Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner: A Sexy Launch!

The moment I saw this Benefit- branded Ford Mustang parked right outside Peninsula Manila, I knew immediately that Benefit was up to something fun and frisky.

And hey, my instincts were right. Benefit has once again created a party to beat with They're Real Push Up Liner's grand launch in the country! Let me recount this wild night to all of you. :)

First, we were handcuffed at the registration area by a bunch of hunky cops-they were so hunky that I didn't mind being a criminal that day haha! Our mugshots were taken and finally, we're asked to choose an interrogation room based on our crime. First there's Assault and Flattery.

Next is Indecent Exposure and this was my crime!

Finally, there's Sexy in the 1st degree.

Here's one of the cops, Angelo, a smooth Italian boy who's so talkative and funny! We played a sexy dice game with these officers as well. Well, it was more funny than sexy so whew! :D

Angelo is joined by officer Sam, a hunky English boy, in our interrogation room, which I believe is the noisiest room of all. With cops like them, I wouldn't mind going in and out of jail everyday! :D

 Shortly thereafter, we were treated to a performance of  Cell Block Tango from the musical, Chicago. Gaad..that made me miss theatre!

After that sexy number, Joey Mead graced the stage to welcome Benefit's newest innovation to the Philippines. Click READ MORE to know what this is!

For three years, Benefit had been researching, creating, and formulating the perfect eyeliner to answer the top eyeliner concerns of women: longevity, ease of usage, fluidity, and pigmentation. Most eyeliner products address these concerns, although individually so Benefit thought of addressing everything with They're Real Push Up Liner.

Here's the actual product. According to Benefit, They're Real Push Up Liner marries the pigmentation of gel liner, the ease of eye pencil, and the lasting power of liquid liner. Shade is a deep, matte black.

But there's more…it features an innovation, the Accu-Flex tip, a soft and flexible rubberized applicator for easy lining. There's also the lash guard (the protruding angle beneath the Accu-flex tip) which pushes away eyelashes for a lash- hugging line.

Push Up Liner joins the Mascara. Soon enough, a Remover will join the two making They're Real a full- blown eye makeup line.

 Nikki of Askmewhats did a mini demo using the eye liner! :)

 So that's all for my criminally sexy event with Benefit! :)

They're Real Push Up Liner is now available in all local Benefit Cosmetics stores and counters. Please visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How cute! I am blushing when you were describing the hunky cops and that they handcuffed you. If I were on this event I would pose to my sexiest. :)

    Looking at the pen-like applicator, this product I know would be so breezy to use. I can't wait to try it.

    Hope to be handcuffed too by hunky cops when I visit the Benefit counter haha!

  2. Those cops look hot! Wouldn't mind getting in jail with those cops either. Hahaha, joking aside, so it's a pair of the They're Real mascara! A perfect pair indeed. I hope they'd sell a special price for these two. Wouldn't mind giving these a try if they're really worth it. :3 Thanks for the sexy article Ms. M! <3

  3. I'm already excited for the review because I'm more of an eyeliner gal. I wonder how the rubberized tip feels like? ;P

  4. Indecent Exposure as your crime! hehe..
    Anyway, I think I will definitely love this new benefit product.
    I should have this as I already have the They're Real Mascara, I got it from a friend.
    It will be indeed a perfect pair!

  5. Ahaha natawa naman ako dun sa "wouldn't mind if pasok -labas sa kulungan everyday.😄
    That eyeliner looks great. I love eyeliners more than I love lipglosses.

  6. I would love to own every product from this line! The benefit they're real mascara is one of the most impressive mascaras out there so I think the rest of the products from this eye makeup line are promising. :) How I wish I was also invited to this event, it looks oh so fun! :)

  7. The entire concept of the Benefit brand is based on being cheeky and playful, and the launch's theme was able to capture that (if a little naughtier than usual). Haha. Looks like the occupational hazard of being a beauty blogger is going to "jail" the fun way. :p

    I'm not the most talented when it comes to winged eyes, so I see this as a big help. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same way. Can't wait to try it.


  8. i love liquid liners but I am no expert when applying an eyeliner. I always end up opting for a pencil liner because its easier to use but the pigmentation is quite compromised so while reading this blogpost I was thinking how was it compare to the tatoo liner. Theyre both perfect I think. The thing here is how much is it?

  9. Aaahhh!!!! This is just perfect! I so love it!

  10. Oh I knew it! They're up to something because of the black car and those hunk cops thingy when they uploaded it on their fb page ♥ I will volunteer myself to be handcuffed by those cutie cops! :"> Hahahaha! I think I will love that They're Real! Push-up Liner because of its ease of usage and longevity!

  11. Marielle: Wish I was jailed for at least a day with them hahahaha!

    Trish: Hahaha. Who wouldn't want to do a crime if the cops around are as hunky as these guys, right? :D

    Foodworldme: Wouldn't mind going to jail that day haha! :D Been using it for quite a while now-I struggled in the beginning, but I've gotten the hang of it by now. :)

    Elise: LOL! Me too! I can't live without eyeliners. :)

    Cincincin: I think it's P1,000.00+ :)

    DearKaaat: Naughty and super fun! :D

    Zarah: You're right. Both products will give you deep, sexy eyes. :)

    Majorie: It's soft naman. :)

    Lei: You're welcome :D


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