and I rarely find a lip treatment that will really tame it, and Hurraw! is one of those that's why it's a must- have for me. Color Collection may suit those who have moderately dry lips or normal lips, which is obviously not me! Also, Hurraw's consistency is my perfect idea of a night lip treatment because it's creamy, quite lightweight, long- lasting, non- runny, and ultra moisturizing, just like the good ol' night cream. :D



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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I use The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex I'm Shea Butter Lip Care Cream at night. It's thick and it moisturizes REALLY well. When I wake up in the morning, it's still on my lips :) I'm a lip tint kind of girl and have super dry lips too so this helped me a lot :D

  2. Totally true! Applying lip balm at nighttime really helps when you apply lippies the next day! Although the Hurraw lippie won, I'm interested to try the Colour Collection one since I'm a sucker for products that contain Argan Oil in it. :) And because it has less fragrance than Hurraw wihihi

  3. How do you pronounce Hurraw? Is it Har-raw, Hur-raw, Har-ro, or Hur-ro? =))
    None of the above mentioned? Anyways, my eyes focused first to HURRAW! prolly because it looks more like a lip treatment to me :)) Sounds silly? LOL. Sorry. But that's what I will try because of the Vanilla scent ♥ and I will also base it on this review of yours ;)


  4. I'm liking this format, Martha. Please do more entries with contests between two products and fabulous dupe discoveries. :)

    I've been meaning to try Hurraw because of my ease into organic/natural products. Ever since I started incorporating more Human Heart Nature toiletries into my routine, I've slowly but surely learned to appreciate the development of more local, natural-product brands.

    I'd probably go for an unusual Hurraw flavor though. I saw their Earl Grey and Chai, and I might start there.


  5. I've only heard of lip balm night treatments from you, didn't know that such things exist! I'm very interested with the Hurraw lip balm, besides the size, I love Vanilla-scented things so even though Hurraw has an overpowering scent, I'm sure to give it a try first. Thanks for the review Ms. M! and like what Ms.Matromao said, hope that there'd be more reviews like this one. :D

  6. I also have a super dry lips that it hurts whenever I stretch it. I don't normally apply lip balm at night but I put it on at least 10 mins before lipstick. I use my super favorite EOS. This really works for chapped lips. You guys must try it.

  7. Chapped lips and dry lips has been a problem of mine. I have been using the EOS Lip Balm. But I am still experiencing the dry lips sometimes.
    I guess I badly needs this kind of treatment. Thanks for sharing this.
    I will definitely go and look for this.

  8. Lucky for me, I don't have dry lips. But I want to follow you tip since I like, no, I love, wearing matte lipsticks. Though I'm going for Colour Collection since I don't like overpowering scents.

  9. my sister should use this... her lips are forever cracked!

  10. Noelle: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for sharing. Might go and check that out because I love anything thick and moisturizing for my lips! :)

    Cat: It's available in Cutieverse's online shop. :)

    Rizza: That should be good for you 'cuz as you said, you don't suffer from lip dryness. :)

    Marielle: I tried it before-it's good, I agree, but found the packaging too bulky haha.

    Zarah: Hurraw! is a must-try. I've been using this since last year and I'm still in love with it :)

    Lei: You're welcome. You can check out my BEAUTY BATTLES posts. :) Just go to my archive and look for that title. :)

    Trish: It's Hur-rah, like Hurrah. :)

    Matromao: You're welcome! Check out my other beauty battles blog posts. :)

    DearKaaat: Nice choice! I like the fragrance of color collection than hurrah though. :)


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