Review: Charm Limited Edition Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

Here's a review on Charm Sonia Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

Price: P2,750.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Please inquire via Charm Makeup Brushes' Facebook Fan Page


Charm Travel V3 Pro Brush Set gets a revamp! Introducing Charm Sonia, a sexy, sassy, and chic version of the original. It's definitely a makeup kit statement!

The Sonia brush set is encased in a leatherette leopard- printed case: It's very lightweight, soft and nope, it's not the cheap kind of leatherette. The Leopard print is indeed a timeless fashion piece and surely, every woman would love to have this set!

The contents are the same as the original brush set, but the brushes of Charm Sonia have luxurious golden ferrules and prints-I've also noticed that its bristles are softer than the original.

Click READ MORE and see the brush set in detail.

For detailed descriptions of the brushes plus their specific uses, please refer to my first review of Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set.

Foundation Brush

Powder Brush

Contouring/Blush Brush

Concealer Brush

Stippling Brush


Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush

Blender Brush

Eyebrow Shader Brush

- In my opinion, this is the only brush that got an overall revamp. The version in the original set is a little bigger and thicker, whereas this one is smaller and more precise--I think this version is best for brows with medium thickness which to me, is the predominant eyebrow width of Filipina women.

Pencil Point Brush

Angled Shader Brush

Flat Liner Brush

Lip Liner Brush

- I can't believe I've omitted this fact in my first review of this brush set! Anyway, here you go: This is the no-lip-liner brush because its shape is patterned after the natural contours of the lips, thus helping you achieve a clean and decent lipstick finish even without the help of a pencil lip liner. :D

Bent Eyeliner Brush

If you want a brush set that doesn't only have good quality, but also good variety, consider this. :)

Please visit CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES on Facebook. for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! You got this again for free? Lucky you Ms. M! :) I soo love this! From the packaging to the density of each brushes. Worth it ang pera :) I hope I can save para I can buy my first brush set :) Anyways, have you heard about MakeupByToni brushes? I have blending brushes from them and oh boy they do good in eye makeup application especially in blending. thanks for this review Ms. M! Drooling over these brushes :") God bless po! ♥

  2. This is definitely in my wishlist for this year. Nanakaw sa bag ko yung Charm Travel Brush Set ko, nakakainis. ):

  3. Hey Martha, Im planning to enroll in HD this summer for their Makeup course, I wonder which is better This one or The Vegan brushes? I already have the Charm Pro though but I need to buy another set just because. Also, what can you say about HD Academy?

  4. I've been eyeing this product since I saw this in Instagram last year. I love the leopard-printed case. It is lovely. I already have the Charm's Wet / Dry Eyeshadow Brush, Blender Brus and Pencil Point Brush. I wanna try their Stippling Brush and Flat Liner Brush. The Eyebrow Shader Brush seems interesting too. :) Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. Wow you are indeed blessed! Ang sweet dn ng charm noh kc sonia came from her mom's name as a tribute or something. Grabe sobrang daming brushes nmn i just have the retractable flat top and i love how it fills in un mga scars and evens out complexion. Sana maglabas sila ng pink animal print na set

  6. i see this and ive been contemplating if i will buy this..i love leopards! more leopard posts martha! haha!

  7. you have full your make-up bag with this wonderful "charm"..I so much wanted for this, and the leopard print, could'nt resist!

  8. This is great for travelling and the leopard print looks classy. I'm lemming for this one :D Haays, too much lemmings :P

  9. Desire: It was gifted to me by Sophie of Charm. :) Yes, I've heard about MakeupByToni, although I haven't tried them yet because I don't know where to get them. :)

    Gellie: OUCH! :(

    Yanny: I think you should get the vegan brushes because they have longer handles, ergo you have more control over them. It also has a couple of good brushes for professional use. :) What can i say about them? Truly professional! And if I really have the money now, I'd book a slot asap!

    Miz Eloise: Yup! that's why I gave this set to my mom. :) And thanks for sharing your experience with the flat top brush :)

    Jenny: Sure provided that I get leopard- printed stuff haha!

    Ohms: get it na dear! Highly recommended!

    Orlaine: Yup! Same here! I'm lemming for their vegan brush set! :D

  10. Wow so sweet ka naman nga talaga for giving to your mom

  11. Hi Martha,

    I've been eyeing the Charm brushes for some time. What set would you recommend for a beginner like me? Kinda pricey kasi. Or should i just buy individual brushes? thank you! any other makeup brush brands you could suggest? More power!

  12. You can get them from MakeupByToni's fan page. Here's the link:

    They are Singapore-based Filipinos but they can always ship it for sure buyers :] Hope you can one too and review them ♥

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