Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar Review

Here's a review on Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar.

Price: Around 25USD+ (Approx. P1,000.00+)
Bought From: Sephora Online
Other Locations: Available through local online sellers; Sephora Online


I’ve almost forgotten that I have this thing, but thank goodness it’s my birthday today and I am in the mood to prettify my nails with Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar. :) While I'm at it, I should go and review it for everyone today too!


 Ciaté was made famous by their caviar nail art products back in 2012 along with the Velvet nail art set.

Individually, the polishes and pearls are a bit steep so I opted for the mini caviar set which includes four mini nail polishes and caviar pearls, plus a funnel to apply the caviar. I would also suggest this set so you'll have more options to choose from!

Click READ MORE for the swatches and application tips! :)

 Nail Polishes (L-R): Knickerbockerglory, Sand Dune, Fit For A Queen, Pom Pom.

 Caviar Pearls (L-R): Jubilee, Hologram, Prom Queen, Candy Shop

The pearls are really tiny so don't use when your dog or younger siblings are around as they might inhale or swallow the pearls.



STEP 1: Choose one shade of polish and caviar pearl.

STEP 2: Paint your digits first with the polish the grab this plastic tray that comes with the kit-this will serve as a 'bowl' for the pearls so you can transfer the excess back to the bottle easily.

STEP 3: Just pour the caviar pearls straight out of the bottle onto your nail bed.

STEP 4: When you're done coating your nail bed with the pearl, gently press the pearls onto your nail bed to secure 'em and to take away any excess.

STEP 5: Grab a clear polish and line the tip of your nails. You're not supposed to put clear polish on the pearls, but I would advise that you do to make 'em stick longer. Just drop clear polish on top of the pearls (don't swipe the brush on top of 'em. Otherwise, you'll remove the pearls!) and allow to dry completely.

STEP 6: Grab the funnel, attach to the opening of the bottle and pour back in the excess caviar pearls for future use.

Check out the swatches:

 Pom Pom- an orange-red shade.

 Knickerbockerglory- a midtone fuchsia shade.

 Fit For A Queen- metallic silver with silver shimmer (my favorite!).

 Sand Dune- A sheer gold shade.

 Jubilee- red, clear, blue pearls.

 Candy Shop- violet, orange, blue pearls.

 Prom Queen- violet, blue, silver pearls with mini silver cut-outs.

Hologram- clear blue and clear pearls. It isn't my most favorite caviar pearl, until I tried. It looks so elegant!

Sadly, the pearls don't last that long on your nails. They come off gradually when you wash your hands often or if you're a bit careless with your hands. Removal is pretty easy though as the polish and pearls come off easily with a nail polish remover. I think the polish and caviar pearls really go together as the former makes the latter stick-dunno if you can use the pearl with non-Ciaté polishes though! The whole concept is cool, but it's just a 'nice to have' product to glam up your nails once in a while or in very special occasions. However, if you're a true blue nail art addict, this would be a great addition to your collection!


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've seen a lot of tutorials about this the moment they were released. I think it's a good product to keep for whenever you're feeling fancy and want to do something different. My favorite out of the three sets of pearls would have to be the elegant 'Hologram.' :)
    I also think Knickerbockerglory is a gorgeous solid colored polish to wear alone. :)

  2. I don't know, but I was never a fan of caviar. I'd still prefer plain polish. Anyway, just curious, does it feel heavy?

  3. Beautiful colors! I believe there's a lot of dupe available locally. I might try the dupe to see if it'll last on me. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Martha! :))

  4. Hi! May I know how you order online in Sephora? Do they deliver right on your doorsteps?

  5. DearKaat: Thanks for sharing! :) Hologram ftw! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there! If you purchase using your GCASH Amex Virtual Pay, yes, your products will be delivered by MyShoppingBox (Globe's partner courier) right to your doorstep. If you'll be using a regular credit card, you might have to pick up your package in the customs office as cc cards don't have partner couriers.

    Marseille: I think there's another nail polish brand that's selling the same thing, but they're much cheaper. :)

    Rizza: Nope. A little weird though esp if you pick your nose haha!


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