Estēe Lauder CyberWhite HD BB Creme Advanced Brightening Review

Here's a review on Estēe Lauder CyberWhite HD BB Creme.

Price: P2,500.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in the following Estēe Lauder branches: Powerplant Mall, Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La Mall


I didn't have high expectations with this product because BB Creams appear the same to me-that, and they make my skin oily except Fairydrops' Candy Bar BB Cream. I still gave it a shot anyway and my oh my, it instantly became a favorite! I never knew how "light reflecting properties" work until I tried this BB Creme! It's also super light and it doesn't turn me into a grease ball!


This product is part of the brand's extensive CyberWhite range, which is targeted to spot and overall skin brightening. It's said to be a super sheer counterpart of the Brilliant Cells BB Creme (from the same brand) and has SPF 50/PA+++ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, making it Estēe Lauder's makeup with the highest SPF level. Also contains antioxidants to ward off free radicals from the skin.

 Product comes in one shade and size only, and is housed in an easy-to-squeeze tube.

More about this skin- prettifying, hydrating, and light-as-feather BB Cream after the jump!

Shade is a fair beige with a neutral undertone. I let out an "Ack!" the first time I saw the actual product-it's obviously too white for me and I immediately wished that Estēe Lauder would come up with more shade options. When I tried it on, it just disappeared like magic on my skin tone without leaving a cray cray white cast-I still got a teeny bit of white cast from it, especially if I apply more than three layers, but it can be fixed easily with my other skin tone- matching bases. 

Consistency is pretty runny, ergo ultra spreadable, it has a nice fruity floral scent that isn't cloying, and coverage is light-you can layer it on to get more coverage. And since it's sheer (so sheer that you can use it underneath liquid foundation), you might have the need to layer it on-that's okay because it feels light through and through, but don't apply too much if you have dark skin tone! Otherwise, you'll get an even whiter cast.


Skin with Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer + Zero Kuma Concealer

Two layers of the BB Creme

Light Reflective properties are supposed to blur out imperfections by imparting a reflective barrier of makeup on your skin and I find that this product does that, naturally. It doesn't have great concealing powers, really, but despite that, it just mysteriously makes my skin tone appear more uniform, blurs out my discolorations further, and gives me a dewy finish. (Oh, so that's how Light-Reflection works!) 

It melts right into my skin quickly and gives me this ethereal, you-look-blooming-today kind of glow. It has a moist finish at first, but it goes away when you finally set it with powder. I appreciate that it doesn't contain shimmers, which is what most base products rely on to give that light- reflecting effect. (Hello Edward Cullen look haha!)

BB Creme set with Canmake Marshmallow Pressed Powder. I'm wearing a  BB Cream with a very light shade in here, but I don't look it! :D

My face feels soft whenever I'm wearing it and it doesn't exacerbate my oiliness. I do get oily on my T-Zone after 3- 4 hours though (which is a pretty impressive wear time for someone with a skin who tends to spew oil upon detecting a BB Cream!), but it's not the super greasy kind. It's long- wearing that I wear it to my workouts just so I have SPF to protect my skin as I walk to the gym, and it's sweat- resistant as well as it doesn't cause my powder to run off and look cakey when I'm sweaty all over! Methinks this product will suit all skin types.

I never thought I'd love a BB Cream this much! I find myself using it often because I'm loving the skin- unifying glow I get from it plus its superiorly featherweight, breathable texture. I also think that this product's shade is one of the true universal shades out there as it looks good on almost any skin tone! 

It's my perfect definition of a BB Cream: Super light, has very high SPF, smells nice, hydrates but doesn't worsen oiliness, gives me a wonderful glow, and long- wearing. I've nothing to say but praises for this product because it's one of the best BB Creams around, for real.


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  1. The last picture above looks as if you're glowing! Your skin looks sooo healthy and I don't spy any white cast. I need this for when my skin looks dull and want that healthy kind of glow. I've only tried Estee Lauder eyeshadows, never their face products. But this one looks really promising!

  2. May I know how much mL does this bottle contain? :)

  3. good coverage for a bb cream... very pricey though...

  4. The name amuses me. 'CyberWhite' makes me think of an internet cafe, but that's just me. :)) What's your application method of choice for this? Fingers, sponge, or beauty blender?

  5. I'd love to try this if it weren't too expensive D: The shade is perfect for me too. Thanks for the review though! :D

  6. Wow na-amaze ako sa glowing effect nya sa face mo Ms.M. Gondo!

  7. I have always loved BB cream even though I have an oiky skin type. The thing is some BB creams do work well with my skin type like The Face shop BB creams and ones from Etude. And maybe this one would work too. I would love to try this by the price is quite too much for my budget. Anyway, thanks for the great review.

  8. yay i have been waiting for another bb cream review.. thanks so much ms.Martha i will try to look for this one.

  9. Glad it doesn't make you too oily too soon. :)

  10. I love the coverage, flawless.
    So nice! I wanna try it too cause I have so oily skin.

  11. i love the glowing effect of this bb creme in you po.. i much prefer using BB and CC creams than liquid foundations. kasi mas lightweight ito sa skin. another great post from you :) i so love reading you blog post lalo na yung fan mail fridays! :) keep it up!


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