Flawless Acne Control Advanced Facial Diary

Oh man, when was the last time I had a facial? Last July 2013, maybe? Dang, that's quite a while now. Frankly, I can do without facials in my skin care routine, but I'm recently plagued with comedones 'cuz of the skin- clogging heat. Nose strips can only remove white heads, but I needed to get rid of blackheads, those tough pore- cloggers that I believe, are causing me to break out lately. My skin was so rough too and I figured that it's high time to take a trip to the derma for thorough cleansing.

Flawless is one of the derma clinics I prefer because I was very pleased with the last treatment I had with them, not to mention their prices are really affordable and the happy, pink interior color really draws me in. The branch nearest to me is SM Megamall, but I still find it quite far from where I live. Glad I dropped by SM Makati because I discovered that they have a branch in there! Eureka!

Display cabinet filled with Flawless' exclusive products.

This is their smallest branch so it's wise to book an appointment if you want to take your treatments in here. They have one private room and four beds in the common area. It's tucked in the 4th floor of SM Makati and I kinda' like the location because the area's not too crowded.

I honestly didn't know which treatment to go for. Good thing there was a doctor around for client consultations. She's Dr. Marcos, a happy, nice, and charming doctor. Initially, I told her that I wanted to try the Age Defy treatment with the Cell Booster mask that everyone's been raving about, but I was open to expert advice. She told me that I don't need a special facial, but rather a cleansing one because of my comedones. I appreciated the honesty! I also liked that she didn't try to sell so much stuff to me and while she recommended that I try the acne advanced oxygenating mask, I didn't feel that she was being pushy or anything like that.

Before my treatment, they showed me my personal facial pack which included disposable masks for the therapist, a disposable needle, my own tissues and cotton pads, and a sterilized extractor. Flawless thrives on their 'Cleanliness guaranteed' promise and I love that this pack shows it!

The treatment I got was called Acne Control Advanced Facial, a treatment for those with severe blackheads, whiteheads, inflammation, and pimples. The treatment combines a combination of brown algae, chlorophyll, and polysaccharides for a revitalizing effect on the skin. Dr. Marcos suggested this treatment because of my comedones and some pimples that have been trapped below the pores.

Have you been meaning to try this treatment? Then click READ MORE and join me in my session! :)

My therapist gave me a whiff of aromatic peppermint oil to relax me before the treatment.

My face was then cleansed with a foam cleanser. I like that it's non- sticky and doesn't leave any residue on my skin.

A softening treatment was then applied on my skin.

I was also treated to a gel eye cream.

A pair of cotton pads soaked in water was applied on top of my eyes to boost the effects of the gel eye cream.

My face was then steamed to make extraction more bearable.

Oh this is new! My hands were wrapped with warm bead packs and sealed with these pink fluffy mitts for a more relaxing experience. Wish I could've taken these mitts home! Haha!

After 10 minutes, my therapist ran a suction tip all over my face to suck out the whiteheads for quicker extraction of the blackheads.

A calming toner was applied to my face. It's alcohol- free (I felt it) so it wasn't counterproductive to the extraction process. :)

Pricking time!

To be honest, the extraction process was painful. We have to consider that it has been months since I've undergone a facial and extraction, plus I am about to have my period too. I appreciated though that my therapist was trying her best to hasten the process (but she still managed to be gentle) to end my suffering quickly haha! She would press on the extracted part with her fingers to get rid of throbbing, the thing that makes extraction even more painful. She also made sure that I was prepared for every turn by saying "Okay ma'm, extract na ako ulit ha. 1, 2, 3."

Presenting, my comedones! :p The extraction alone took 30 minutes because I had so much intervals in between haha!

After the extraction process, a gauze was layered on my face for the laser treatment. The laser will close the pores to prevent infection. The whole procedure was painless, although I felt that she was running the laser tip too quickly all over my face. During this part, my dear readers, please do not hesitate to tell your therapist to be careful in handling the laser and ALWAYS close your eyes!

Well nothing bad happened to me after the slight laser boo-boo. After the laser treatment, a moisturizer was applied on my skin.

I went for the oxygenating mask, a powder-to-gel mask with an intense cooling effect. Now that was a nice way to beat the heat!

You can ask them to apply the mask on your lips too!

A firming collagen mask was applied on my neck. Both masks were left on for 10 minutes. The mask on my face turned into a whole piece of jelly that can be peeled off quickly-I like that it's non-messy!

My treatment ended with a dose of anti-inflammatory cream. Dra. Marcos also prescribed a topical treatment for my inflamed pimple.

Despite the slight laser boo-boo, my experience was satisfactory. I appreciated all the extras in the treatment such as the eye gel, mask, hot beads pack, mitts, and most of all, how clean the clinic was. My skin felt really clean after the treatment-it has been five days since I had it and I am happy to report that my breakout was minimized drastically this week and my skin is super duper smooth! I also had an inflamed pimple on my laugh line, but it's fully healed now. I think I will reconsider introducing a deep cleaning facial at least once a month to get rid of blackheads. I shall visit again this branch next month and try another treatment, but will still opt for extraction because my, it really reduces breakouts!

