Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set Review

Here's a review on Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set.

Price: P1,599.00
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Other Locations: Available at Retail Therapy, Archaeology, Powerplant Mall; The Ramp At Crossings Glorietta; Pure Beauty, Serendra; Beauty and Minerals' Website


I'm off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this Saturday for an exciting brand collaboration. Geez, I'm excited about it because I've always wanted to go to Malaysia and see the Petronas Twin Towers, thus as early as now, I'm almost done packing that all I have to do is just shoot my stuff in the luggage! :D I'm taking this fab brush set with me from Charm called Double Duty Makeup Brush Set, their newest offering to date! :)


Double Duty Makeup Brush Set includes 9 brushes all in all on dual- ended handles. The brushes are made from vegan, 100% cruelty- free bristles and are housed in a soft, vibrant pink, rollable pouch with a string closure.

Check out the brushes one by one after the break, and know why it's a must- have for any jet- setting gal!


 The brushes are secured by a detachable velcro strap.

Here are the brushes included in this set:

Top to Bottom: Powder Brush/Blush Brush, Foundation Brush/Concealer Brush, Bullet Brush/Brow Brush, Tapered Blending Brush (Can be used for applying powder on the under eyes and nose line too)/Flat Shader Brush, Lip Brush (the only single- headed brush in the set)

The brushes did not shed during the first wash, although they take time to dry up as with all brushes made with synthetic bristles.

The pouch has two flaps on each end to protect the bristles from falling out or bumping against corners and stuff in your luggage, although I wish it came with brush shapers to keep the bristles intact and to protect them from being squished.

The pouch rolls into this. It's very compact, slim, and fits perfectly in any corner, and doesn't demand any space at all-it's even more handy than Charm Travel Pro Brush set in my opinion! It's not only best for globe- trotting beauties, but also for the daily gal who prefers a 'just right' brush set to compliment her daily makeup routine. :) 


Please visit CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES on Facebook for more information about this product and to order.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Please take me with you to Malaysia! haha

    Right now I only own basic make-up brushes and I'm looking forward to replacing them asap. I've purchased a lot of makeup brush sets before but they just don't fit the quality criteria. And I want a handy set I can take with me everywhere. Great review!

  2. I love Charm brushes and this set looks really nice! It's really perfect for travelling!

  3. Ay hala.. why do I have this feeling yung cover nya parang sa tarp. toinx....

  4. So cute and girly! Lakas maka-kikay. I can observe that Charm is getting better with their bristle quality. I bought their 21-pc pro brushes 3 years ago. Of all the brushes in there, I didnt like the contour brush as it feels scratchy on me. I believe that was made up of goat hair. Now I'm glad to know they're using 100% vegan materials! Way to go Charmies!

  5. wow a dual ended brushes! It looks so handy and I love the pouch color.
    With you giving it a 100 percent on it's packaging. It's definitely a must have for me.

  6. Indeed, very handy and perfect for travel. This is a nice set. Thanks for the share Ms. M and good luck with your travel to Malaysia! Enjoy! :D

  7. Omg! These are super adorbs! I love pink! No explanation needed. I want to get this, actually I am definitely hoping someone will give this set to me as a gift. ;))

  8. Not a big fan of dual-ended brushes as I prefer drying my freshly washed brushes by placing them in a cup. I don't mind having more brushes that have just one end.

    That said, charm has amazing brushes. I've personally gotten to try their stuff, and their brushes are for keeps. I'd rather the handle be black, but then again the pink sets Charm brushes apart from others.


  9. YAY! Goodluck on your Malaysia trip :D Have fun looking at the Petronas Twin Towers (with someone you love, maybe?) ♥ How many days are you going to stay there?

    As for the brushes, I love that they have brushes on both sides except for the lip brush. And the white effect on the brush seems so fun to use. I wonder if this performs like Sigma ;>

  10. DearKaaat: I would if I could! This is a great set to begin with because it contains all the essential brushes in my opinion. :D

    Trish: Thanks! Petronas was lovely. Stayed there for 4 nights and 5 days :)

    Matromao: Yup, that's what made the brand distinctive Hope you don't mind getting this unsolicited advice, please don't air dry your brushes vertically because the water droplets will get inside the ferrule and loosen up the glue, thus the bristles will fall out sooner than you imagined :)

    Zarah: And it's so affordable too! :D

    Marielle: True! The vegan line is considerably soft and I use it often now than the animal hair- based ones. :)

    Becomingsleek: right on! :)

    Lei: Welcome! Thanks for reading too. :D

    Majorie: I think you'll be receiving the charm brush set in your beauty bag. :D


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