Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation in Beige Review

Here's a review on Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation SPF 43 PA+++ in Beige.

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Call me crazy, but yes, I wear makeup when I'm about to go swimming in the sea. For what reason? Vanity aside from standard sunscreen needs haha! I can't afford to look crappy when my friends pull out their phones and say "picture picture!" :D

I know some of you girls are like me too. Unluckily, saltwater is corrosive and no makeup can survive on it even for just 10 minutes-ever! Thanks to modern technology and Shiseido, there's actually a foundation now that will persist when you sweat or take a dip in the pool or sea. I swear, this thing lasts forever and it's now my go- to foundation for beach trips!


This foundation is part of Shiseido's sun care line and comes in a stick and powder version too. SPF 43 PA+++ filters out UVA and UVB rays to protect skin from premature aging caused by sun damage. It  used to come in one shade only, but now it comes in more shades, around 4 or 5, I believe. The foundation also comes with a puff applicator and a case.


I wore it to swimming sesh in Boracay and watch what happens to the foundation after the cut.

Product comes in a sleek, 30ml plastic squeeze tube. It's pretty handy and you can bring it with you in your travels without worrying about bulk and weight.

Beige is a medium dark shade with olive undertone. The shade fits me, pretty much, but the high SPF content gives off this white cast on my skin, thus it is not flash photo- friendly. Texture is very liquid and runny, but I love how blendable it is and how it seamlessly melts into a like- skin finish--it's super light and you won't feel that it's clogging your pores. A few seconds after application, it then settles into a matte, immovable finish so be sure to blend it properly onto your skin while it's still wet. It has a light floral smell. Consistency is sheer, but coverage is surprisingly medium to heavy--I don't know how Shiseido managed to do that, but they made it happen!


Two layers of the foundation

Since it's very light, you can layer it on, although the white cast could get crazier. Two layers are enough for me to get decent- looking skin. It can slightly cover pronounced pores, but surprisingly works well in covering up light to medium post- acne marks. The best way to describe the payoff of this foundation is: thin yet concentrated. Look at the photo! It was taken under harsh natural light and I don't look like I'm wearing foundation, and it also made my skin look pretty flawless! To set this foundation, I use a tinted pressed powder to minimize the white cast.

So I wore this foundation to a 1- hour dip in the sea and 1- hour sunbathing at the shores of Boracay. Here's what the foundation looked like after:

WHOA! It's still there! I had high expectations with this product because I know it's Shiseido, and it didn't fail me once more! I thought that the combination of intense heat, facial oil, sweat, plus the corrosiveness of saltwater would wipe off this foundation from my face, but it stayed! It did fade minimally though, but there was still some significant coverage left even if the powder was gone completely!

Hands down, this is the best waterproof foundation to date! I think its texture will even suit daily wear, especially those with oily skin. For dry skin, please moisturize before usage as its matte texture may enhance dry patches. If you can't go bare- skinned on the beach due to post- acne marks, uneven skin tone, and some skin dilemmas, this is what I will recommend because it's foundation plus sunscreen in one handy product!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree! I know beach trips mean tons of pictures and swimming means no makeup but I really hate it when I appear crappy in photos. Would love to take this with me to my beach trips or any trip that involves water. Glad they created more shades to fit more gals, absolutely a must have for the summer time! Great review <3

  2. I'm impressed with any product that's sweat proof! This is amazing!

  3. ehrmegerd! i thought you were kidding when you said this foundation can withstand saltwater and heat. i apologize i came to judge you until i finished reading. i am also a fan of shiseido foundation but haven't tried this one yet.
    when they went on sale last december, i hoarded the sheer mattifying compact. i am so inlove with it i will marry it. haha! bumili na ko ng tatlong refill para makamura.
    i will go to bora next week, baka maisingit ko to sa budget ko haha! this foundation deserves an all out WOW.

  4. Maganda siya... Ayaw ko lang yung istura ng packaging... Sa init ba naman ng panahon ngayon, madaling pawisan ang tao.

  5. Maganda siya... Ayaw ko lang yung istura ng packaging... Sa init ba naman ng panahon ngayon, madaling pawisan ang tao.

  6. A friend of mine also used this and mentioned just how great it is. And now, seeing it in action makes me want to get a bottle the next time I hit the beach! Thank god it's perfect for oily skinned girls like me too! Thanks for the share Ms. M! :3

  7. A 5/5 rating on performance! Woah! This must really be something you won't dare to forget packing when you have a beach outing. I was thinking if there was such a foundation that will last longer even if you soak in the sea water, and man here it comes! Thanks to Shiseido. It's worth the price.

  8. Fantastic. Hope they'll develop this line to include blush. Haha. It's a lot to hope for, but I want a complete under-the-sea look! :))

    I recently went to the beach with bright blue waterproof eyeliner. Of course, it smudged away after many hours in seawater, but not as ugly as I expected.


  9. I feel so you, wearing makeup on the beach. haha
    Anyway, I was really amazed with it.
    A total of two hours in the sea and it's still there! wow, just wow!

  10. Wow! Very impressive! I have an oily skin and after reading this review, I might take into consideration buying this foundation :) Ms. Martha can I ask what powder did you use to set this? Thanks!

  11. DearKaat: Thanks! It's also best for you if you dislike retouching or if you commute to work or school!

    Irene: Thanks! This is well- loved by oily-skinned gals, fyi, I use canmake's marshmallow powder. :)

    Zarah: Yup! It's really amazing! :D

    Matromao: I know right! I want to swim in abandon and still come out of the water looking like a goddess haha! Let's cross our fingers for that. :)

    Trish: Indeed it is! :) I would really recommend this as a base for the outdoors any day!

    Lei: Welcome! I'm excited for you to try it! :D

    Marielle: Hahha that's okay! Never believed that it's THAT waterproof too until I tried it! :) Same, sheer mattifying is my HG powder foundation along with perfect smoothing and like you, I will marry it! :D

    Becomingsleek: Same reaction when I saw my photo after swimming! :D

  12. I have a lot of catching up to do. Your feeds came flooding all at once. Anyway, I haven't tried this but I swear by the foundation stick. I tried wearing it to the beach and on heavy sun activities. I wanted to try try liquid variant BUT we (the SA and I) tried to look for something close to ochre and there's no match! Why shiseido?


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