Acne Control Advanced Facial is at P980.00/session. Please visit FLAWLESS' OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the complete list of branches and FLAWLESS FACE AND BODY CLINIC on Facebook for inquiries and more information about their treatment.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I don't think the products I use is enough to reduce and eliminate my acne so I'm planning to include acne facial treatments to my skin care routine as well. I would love to try this treatment out! It's been a while too since my last facial visit and I think I've already accumulated quite a lot of gunk in my pores that my usual skin care routine cannot address alone. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Flawless must've been really good, since you're the second blogger that I've read who liked their experience with Flawless (the other one being Ms.Eula from Eulasleep) I'm tempted to give them a try, that cooling mask seem to refreshing too. Thanks for the review ma'am!

  3. How much naman to sis?

    Namimiss ko na tuloy mag pa facial.. Sana ganyan din mga spa dito, pinpakita na disposable talaga yung mga materials.. Nakakamiss din yung pain :D pero atleast alam mo na at the end of the day, super clean ang face..

  4. very impressed by the information of this blog Facelift Surgery Delhi

  5. Upon reading this post, I immediately note to myself that after my treatment with benzoyl peroxide, I should also head to flawless because I think that beautiful skin is worth the investment. And I also love the moisturizing jelly part and the comedones extracted felt such a relief.

  6. I want to try it too, the Acne Control Advanced Facial.. I think I need it so badly. Even though you said that it's quite painful, I still want to try it because I also want to get rid the comedones on my face.

  7. I'm so relieved to see the personal facial kit. I'm super-OC when it comes to the tools used on any treatment, so this offers peace of mind.

    I didn't know their treatments would be this detailed. Amazing. Places that offer the whole spa experience are the best. It sounds totally kuripot, but at least you know you're getting good value out of what you pay for.


  8. I've been meaning to enter the Flawless branch in TriNoma and try the treatment that will make my pores minimize. I have blackheads. I should put the blame on the Manila air pollution! :| Is the Acne Control Advanced Facial the one I should avail to eliminate those annoying blackheads? -__-
    When I saw the comedones, I was like "OH SHOCKS!" and was a bot amazed too! LOL! By the way, do all Flawless branch have doctors all the time for consultation before undergoing any sessions?

  9. Trish: Yes, all branches have doctors, but they may not be available all the time. Best to inquire before going there! :)

    Matromao: I totally agree with you because we all want to get our hard earned money's worth, right? :) I also loved the personal kit I got. I'm also OC about anything that touches my face! :D

    Zarah: No pain no gain, right? :)

    Cincincin: True that! My face felt really clean afterwards :)

    Lei: Welcome dear! :D

    Teri: It's 980php per session. :)

    Dearkaaat: Welcome! There's also the basic acne solutions facial which is a tad cheaper. :)

  10. I saw your post about flawless acne facial treatment. So i tried it last aug.14, 2014 :)..but after the extraction, i had these red spots. Then it kinda darkens, so i would just like to know if it happened to you after the pricking if yes, how long did these red spots fade away? :)

  11. I saw your post about flawless acne facial treatment. So i tried it last aug.14, 2014 :)..but after the extraction, i had these red spots. Then it kinda darkens, so i would just like to know if it happened to you after the pricking if yes, how long did these red spots fade away? :)

  12. The first time i tried flawless, it was great. Same, they made me sign on a pack with materials. As i lay down, the girl started examining my face. I just went for a classic/basic facial. But the girl did the sales talk. She insisted that this facial is better and it will improve my skin texture and lessen the acne. But I was moved by her recommendation and agreed to her offer. Which is more exPensive. Classic facial was 399 and the one she offered was 900plus.

    Same procedures happened. Steaming, the warm mits, extractions and mask. Then after the procedure, the lady did another sales talk. Offered flawless toners, soaps and sun screen gel. Then again, was moved by it. And i payed for almost 1,700 (i dont remember the extact amount)

    At first i was excited to use it because of course my face was fresh and all. But when i was going home, i realized that "na-sales talk ako". Tried their product but nothing special. The toner was even "mahapdi" sa face.

    So i let that pass... But then again, after months. I tried flawless again yesterday.

    I came in for the classic/basic facial. As i lay down, she offered me another treatment. But now i know, so i decline. I just insisted for my desired treatment. But the girl kept on recommending other treatments and looks like she is still doing her sales talk. And still i insisted for the classic facial. Same procedure. Steam. Hot mits. Pricking. But no mask included. Pricking lasted only for a while. And it was painful. After the session, she said next time, try the facial i recommended you. She even offered treatment kits!!! I said i still have the soap, toner and sun screen gel. Hindi pa nga ubos eh! So i declined her again.

    It think that's what they really do.



    Just sharing what i experienced. I will never try flawless ever again.

  13. VLCC Wellness offers various skin treatments and tips; you can pick a treatment that appeals to you the most or book an appointment with our skin experts now. Skin Care

  14. I had the same experience with the sales talk thingy... Haizzz, i think I would never ever undergo myself with the purse-splurging aftermath again. I opt to find another that offer the same treatment sans the expense and the annoying sales talk. Though, the facial itself is nice but them being too pushy has left me with an off impression that sounded a money-making desperation. So heart defeatingšŸ˜”


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