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Price: P31.00/each; P99.75/set of 3
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores


Now this is the Caronia collection that will forever be close to my heart just because I have friends from Ballet Philippines and I've traveled the artist's path once in my life. They invited me to the grand launch of this simple collection around a month or two ago, but I wasn't able to go unluckily-I'm pretty sure BP had performed in the event and it would've been lovely if I saw it-it has been a while since I last saw a dance performance on stage!


Caronia in partnership with Ballet Philippines bring you the Art Of Dance Nail Polish Collection, a symphony of colors inspired by the high art of Ballet. This collection also marks the first breakthrough in Caronia as it is their first- ever Toluene and Formaldehyde- Free nail polish range.

Swatches after the break and know why purchasing this set is so worthwhile!


The names of the polishes are inspired by some of the common moves in Ballet and I know how to do some of them! I wasn't privileged enough to afford Ballet lessons when I was younger-it has always been my frustration and thankfully, I met some members from Ballet Philippines and they taught me a couple of ballet moves when I worked with them in some theatre plays! Eep! Hope I remembered the moves correctly. If I have a Ballerina reader here, please feel free to correct me! :D


(Cha-sey. Start with the third position. Do the demi plié, slide your right foot sideward (while maintaining the demi plié), and then transfer your weight to your right leg while pointing your  left foot to the ground. Go back to the third position and do the same thing on the other leg)

Chasse is the kind of blue polish I have imagined. It's Royal Blue, bright but never tacky, timeless yet trendy. It makes fair skin tones appear fairer and brightens up dark skin tones for a wee bit.


(Gli-sad. Start with one foot in front of the other. Pull yourself up and jump from side to side with the landing leg in a demi plié and the raised leg in a pointing pose in mid-air-it should be just above the ground for a little bit-and the raised foot should be pointed and turned outward)

Glissade is a sea green shade and it's the kind of green that looks good on warm skin tones. It's really bright, but color's quite hard to photograph-you just have to check it out in person to see how bright (and lovely) this color is. This is my second favorite next to Chasse!


(Pi-quet. One of my favorite moves! It's one of the common turning moves in Ballet. Start with the First pose: Start with one foot behind the other-the one behind shouldn't be too far from the one in front-it should be just behind the knee. Arms should be on the chest level, rounded and soft, and leaning on one side. 

Next, look for a spot on a corner of the room you're in (called 'Spotting' in Ballet)-this is important so you won't lose your imaginary straight line and wobble on the sides or get dizzy while doing the Piquet. 

Now do the turn. Do the first pose, look for your spot then start turning and as you turn, the arms should be in the second position (right in front of you, belly button level, but rounded and soft as if you're hugging a ball). As for the legs, both should be in Releve (or standing on the balls under your toes, as if you're tip-toeing) while turning and when you're about to face the back, one leg should be raised in a V-position with the foot pointing closely to the knee of the standing leg. (Or as if you're forming the number 4 with your legs) Go back to your first pose when you land back in front. Do the steps until you reach your spot.)

Pique is described by Caronia as a Pink Salmon shade, but it just appears Salmon to me. It's a great alternative to nude polishes and it gives you the illusion of having longer nails!

These polishes are pretty opaque and consistency is semi- creamy. I apply two coats to get the payoff and intensity I desire. It gets sticky easily though so use nowhere near a fan or in a windy area. Regarding staying power, it stays chip- free for at least four days provided that you seal it with a top coat! I love all the colors and the quality of the polishes is a step-up from the previous ones, albeit they're pretty hard to remove and they stain my nails and skin. At least they're Toluene and Formaldehyde- Free though and I hope the other polishes of Caronia will follow suit!

If you purchase the Art Of Dance polishes individually or as a set, a portion of the sales will go to Ballet Philippines' Noordin Jumalon Scholarship Program which supports over 100 budding dance students every single year. I encourage everyone to purchase this collection to support our local artists. I've been down that artistic road and I'm telling you, it's hard-it's hard to compete with mainstream media and ask for government support that's why most dance artists (and even theatre actors and painters) are struggling.  This is also why they see the need to leave the country and practice their art someplace else-someplace where they get what they truly deserve. In this generation where traditional arts are completely overpowered by Pop Culture, you just have to tip your hat to these people who are still fighting to preserve a piece of history so let's show some respect and most importantly, let us support our creative Filipinos.

