Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator Review + Complete Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Photoready Skinlights Review + Complete Swatches.

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I read on the Internet that Revlon Photoready Skinlights was actually an old product, but was revived just recently. I didn't even know that they have this product! It is also the first time I've heard of a drugstore liquid highlighter. My Revlon, you've got a lot tricks up your sleeve! :)


A favorite of many international makeup artists, Skinlights is a collection of liquid highlighters made with photochromatic pigments (a signature of the Photoready line) to banish dullness and for a super natural, lit-from-within look. It comes in four shades, but we have the following locally: Bronze Light, Peach Light, and Bare Light.


Know how you can highlight, contour, and enliven your skin beautifully and naturally after the cut!

Products come in one size, 30ml, and in an easy-squeeze, slim plastic tube-I like that the dispenser allows me to take a controlled amount every time, and it's spill- proof too!

Here are the swatches:

Bronze Light- for contouring; a brown/bronze shade with golden shimmer
Peach Light- for awakening dull skin; a peach/pink shade with pink shimmer
Bare Light- for highlighting; champagne beige shade with silver/gold shimmer

These highlighters have a very sheer, smooth liquid texture and they glide on ever so easily, and melts onto the skin in a snap-you don't have to spend a lot of time rubbing it in to get a natural payoff. Despite the 'second skin- like' texture, they're quite pigmented and two layers (sometimes one especially for those with fair skin) are enough to give you your desired effect. The shimmers are very tiny and they spread out nicely, giving my skin a glowing veil of color instead of the glittery look that powder highlighters sometimes give. Everything is unscented and you can use them to enhance plain liquid foundation or BB Cream.


One layer of Peach Light

Eureka! I think I've found a cheap alternative to MAC Strobe Cream! Both products yield the same effect and pretty much have the same shade! In this photo, I have applied it before liquid foundation to give my skin that incandescent "oomph".

Peach Light topped with liquid foundation

In this photo, I have used a liquid foundation with light coverage, and notice that the glowing effect still projects through, giving me this healthy, dewy look. If you're going to wear this with foundation with a heavier coverage, I advise you to apply around two layers.

Let's now proceed to contouring!

One layer of Bronze Light on top of foundation. Don't you love the natural, shadowy effect? :)

Bronze light is applied ideally after foundation because it's a contouring product. It was my first time to use a liquid contouring product, but thanks to its easy to use consistency, I didn't have to adjust to the procedure big time. I only used my fingers to work the product and I applied it like how I would apply powder bronzer. An angled flat top brush is also a good tool to use with it. I found that Bronze Light was a tad bit orange in the beginning, but I was surprised to see that it turned out brown (my ideal contouring shade) on my skin tone and didn't give out an orangey cast. For fairer skin tones and those with pink undertone, however, use sparingly as I feel that the orange tone would look more obvious on such skin tones.

So here's me wearing Bronze Light on my cheek planes, frontal view.

Here's how it looks like when it's finally set with powder-I used a translucent powder, btw. Love that the shade still pops out and gives me my desired contouring effect!

And for the final step, let's highlight our skin!

One layer of Bare Light

I have applied Bare Light on the bridge of my nose, apples, chin, philtrum, and the center of my forehead.

Bare Light sealed with powder

The glowing effect still projects through makeup, just like the two other illuminators. If you have oily skin, don't apply so much on your T-Zone or else, it will make you appear even oilier.

It's so versatile that you can use it on your body, to enhance moisturizers, or as a base for your powder products. I also used it-particularly Bare Light-to highlight my eyes and it turned out fine--no stinging or irritation experienced! For all liquid highlighters (this one not exempted), they're best used with liquid products and right before powdering your skin-I applied it on top of a powdered face and it erased the rest of my makeup. These highlighters are pretty moisturizing too, but I would not suggest it as a substitute to traditional moisturizer. Regarding staying power, they last the whole day as long as your entire makeup is still intact and I didn't feel that it impacted on the wear time of my liquid bases, whether positively or negatively. This product is absolutely great for dry skin as dryness can take out your skin's natural glow and even oily skin because it's oil- free. Liquid Highlighters aren't really a necessity, but it's nice to have at least one as it's a nice (and quick) enhancer for your makeup and skin!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this!! This is super nice, it gives you the glow from within.

  2. great review as always Ms.Martha. I have a dry skin this might work well on me.

  3. wow.. i didnt know the use of illuminators until i read your review ms m =)

  4. I want to try the Bronze Light. Although I am always having a hard time contouring, I still want to give a try to a liquid Contouring product.
    I really love how it looks so good on you.

  5. I didn't know this comes in a variety of shades! I'm new to contouring and highlighting and I personally prefer using liquid ones like these than powder ones cos I think it looks more natural and like you said, "second skin-like" AND you don't need a brush to apply. Lovee the way the Bronze Light gave warmth to your face!

  6. So far, I've only tried powder and stick highlighters. I've wanted to get into illuminators ever since I saw Koh Gen Do illuminator go on sale. The only problem is that the one on sale is white! I have a small phobia of looking too much like Edward Cullen, so I tend to shy away from those.

    Revlon, with its 30ml of illuminators, sounds like a fair deal. At first I thought Bronze light would be ideal for me, but I think Peach Light would be more flattering. I haven't dabbled too much in contouring, so I look for a glow-inducing product.


  7. I'm not really a fan of highlighters, but this is worth a try, thanks a bunch for the review! :D

  8. i tend to stay away from "illuminators"... i feel like it makes me look more oily than i really am... :P i know that the dewy, lit from within look is the rage these days... maybe i just can't find the right balance... haha..

  9. ToofaB: Hi and welcome to my blog! Couldn't agree more! :)

    Lei Guanzon: It is! :)

    Matromao: This product is good to start with if you're easing into the world of illuminators-works just fine, but not too pricey!

    DearKaatt: Thank you! Bronze is my favorite among the three. :)

    Zarah: Maybe I should make a tutorial. :)

    Rhain: Glad you learned something new today! :)

    Leilani: Welcome! :)

  10. I made the mistake of using this OVER skin that's already been set with powder. I though it would just sit on top or something. Well, it looked super cakey, so I have learned my lesson. It should go under pala. I've always been using highlighters as the finishing touch, though it's always been cream or powder for me.


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