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So you clicked on this blog post. I guess you’re a Sale lover like me. C’mon, who doesn’t love that glistening four- letter word that speaks of joy, excitement, and more importantly, savings. I always take advantage of sales, especially on Fashion items because I always have events and engagements, thus I need a lot of clothes! The thing is, Sales are seasonal and I’d have to wait for a while to score some good items at a great bargain.

I was recently introduced to and it was one of the best news that I’ve learned of lately. Owned by the APAC SALE GROUP, is simply about Sales—Sales that happen each and every single day. Crikey! Now we don’t have to wait in vain for this much- awaited event! is a member- only online shopping site dedicated to sale lovers as it houses over a dozen of sales from the leading fashion, beauty, footwear, accessories, and homeware brands from Asia, UK, Australia, US, and Europe-sales range from a whopping 50%-80% off! Every single day, aggregates all brand sales from their partner brands and you will be notified via email. Cool! Just click READ MORE to know what makes the ultimate Sale lover’s haven!

If sales are seasonal in malls, at, it occurs every half an hour. Yes! That's right. 60 brands offer fabulous bargains after every 30 minutes. Oh, my fingers are itching! lol!

So which brands are part of's roster? There are a lot, actually-from affordable to premium brands, and global brands such as Coach, Rayban, and La Senza, and some other international brands that I've seen just now such as Scott and Scott Cashmere, Marika Activewear, Matalan, Miss Posh, and a whole lot more.

So these are some of my picks from their featured brands:

This colorful, breezy Kaftan from Timeless Fashion is originally at P3k+, but now it’s only P1,100.00.

Eep! Statement Gym Shirts to keep me motivated in the gym! This one is from Macri Gymwear and from P1k+, it’s down to P319.00! (Le Gasp!)

I’m always in dire need of smartphone juice so I’m thinking of buying a case with a battery pack. The cheapest I saw is P3,000.00+ and this one from Swarovski Designs is P1,150.00 only, from P3k+!

This sassy, sequined tank top is my pick from Sass Clothing, a brand that has a great clothing selection for night outs. From P3k+, it’s down to P1,000.00+!

So, are you up for more good news? Each new customer is treated even further with a voucher code that’s worth P300.00, which you can use with a minimum purchase of P1,500.00. This voucher code is limited to 100 transactions and is valid for 1 month upon registration, but only valid for one email account and single use only. When you’ve finally used the voucher code, you can share it with your friends and family! You can also receive P400.00 off when you invite your friends to sign up for a account.

As if these things aren’t enough to make us, die-hard fans of Sale events, smile from ear to ear. On top of the regular discounts, they still have the CLEARANCE SALE, which means you can score even greater savings on some swell items.

What I like about is its huge brand selection: they offer brands that I’ve never heard of before, and they’re quite good, but the best part for me is that the items on sale are downright nice-they don’t look ‘so last season’ that you won’t feel that dreaded buyer’s remorse after purchasing.

So do you feel like shopping (smart shopping, if I may add) today? Just go there now and sign up for an account!

For more information and to register, please visit MYSALE.PH’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by and The Beauty Junkee

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh! Thank you so much for sharing, gonna check it out =)

  2. I love SALE! I created this list on Facebook (visible only to me) where I group my favorite brands from clothing to beauty so I keep myself updated if ever they are having a SALE. I get all excited when I see the words, 'SALE,' 'Buy 1 take 1,' '50% off.’ Needless to say, I'm a SALE lover. But I hate having to wait until summer for summer deals and score fun tropical patterns, or the Holidays to get discounts off of yummy candles, or wait for the season to be over to score items from clearance sales. I’ve never purchased anything from but I do love checking out their website especially for whenever I’m looking for workout clothes because these can be really expensive. Maybe this will be where my next purchase of clothing items will be from since it is suggested by one of my favorite bloggers. Thank You!

  3. I already signed up to mysale for two weeks na Ms.M, and I am very much impressed with the price of the products. The sad thing is that, they have very limited options when it comes to payment.

  4. Oh my money, I'll definitely enjoy shopping here, of course, who doesn't like sales, right? Will sign up right. NOW! thanks for sharing! :D

  5. i love 10-30% off discounts but who doesnt love 80% off the regular price?? I always get crazy when theres mall sale because you can get an item with a fraction of its original price instead of spending it on just one item you can spend it in any of your remaining wishlist.

  6. wow i love online shopping, i should check this out, <3

  7. Oooh. Interesting. I'm checking this out for sure. I only get really interested in something if I don't have to pay retail price for it. Hahaha. Super kuripot. :p


  8. I was just checking out this site earlier and founf really lust worthy pieces and was interested to make a purchase na I searched for reviews first on the site, and was disappointed to see negative reviews. I was really disappointed because there were a lot of gorgeous and affordable items,but the reviews range form delayed delivery and getting the wrong item, not getting the item and poor customer service.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to diss your post but just a hint of precaution lang kasi I was really tempted to make purchase. Sales is my kryptonite.hehe

  9. Welcome, guys! :)

    Ravene: Hi there! Oh noes, thanks for sharing this!

  10. Have you tried making a purchase? I recently purchasef aome items scheduled for delivery 1st week of aug, but ive been reading a lot of negative reiews like orders not arriving or wrong items received,, i just hope it wont happen to me,

  11. Hi sissies! A bit of advice,before purchasing any products or items from an online shopping,be sure to check first the reviews about it,for some maybe a scam or selling fake itmes or maybe some have bad reviews about an online shopping store you are purchasing from., I'm online shopping person too,and I tried some transactions with lazada and zalora,and nothing unnecessary happened,Got my purchases within a week,unlike for metrodeal,its been two weeks now and I havent received any reply from them for my email asking about the details of the merchandiser whom I bought something,and unfortunantely up to now still no reply.,just a piece of advice sissies..check the reviews online before purchasing something :) from online shopping! Have a nice day!


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