I digress! I wonder what other Ballet- inspired colors will Caronia make? Can I expect to see hues inspired by Releve, Grand Jeute, or Pas De Bourre? :D

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Caronia for this worthwhile partnership. It's time that our local artists get the support and attention they need. I hope next time, you'll be looking into collaborations with theatre groups!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I also wanted to take ballet classes when I was younger because hey, every girl dreams to be a ballerina and wear princess-y outfits. I think all of the colors are lovely but my favorite would have to be Glissade. Caronia is one nail polish brand that's inexpensive and has good quality polishes. I love this brand even more since they are starting to make Toluene and Formaldehyde- Free nail polishes. This will surely be my next nail polish purchases and I think it's a great idea how the portion of the sales will support a scholarship program. It's one colorful way to donate and support! Thank You for sharing your thoughts about these products!

  2. What I love about CAronia is that their nail polishes glides perfectly on my nails, leaving it smooth and brilliant. :) Honestly, I have a collection of their nail polishes and whenever our home-manicurist did a mani-pedi on me, I will let her use my polishes instead of her. Haha! Super love caronia! Plus the pique color is perfect for this summer. Love their colors! Definitely, I will purchase their art of dance polishes, nakatulong ka na, gumanda ka pa. Yay!

  3. Wow! Cheap-free for 4 days? That's good. :) I'll definitely buy that Royal Blue one!

  4. I used to love caronia. daming colors kaso it becomes thicker pag matagal na.

  5. Loving Glissade. Dare I say it reminds me of Wicked? Hehe. I also love that these are toluene and formaldehyde-free since I didn't buy from this brand for the longest time because of that concern.


  6. Haven't had a decent nail polish in months. I used to rely to Caronia for my toenails' colors and one of my faves is Pussy Red. I love the 3 colors here. I also appreciate yhat they collaborated with Ballet Ph. Thanks for helping us learn how to read the names and describe it too!

  7. Loving the CHASSE! It'll definitely suit my current hair color. Will prolly try those other two colors as well, I'd love to help out as much as I can. Thanks for sharing this! :D

  8. I love Caronia. affordable and easy to apply pa on my nails.. Di sya katulad ng ibang Nail Polish na grabe kung kumalat, kahit na super duper ingat ka na sa pag-apply. I love Pique. Yang mga ganyang kulay kasi bagay sa skin tone ko eh. I'll definitely buy one. :)

  9. now I regret not following my mom in attending ballet class maybe that is because I was so much younger then. anyway, I love caronia nail polish. They have a wide variety of colors, from frost to solid sheens. And did I say theyre super affordable?

  10. Dear Kaaat: Welcome, and thank you in advance for supporting our local artists!

    Ricalyn: They've improved their formulation already, I guess. Love that this brand continues to innovate. :)

    Cincincin: Right on! You can't go wrong with 31php, plus they're toluene and formaldehyde- free! :D

    Lei: Same favorite! :)

    Sheng: Ah, pussy red, as classic as OPI's star spangled shade. :) I have pussy red at home and I love the vampy color. :)

    Matromao: Huhu. Wicked. Didn't get to watch the manila run! :( Anyway, yeah, same reason why I used to not buy Caronia. Hope they'll use this formulation in their next lines!

    Knickknacksnix: Same concern. That's why as much as possible, i don't use it in front of a fan even if that's the way I apply polish-can't stand the smell. :/

    Aegeanne: Wee! Thanks dear. :D

  11. i love how they supported the ballet class of the Philippines. plus factor for their nail polishes is it's toluene free na rin!! i super love caronia since i started doing my own mani and pedi..

  12. Where are Caronia nail polishes for sale? I looked on the website but I didn't see any way to purchase. I am in the US.


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